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  1. This week I was invited by my Intelligent Systems teacher to perform a special assignment for that class, rather than the normal one.

    The project deals with multi-agent systems. More specifically, we are going to program Sony Aibos so that they can play a robot soccer match, communicating, through Wi-Fi, their strategies, decisions and the state of the game.

    If this goes well, in a couple of months I should be making a technical presentation about this in Robocup'06. (Aibos can't compete since the competition is limited to bots designed from scratch.)

    Anyway, the latest Aibo is one hell of a little machine, with a 802.11b connection, a 400MHz MIPS CPU and a bunch of sensors... too bad Sony has discontinued it :/

    1. GooberMan


      A friend of mine has been working with Aibo's for over a year now - again as a uni side project.

      CONSPIRACY!!! :-P

    2. spank


      The CS course over at Utrecht University has an optional class called Aibo Programming, which should be cool...

      In fact, I should check the web page for it! My group should have a initial draft of the programming environments we are going to use by Wednesday.