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  1. imradlol

    Dissecting Sega Saturn Doom

    The saturn version of doom is the very first doom i ever played, and it's really what got me interested in doom as a whole. Still have my saturn and copy of doom for it, I enjoyed it and still do. The framerate can get pretty bad, and having played tons of other ports of doom, i really have come to dislike the music. When i had nothing to compare it to it was alright but i think doing something like 3do version did with the soundtrack would have really been awesome
  2. imradlol

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    BFG Division by a land slide, though argent combat, and the scrapped at dooms gate are also really awesome. Though i frequently just let the whole soundtrack run while i'm at work to help me focus
  3. imradlol

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    What is SR50?
  4. imradlol

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    hell, i've played a few betas of doom on 32x and the music sounded way better than the version that was released. Also some of the betas ran in full screen and had the pillars on the first level where you flip the switch to get out of the building.
  5. imradlol

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    Oh man you're right! totally forgot about that one!is that just the 32x doom or are other ports like that as well?
  6. imradlol

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    3do doom. small screen, poorly optimized, it was a mess. The redeeming part of it is the music though, i still listen to it on occasions. Another flawed doom port is the 32x version, the music is pretty bad(though personally i love it, i'm a sucker for that genesis style of music), only front facing sprites, lots of cut levels(however given the storage capacity of a genesis cart that can be forgiven), not full screen, and does suffer from slowdowns fairly often. On a separate note, i really do enjoy this version though. Those are the two i can think of off the top of my head.