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  1. Zero Senki

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Holy shit, you found it! Thank you!
  2. Zero Senki

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I do remember a ZDoom wad that I played a while ago. Actually, it was a full package, with weapon skins/SFX and new enemies. I do remember the story, however: After the Third Reich was presumably destroyed, rumor had it that the remnants have fled to a series of underground tunnels, and are planning to resurrect Hitler with the Dark Arts, using his remains as a base. BJ Blazkowiz finds these tunnels in an investigation, and finds that the soldiers there are willing to shoot through whoever's in front to get to him. Most of the levels were made in SLIGE, while the Boss and Icon levels are custom made. I would presume the secret levels have changed too, since I don't remember encountering them. (I apologize for being a little long winded there)
  3. Zero Senki

    Death Arsenal

    Incredible work for a beginner's weapons mod. BFG replacement feels great! This weapons pack feels great all around!
  4. Bump for an update: new custom OST using tracks from the artists Cyber Rainforce and Jimes. OP has been updated.
  5. You have a point there, Dude27th. I'll look into it.
  6. I'll agree that TCs take a lot of work just to make a working version. I'm glad to hear that you're willing to get this going. Let's wait and see if this ever gains ground.
  7. Thanks for the kind words so far. I don't have the knowledge nor hands to work on such a mod, so that's why I pitched it in the first place. I'll volunteer for beta testing for those who decide to work on my idea. This is why I pitched the idea of a TC as well as a weapons mod. (I apologize if that sounded rude.)
  8. So here's how I got the idea: TheLightBad96 of Youtube has a playthrough series for Crusader: No Regret. While watching an episode, the idea came across my mind that this could make for a nice Doom 2 mod. We chatted about the possibilities an I then decided to pitch the idea to the Doomworld Forums. So, what do you say about the possibility of a TC or weapons mod for Crusader: No Regret?
  9. Zero Senki

    Project brutality and DTouch...

    I doubt it. DTouch was made some time ago, and it doesn't have the spiffy features that GZDoom has nowadays (correct me if I'm wrong, though).
  10. Further kind comments... I didn't realize that there was so many good people around here. The Mega link is a dud, so I'll change it.
  11. Zero Senki

    Low-Res DooM

    Oh, man I'm melting due to how CUTE this turned out to be! Man oh man, I'm tearing up.
  12. Will someone remove this forum post please? It's an embarrassment to both me and the DW forums in general.
  13. Zero Senki

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    I know that I'm late for the train, but I thank you for this awesomely done Doom 64 port iteration. My legs tense when I get jumped with those silent teleport traps, not to mention the weapons feel so meaty. I also like the introduction screen before the first map. All in all, everything about this mod has been awesome so far. Cheers!
  14. I'm doomed alright. I'll stay away from the Doomworld forums, until I have something made by me, not something like OBLIGE. Until next time, people. EDIT: I take it that this post has the replies locked? Either way. Thanks for the kind words.
  15. Bah, I should've known. That was a huge error I made... Mind if I get this post deleted for now?