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  1. Post what gay-ass polycameracrapphonic ringtone you are using on your phone which you use for everything except calling people.

    I have the Imperial March for my parents and Erotomania by Dream Theater for my friends. Calls from ungrouped numbers play some generic ringtone that came with the phone.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Bucket said:

      some uber-retarded song on it that everyone in the vicinity has to endure?

      People love Common, and people love Sublime. No one's ever complained about my ringtones.

    3. Janizdreg


      I'm using When Johnny Comes Marching Home, which BTW has been adopted in Finland as a pirate song (titled Captain Hook, or Kapteeni Koukku in Finnish).

    4. sgtcrispy


      Ha fools, I don't even have a cellphone.
      Who needs ringtones! MUWHAHAHA...