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  1. Baratus II

    Which game currently destroys you?

    The first two Descent games are BRUTAL! (I didn't play Descent 3 enough to see how hard it was.) I attempted twice to complete them, Class 1 Drillers (The Chaingunner of Descent) are annoying so I hope you got homing missiles or invisibility to kill them. Red Hulks (The Revenant of Descent) are also annoying too so you better take cover as well. As for Descent II, I seriously hate Thief Bots (Bandits), them sneaky bastards are also fast too. However it is such an achievement to complete those games in my honest opinion. I also stick to mouse and keyboard currently (I currently have a Sidewinder 3D Pro but I'd have to put together a PC with a PCI sound card that has a gameport to get it to work, and a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro but it feels stiff to my liking.) Advice to those going to play Descent with a mouse : Don't move your mouse fast, as the capped mouse slows your turning down.
  2. Baratus II

    (HELP WANTED!!!) Project TWANGO

    TWANGO Proof of Concept Mockup Screenshot! I originally uploaded this to a Discord server, now I will show it to this thread.
  3. Baratus II

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Nice! I just downloaded the PDF to take a look. I might test this on both emulated and real hardware, and also curious on how the WAD became non-editable though.
  4. Baratus II

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    I really don't see the need in running it via Windows XP's NTVDM since it has issues, I still remember having keyboard delay while playing Doom on a Pentium III running XP a long time ago. But I might look into checking it again on Windows 95 just to see. Now as for Windows 98 though, I'll have to grab another IDE hard drive in order to do so as I'm happy with Windows 95 at the moment. And I could perhaps find another drive to put Windows Me (The highly-criticized one) on it for multiple OS testing purposes. UPDATE: I've tested it again, here are the results, but I feel there was a difference and I believe it was caused from resetting the machine but I,ll double check if that's the case. Old : CODE: 0x82DAE000 DATA: 0x82DF3000 ZONE: 0x82E79024 New #1 - Load from savegame CODE : 0x833BD000 DATA : 0x83402000 ZONE : 0x83488024 New #2 - Start normal then load savegame CODE : 0x833BD000 DATA : 0x83402000 ZONE : 0x83488024 UPDATE 2 : I've rebooted the machine again and I was probably right on the cause of the difference. CODE : 0x829E0000 DATA : 0x82A25000 ZONE : 0x82AAB024
  5. My best BUILD Engine game is Blood for sure, especially when I had fond memories of playing it's multiplayer via DOSBox. I did have my second best, which is Duke Nukem 3D. I have some fond memories for the both of those games, like when I've completed the shareware episode of Duke3D on a Pentium 133MHz machine I've used to have (It was in a time when I was a vintage computing enthusiast) and having played Bloodbath with the community over the years. Shadow Warrior was fine though, just haven't seen much usermaps and multiplayer games happen in quite some time, and the only couple of times I played it nowadays was multiplayer with OpenRift's DOSBox Deathmatch Club.
  6. Baratus II

    Giving Away GTX 670 GPU, i5-3450 CPU, Apple Earpods

    I would look into it but the PSU i'm using is a Dell one, and it even lacks molex connectors.
  7. Baratus II

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    I currently tested your doomsav4.dsg on my Pentium II 300MHz PC. Windows 95 CODE: 0x82DAE000 DATA: 0x82DF3000 ZONE: 0x82E79024 MS-DOS Mode (MS-DOS 7.0) CODE : 0x00159000 DATA : 0x001A0000 ZONE : 0x0022F024
  8. Baratus II

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Uploaded a video demonstrating the WAD.
  9. Baratus II

    Giving Away GTX 670 GPU, i5-3450 CPU, Apple Earpods

    Ah man, I currently don't have a power supply with those connectors (I was lucky to use my 1050Ti because they don't require those.) I may get it but it'll have to hold till I either get a new PSU to support the power connector (and an adapter to connect the PSU due to Dell's proprietary BS) or get a different computer dedicated to Windows XP
  10. Baratus II


    I didn't get to know him but it sucks it ended so tragically, may he Rest in Peace. :( I send my condolences to his family and friends.
  11. Baratus II

    Games with interesting betas

    I know that Unreal has some interesting prototype material, going as far as 1995 all the way to late 1997. Of course we currently have a few 1995 builds, two UnrealEd versions from 1996 and various UnrealEd versons from 1997 and the February 1998 leak (which some people confused it as a 1997 build). There are various scrapped materials from the 1996-era builds like Quadshot, Dragons, Transforming into things, and such while 1995 builds aimed at a somewhat different concept of being a Magic Carpet type game or something Fantasy-like. I still remember learning that people were calling Unreal (and others like Prey and Into The Shadows) a Quake-killer! and looking at the screenshots from that era just felt like a Epic Megagames version of a Quake-clone but aiming to take advantage of Intel's Pentium MMX technology. I somewhat recall a friend of mine telling me that there are *nowadays* lost builds notably on Warez CDs and certain BBS servers at the time, likely because in theory Epic was working remotely and that could mean leaks were potentially possible. Then again I do have hope that someday in time that those lost builds will get recovered. So yeah those are one of the games I find interesting in regards to their development history. EDIT : I also remembered that I believe in May 1997 is when the project rebooted and the looks of the game started shifting to what we see from it's initial release.