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  1. of all the incompetent people around, i am the one who annoys me the most; that fact, by itself, annoys me as well. i can't make up any excuses for this because i (know i) must have at least some degree of intelligence, but the truth is that i must not face challenges of the intellect or whatever, or else my ineptness will come by and i'll find out how stupid and slow i am. and this is why i'm lazy - there's no point on doing it if you're too dumb to do it anyway. so here i am, pissing myself off again.

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    2. Johnatone


      Grazza said:

      Writing "heh" with a capital H also fails it.


      meh, I fail it.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      lupinx-Kassman said:

      Heh, you fail it, shut up.

      o rly r u 4 rl?

    4. myk


      Grazza said:
      Writing "heh" with a capital H also fails it.

      Heh, not really.

      ultdoomer said:
      I remember a while ago you said that is was short for "mykittensmellslikeurine". What's the story behind that?

      Well, it's too long that way.