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  1. d00d sayz:

    i like the song, but i dont like the fact that they are makin fun of bush...whay??? i dunno...

    My reply:

    It's probably for the same reason why you spell "why" with an "a".

    He retorts:

    yea sure the reason i dont like them makin fun is cuz i make type-os. arent u late for an aa meeting go crawl in a ditch

    This was too easy.

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    2. exp(x)


      Csonicgo said:

      They... pretty much were, weren't they?

      Yes, and it fucking sucked.

    3. Csonicgo


      From My userpage thingy, for reasons that escape my mind...

      moses64 said:

      fucking kill yourself please your just wasting air you useless...
      no i take that back you're worse than useless you're bad for the tribe.
      hopefully nature has some built in mechanism that weeds sniveling faggots like you out before they do any real harm like if you jerk off more than 20 times a day your heart stops. Seriously what are you living for? The hope that you'll get some kind of attention by annoying people? You're a fucking cancer. Kill yourself. Its just the right thing to do and you know it or stop being a coward and do something useful.

      What I did to him is rip him several new assholes concerning the Timbaland scandal. He tried to tell me that Timbaland didn't sample Tempest's Acid Jazzed Evening, but "Street Fighter Turbo". apparently knowledge = fat , stupidity is hip, slim and happenin'.

      I responded to him with this.

      I don't think that comment you gave me on my userpage was necessary. As you're 50 ,or so you claim on your page I'm sure you know more about life than I. Please refrain from making comments such as "you're bad for the tribe" or "You're a fucking cancer, Kill yourself" in the future. If you were offended at mere text on the Internet, then perhaps the web isn't for you."

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      I laugh at all sides of csonic's post.