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  1. After ten years of waiting for him (roughly since this post, or when Lüt told me Static-X were a lousy SYL ripoff) to come to Portugal, a couple of months ago it was announced that the DTP was replacing Nevermore at the Vagos Open Air festival - this Saturday. Venue's 10 km from my mom's, no less.

    Hope to bring back photos!

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    2. spank


      darknation said:

      he really is shit hot live. Kingdom will rip your furry anus into two furry ani.

      He did play Kingdom and it was amazing... just typing this is making me all tingly n shit.

    3. spank


      You know guys, that night was really fucking epic, like a whole chapter of my history being closed then and there. There he was; at this particularly turbulent but defining moment of my up to now pretty stupid shell of a life, the first weeks I'm really feeling like I'm myself; my favorite musician, playing flawlessly and inimitably at a mere 10 meters from me, and despite the fact I admittedly haven't been much into his latest material (well, any metal in general), he performed the most perfect and awe-inspiring set, not forgetting to revisit the right past gems (and making me realize how great his latest stuff is). Until he finally closed with Deep Peace -- I couldn't believe it, I couldn't contain my emotions, I sang with everyone, I laughed with joy, for that unique and forever unmatchable moment, I cried with the solo, I let it take me for the ride and I let it go, go away... it was all going away... I came back up with the bridge. I can't believe -- in fact I absolutely hate that -- the details of the concert are already starting to get fuzzy, but you know when you read acid trip reports, and people bring back life-changing realizations and shit? This. fucking. was. fucking. it. The day I saw Devin Townsend live was the day I became myself. Not "again", not "finding myself": I was never there to begin with until I experienced this.

      Well. Everything struck a major fucking chord, no pun intended. And getting to meet him at the end (he seemed -- both during the concert and our interaction -- a very very pleasant, warm and friendly person) told me, this happened, this is fucking real. You just shook hands with your world's finest and most unique musician after he played the best concert you've had the honor to attend. How fucking awesome is that? How fucking humbling, yet so empowering can it be? I had no idea. (And I got to share the moment with two very important and special friends of mine, to whom having shown DT back in the day, when we were just some drunk kids in the first months of university, was a major drive in our relationships and our closeness. I couldn't have asked for better company -- I got the perfect company.)

      I seriously don't remember being happier than that night. Thanks for reading.

      [edit: heh, we used to joke that when we'd get to see DT live, the setlist could be Deep Peace only and that would be enough for anyone... I think I got much more than I would've bargained for.]

      [edit: thanks for showing DT to me Lüt. You helped define the life of some kid across the Atlantic over the internet. That's cool as fuck.]

    4. spank