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  1. Saxon

    Doom snap map

    Where your thread archangel
  2. Saxon

    Doom snap map

    I'm just wondering what people think of doom snap map. Likes and dislikes
  3. So I've got an Android phone that can emulate the 64 games. Do you think it's possible to som how get that on a TV screen and with a controller
  4. Lol I wouldn't but to remake it to be played on the PlayStation4
  5. So when I was a kid just learning how to play games. back when doom64 came out. I really liked that game. But nowa days I'd like to play it on the PlayStation4 or Xbox. is there any way possible to do this. Or am I just going to have to remake the entire game myself?
  6. Saxon

    Reboot doom movie

    Come on doom would make the perfect badass movie. But when Hollywood does it they need to remember the story should Stick to the basic doom stuff. a guy killing demons
  7. Saxon

    Reboot doom movie

    Ok guys I would love to see a movie with doom guy (doom Slayer) ripping and tearing thru demons smashing and kicking ass's non stop kick ass movie/movies from the science labs straight down into the deepest pits of hell just a total smash um up movie. I'd like to see lots of violence and blood. Kinda like the end of hard core Henry but the whole movie long. I just wanna see doom guy be badass. I'd like to see a doom movie with a nice big budget and it's gotta be a long movie
  8. So what do I need to start making doom games like what hardware's what programs Etc.... Can i use unreal 4 or three can I use blender or something like mud box. What do I need
  9. Saxon

    Reboot doom movie

    Well ya that's what makes me think they wouldn't be good for the role but doom guys is old and beat up and been thru allot
  10. Saxon

    Reboot doom movie

    Van dam, Arnold swarzts, or one of the old action hero guys as doom guy in new reboot doom movie or the whole thing shot in first person. Also another idea first vr doom movie. Yep