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  1. Just watched the first two seasons of it on DVD. The first one was surprisingly good but it just goes into overdrive in the even better second season. Although it's not as thematically/subtextually rich as The Sopranos (THE artistic benchmark for all TV series IMHO) it's definitely got some of the best writing I've seen on a TV show, namely with regards to character development.

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    2. Patrick


      this is my favorite show. i have regrettably not seen the latest season

    3. SYS


      It is a great show. When things are going good there's always something predictably crappy that happens. Yet it's done in such a way that keeps you anxious until it gets resolved. I also love the dynamic of him doing it for his family, but that sense of nobility turns selfish as so many people end geting fucked because of it. Whether they deserve it or not.

      Mechadon said:

      I'm not much of a TV watcher these days, but I've had my eye on this show. I've enjoyed the episodes I've watched quite a bit, but I never have the presence of mind to remember the time it comes on to watch it.

      I just download TV shows and watch them at my own convenience. New episodes end up online almost immediately after their air date.

      Coopersville said:

      Jesse's (looked up his name) girlfriend in season 2 I just call "artfag" or "art bitch" which usually leads into joking rants about how all female artist draw are mushrooms, angels, and the Sublime logo.

      Did that relationship ever get toxic... Damn!!!

    4. Planky


      The season 2 finale was... not what I expected. Feasible? Yes. Probable? No.