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  1. Baratus 95

    Favorite doom 1 level

    E1M4 - This one I personally liked playing, not to mention it used to have the swastika (Wolfenstein 3D homage) easter egg. (Doom v1.4 removed/modified it) E2M8 - I usually liked this E2 map because of the design of a arena with a couple of Lost Souls and one cyberdemon :) E3M1 - This level I liked when it came to Doom's MIDI music. (Untitled aka Mouth for War by Pantera) ^_^ E4M2 - It was a okay map for me, wasn't much into Thy Flesh Consumed as usual. :P
  2. It's good to see more progress being made, I was bored and decided on porting DWANGO06.WAD's MAP01 unto PSX Final Doom :P
  3. Baratus 95

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Playing ZRift 0.2 with joi_lstcv9.wad, it sorta has that Unreal/Turok feel from the looks of it. EXTRA SCREENSHOT:
  4. Baratus 95

    Things about Doom you just found out

    On PSX Doom, If you blow yourself up, and your corpse goes through the wall, This happens...
  5. Baratus 95

    Post your Gamer Throne®

    I not only sit on a chair but I...
  6. Baratus 95

    Random Image Thread

    Looks like somebody is selling a bootleg version of PSXDoom. SOURCE
  7. Baratus 95

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    This map was done out of boredom, @Trevor0402 and I were making this map for PS1 Doom. :P
  8. I may join later if there are any free slots, I'm not entirely ready for projects as I need to practice more time doing mapping for Doom.
  9. YAY! It's works, thanks for the help! Now to get a better emulator for best results.
  10. I wonder what's causing the texture load error? even when MAKEIMG is updated it's still gives me the P_LOADBLOCKS: DATA FAILURE error.
  11. Baratus 95

    Trevor0402's Fan Arts

    My brother, @Trevor0402 made this fanart for DOOM, hopefully you,ll like his art skills.
  12. Baratus 95

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thanks for the advice. will post it on Creative Works.
  13. Baratus 95

    What are you listening to?