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  1. Just checked "Dusk" videos, got nothing to do with doom/quake Doom/quake do not introduce new mechanics during the game like (Climb the walls) and that sort of stuff you have in Dusk. ID Knew that run and gun and nevigate the level is all you need and there is no need to rely on stupid gimmicks. (While Raven's software "Hexen" added more puzzles and hub-like structure exploration, It still maintained the core elements (Except the inventory system which was a mistake imho, Made things too easy on the hardest difficulty, since ammo/health weren't scarce.)) Dusk seems more opened, While doom and quake had some levels with such element, it was never used to this extend, The reasons are simple : 1.)It was probably technical but 2.)It was more of a corridor shooter which is great if done right (I do not mean corridor shooter in a way that you only have 1 linear path 1cm in width that you can't even move left nor right, I mean multiple corridors with multiple paths), You get multiple paths but the monsters are blocking the path And depends on how the sections you are traversing are built, The monsters you need to "negotiate" with, will have the proper combat mechanics to pretty much prevent you from moving on without taking a lot of damage. Also : Level design is king, Something i can't see in Dusk.
  2. Gzdoom wont go over 200fps? Help

    You are right and i thought about it again, while editing my post, Yes, i stated it in my edit, Thank you. You kinda beat me into it before i could finish editing :) Also, Not sure if extensive research was needed, once you think about it , its kinda logical.
  3. Gzdoom wont go over 200fps? Help

    On starting point, Consider that in any frequency; Let T be a given a LOGICAL frame with X time-stamp, and have 2 players, Player A with 60 hz monitor at 60 fps, and Player B with 120 hz monitor at 120 fps, both users will see the first frame at T0, and will have the same time to react, rather if player A with 60 fps will see the next frame after 16 ms, while player B with higher frequency will see it before-hand, the only thing that will change as you said is a smaller s/lerping results , aka fluidity as you claimed, Taking into account that most games measure events in time-units and not frames (ID tech 1 is the exception). Edit : But maybe you are right if both players do not share the same "starting" frame, Let's say that due to different frequencies, Player B with higher frequency may see player A popping into his/her viewport due to more logical frames.
  4. Gzdoom wont go over 200fps? Help

    Made a rant but decided to edit it out, wasn't helpful Thank you for your opinion... This is a valid answer for the OP. That is actually correct, My argument here was stupid and exaggerated, I was trying to highlight the benefits of lowering the frame-rate, but 0 is nonsensical indeed, Maybe 10 will be a good minimum hard-limit. To address the question once more, going below the designated minimum frames per second can help in debugging by slowing things down and provide frame skipping BUT the proper way to do it without touching the logical frame rate is to use a time-scaling method.
  5. Gzdoom wont go over 200fps? Help

    A little meltdown here, I hate these answers, such useless answers belongs to the most useless people in the world. The guy asked you a question, you can ask him what he is trying to achieve, but don't tell him what he should and shouldn't do , just answer the fucking question. or if you don't know the answer , step back. Such discouraging answers are a part of why people don't want to learn. However, you can leave a side-note to take into account that going over the frequency the monitor can provide; May lead to tearing if the GPU driver won't fix on its own end. Now that's stupid, it should be between 0 and infinite, What if i want to stress test the system or skip frames? No limit on FPS can be useful for banchmarking and even spotting bottlenecks within the software. - 240hz monitor can be used for stereo-vision. - The linux kernel uses for both Completely Fair and brainfuck-scheduler/MuQss , 144 fps, and that's what x11 and wayland/weston windows managers respect (Confirmed, MuQss quantum duration is 6ms for all tasks with the same priority (1/144 = 6.9444e-3) "The rr_interval tunable is set at 6ms by default. The reason for this is the threshold for human perception of jitter is just under 7ms. Kolivas predicts a common case of between zero and two running tasks per CPU and, in such a scenario, a task will need to wait no longer than 6ms to get service." - The MuQSS CPU scheduler. "BrainFuck Scheduler uses "dithering" to try and minimise the effect the Hz limitation has. The default value of 6 is not an arbitrary one. It is based on the fact that humans can detect jitter at approximately 7ms, so aiming for much lower latencies is pointless under most circumstances. It is worth noting this fact when comparing the latency performance of BFS to other schedulers." - Brain Fuck Scheduler. So i guess that's what the guys at the linux kernel see as optimal for scheduling, I will take that as an answer.
  6. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    But the first few posts i made were vs the mod and the author of it... why people hate it when you bring out facts that they don't like, for example, that a mod won because tons of people voted for it, I know its hard to accept, but that's the way it happened, delusions are bad. Seems like the problem is with the people who crafted the poll, i suggest taking it up with them, If it did win another award for an update, i am with you on that one, However, a choice was given, and people voted, If you don't like the choices, vote to change them.
  7. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    So you are pretty much saying that there is more demand because there are more fanboys for this mod because.... there is more demand for this mod (loop). Sounds to me like more bias'd people like this mod and voted for it, so what seems to be the problem?
  8. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Well , what you need to understand , in our hypocritical society, there is no upper limit for GOOD words but there is a down-limit for BAD words. If you are to address something as OK, fine, GREAT, AWESOME, BEST THING EVER!!!! it will be ok (some may consider you to be an asskisser or a fanboy, but you won't get into trouble). If you will call something stupid, some eyebrows will be raised. but when you will describe something as SHIT or BEYOND SHIT or utter piece of crap... now you are looking for trouble. foul language is part of the gesture, its a scale to enhance a message, just like GREAT is better than GOOD. piece of crap , comes stronger than silly. Once you become a public figure by producing something for the public to use , You should be able to accept everything, that goes for mods and forums alike. Being polite pretty much invites the usage of good words while the bad words are heavily limited and inspected. Public beating was ALWAYS a thing since the dawn of man, even before the fuck word was used. We are so hypocritical , that telling someone that he is retarded is wrong, but mocking him and saying he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer is fine because there is no 'r' word.
  9. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    No idea why i was taken out of context the way i was, I think i was pretty clear with what i wrote but maybe rephrasing will help. I wrote that doom was in dire need for a polish layer, Brutal Doom is an overhaul version in one aspect. smooth doom is revising things in another way, mostly texture-wise, and 1000 other mods are doing it in 1000 different way. I couldn't give a flying fuck if it was subjective or objective or good or bad as i was misquoted, its a fact and that's all there is to it , its an overhaul revision. As far as monsters wandering around in original doom, yes, they wander (change direction based on semi-RNG) BUT they do it more often in brutal doom, Keep in mind that since ID tech 1 didn't really have much of an AI system, it was heavily relying on semi-RNG direction changes, and brutal doom increase of calls to wander around and chase helps monsters reach their target faster (Kinda works in somewhat of a similar way to how the old Roomba cleaning robots used to work, they will just randomly scan the house on their first few clean-ups, the faster they would wander around aimlessly, the faster they would cover more ground). As for my argument about going on about the pistol, let me repeat that, the pistol is useless in doom, It fires too slow and does little damage and can not promote painchance, even the fists with X powerup can do tons of damage and have a goal, Chainsaw as well, So i believe that the pistol was an over-sight on behalf of ID's game-design perspective. Brutal Doom kinda gives the pistol a bit more usage by increasing the firerate. Yes and "Raven" provided top quality maps, However, they also added a lot of fillers to drag-on the game to further extend the game, And i am talking about gameplay mechanics, Tons of stalling elements for no reason (I can't name them without derailing the topic). This is a statement in general , I fear that's the part that folks here misunderstood. I was just pointing out facts, i didn't ask nor anyone else here asked what people like or dislike or what is subjective or what not. I wrote 2 pages ago, If people have a different take on how things should run, They can make a mod themselves, Way more effective than sitting and judging what they like and what they don't like, Sure we can all learn a lot from what people like/dislike, But if there is reasoning behind it and some evidance and methods of improvement , We can learn a lot from, Engage in actual analysis, But what we have here that i am currently tributing to , is a bitchfest. On a sidenote, Toxic community with different opinions and foul language is better than a polite echo-chamber.
  10. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    To answer your question if anyone cares about the baron's blood color, I can only say for myself, Gameplay is KING always, Visuals come last, That been said, god is in the details, in video games, visuals are part of one's immersion. As to what is the big deal with Brutal Doom? Its somewhat of a polish layer (for the purists at least, the non-purist mode in BD is full of whatever techno modern crap SgtMark can get his hands on, Just a bunch of un-needed fillers (Sadly enough, SgtMark is letting it spill to the purist mode as well as of later versions). Doom (as well as Hexen) were in dire need for a polish layer, more frames, more responsiveness and slightly better AI, A word on Hexen (The game lacks content (Not enough maps), so what raven software has done is make everything slow as hell for more playtime. Back to Doom Classic : The main gun for example in the original doom is beyond useless (No , that's not the way it meant to be, each weapon was designed for something else) The AI chooses to wander to a random direction every X frames in the original doom, In Brutal Doom it wanders around more frequently (As in , in shorter logical frames intervals). you also have better sound assets, Better Visuals and some more gore (Although more gore and more blood details/spilling patterns would be nice (But there is a limit to how much visual data you can get from a few pixels, and you also need to make sure it doesn't distract you from the main game by blocking the player's viewport/collision). So overall its an overhaul.
  11. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I am sorry, i have to reply to this and open some eyes, Modding is NOT A JOB! it is a hobby and one should not gain profit from other people's work , no matter how much content s/he added with said mod, one can use modding to gain a rep for himself/herself and use gained reputation to : 1.)add it to your CV and look for a job. 2.)Start a new project of your own, stand on your own damn feet and charge money once your product goes gold. Of course SgtMark can do as he desires and people are more than welcomed to pay him, but don't mislead the guy, He will never be able to sustain himself as a modder by accepting donations and he should look for a job if he doesn't have one, like the rest of the population that still believes in capitalism. Also living from donations, even in crypto presents issues such as gaining benefits, taxation (patreon way still require a tax consultant), being registered as an employee in your state (being a modder is not exactly an independent contractor/freelancer). ________________________________________________ EDIT : Want to "Work" as a modder with patreon and such? Good luck having trust of any kind. Good luck with your pension. Good luck with paying your premiums such as health insurance and alike. Good luck with not being registered in your country as a worker, see how it affects your social security or its national equivalent. Good luck getting a loan. Good luck getting mortgage. You can forget about someone representing you eventhough i hate unions. You don't get privileges that a company may offer by accessing the company's lawyer and accountist. ^^ If you are a business owner, its different, But a modder isn't a business owner due to its nature of modding an existing product. If you remove all the assets from an open source engine like id-tech 1/zdoom/gzdoom , congratz, you are a game developer. But SgtMark is a modder, he can't own a business, he can't be audited.
  12. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Let's address some arguments from a technical perspective. My credentials : Professional software engineer for embedded systems (Professional in this context means, an employee, getting paid by a company). __________________________________ The argument of : "Can the over-spawning script hurt my machine?" (Addressing Linux kernel and windows NT kernel) If you don't have swap/page file write enabled, Yes, absolutely; it can and most likely will lead to a BSOD when running out of virtual memory. If you do have swap/page file, then YES, absolutely, again, This time, the kernel page system will invoke a "task killer" to save more memory, however, it is more than common that the task killer will kill other tasks that it will find to be offensive to virtual memory usage instead of zdoom/gzdoom, it may try to target your web browser instead and kill it off, or your excel spreadsheet that you are crafting for your boss during your break, i don't think the boss will enjoy the prank. CPU usage : depends on the amount of threads zdoom/gzdoom uses depends on the amount of physical cores your CPU have, if you have 1 core, it will take 100% and can actually lead to a system lockdown if the kernel won't be able to allocate enough quantum (thread time slices) for other threads like.... the system scheduler itself (Which will lead to a complete system freeze). If you have more than one core, it is still dangerous, windows/linux based operating systems are TIME-SHARING systems, meaning that other program also require and use your CPU, so if you think it only uses 50% of your CPU? well what if the other programs use the other 50%? that's 100%. ____________________________________ Vs the Prank/malware : Reading the above and adding a "prank" to it , is considered admission of guilt and in the private sector and it is legal grounds for termination that can even follow with a law suit (sgtmark, you would get fired and even sued if you pulled that in an actual company). it is a malware module by definition but due to the nature zdoom/gzdoom way of loading .wad modules, it can not be marked as one by an anti-virus. ____________________________________ In sgtmark's defence : don't ban him because he didn't break any rules, the guy is allowed to say whatever he want to say , its just words, I also suggest revoking his ban on other forums as well, Let the man say what he wanna say, he is not hurting anyone, if you don't like him, ignore him. Against SgtMark's Brutal Doom : His product on the other hand should be blacklisted (blacklisted means warned against using) (Or at least this version). I think people should double/triple check upcoming versions made by him and may even consider protest by not supporting him anymore. In favor of SgtMark's Brutal Doom : I see people dismiss SgtMark's work based on this prank, I personally hate idiots who dismiss previous work done by a person because they don't like the person, If he fucked up on one case, judge him by that case, and don't retroactively dismiss all the hard work done before the fuck up. _____________________________________ Other people to blame : Randy H and Gref Z, for not adding hard-coded spawn limit / memory protection layer, to protect from register underflow/overflow and memory abuse. I also read some comments about SgtMark ruining the community's image, SgtMark doesn't represent the community, he is an individual and he does not owe any of us anything nor speaks on our behalf, he can do whatever he wants and if we don't like it, we can just not use his products and ignore him. Players tend to think the developers/modders owe them something , absolutely not! the developer doesn't owe you guys shit, even if you are paying, you guys are coming to the developer for product, not the other way around, I rather see SgtMark's vision of doom than some idiot player with a feedback on what he think the mod should be. If the player got a better version as to what doom should be like, s/he can make their own mod. (statement in general). The buyer should always do his/her research before investing.