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  1. - My MacBook Pro has a new bottom case. A month and a while ago I had a minor accident riding a bike with the laptop in the backpack, and the fall roughed it up a bit. Thankfully enough, though, the corner that hit the floor wasn't on the monitor (it would've cracked it) nor on the optical drive slit (rendering it unusable,) but on the one next to the HDD. However the whole underside of the computer was bent upwards on the left side, causing the monitor to not close properly.

    I ordered a new part immediately and it's OK now, but getting it fixed cost me 250€ ($340.)

    - I just came back from Lisbon after going there yesterday to see Bloc Party (which I have already seen once, last year) and Arcade Fire. The former were great, they put on a great, energetic show and are awesome with their instruments. Didn't disappoint at all.

    But Arcade Fire, which are somewhat new in my listening habits, were absolutely mesmerizing. We were fairly near the stage so we could hear the band members that didn't have mics singing along. Their songs, played live, are exactly as awesome as I had imagined them while listening to the albums, and capture even more emotion because the group look like they're having the time of their lives doing it, and they were also quite nice to the crowd. It was a quite intimate concert. They also pulled some nice tricks I had no idea they did, like swapping instruments, which for some reason I find awesome to watch. (BTW, Bloc Party had a nice touch of this as well, having played one of the songs of the new album with two drumsets.)

    Speaking of the crowd, the place was totally full and it was a bit claustrophobic to look behind and to see nothing but heads. Nevertheless, everyone was having a really great time as well, singing and clapping along to all the songs... if they didn't feel like singing, the audience could have filled the role perfectly. The song lineup was almost perfect. All in all, this concert was a very touching moment, which I'll remember fondly.

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    2. deathbringer


      Whenever i think of Arcade Fire i think of Jo Wiley's voice... stupid listening to Radio 1 at work for 2 years...

    3. myk


      Currently my CD-ROM burner is damaged, and the door will open as soon as you close it, unless you slam your fist over the case right after it closes. If there is no CD in it, it will close, but won't open unless you hit the top of the case right after pushing the button.

    4. doom2day


      The fist. Also known as the unsung omni-opener.