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  1. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

  2. Here's how I did so far 1. Ran the GZDoom Builder included in the OP post (The latest one!) 2. Create the map and save it as a file. 3. Rename MAP01.WAD TO MAP00.WAD and ran MAKEIMG.EXE, creating the MAP00.LCD, MAPSPR00.IMG AND MAPTXT00.IMG (MAPTEX00.IMG I assumed) 3.5 Rename the MAP00.LCD, MAPSPR/MAPTEX FROM 00 to 01 (ex L MAPSPR01.IMG) 4. Copy LCD to SNDMAPS1 folder 4.5 Hex Edit MAP01.WAD change PWAD TO IWAD 5 Copy IMG/WAD to MAPDIR0 folder 6. Ran PSXHAKIGN.exe and generated NEWPSXDOOM.EXE 7. Replace PSXDOOM.EXE with NEWPSXDOOM.EXE 8. Built together the image file via mkpsxiso tool 9. Now to test it. Then I get something like this : Now I wonder if it's either the BLOCKS lump or the nodebuilder bug.
  3. If it's about converting the levels I could try. Also the nodebuilder gives me this while I was making a test level. Does this require a run-time or something? I have Windows 7 64bit for those wondering.
  4. So I've downloaded those 4 files linked in the OP post, but I do have a question on setting it up and testing it. On GZDOOM Builder Custom, not sure which resource WAD/folder to use that properly loads. When I tried using PSXDOOM.WAD from the ROM's ABIN folder and it gives me this : How do I fix it?
  5. Baratus II

    Random Image Thread

    Intel Pentium iii Processor
  6. Baratus II

    PC Doom sound effects VS PSX Doom sound effects

    I grew up playing PC versions of Doom, and I personally loved the 11kh SSG reload that was on the Xbox ports too. As for the PSX sounds, they were pretty cool and improved at the time, but if I have to choose. It would be PC Doom due to nostalgia reasons.
  7. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Completed 200minvr.wad :-)
  8. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Just playing some 200minvr.wad. :)
  9. Baratus II

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    As much as I don't have interest in watching movies, but I'm going to assume that the movie is gonna be worse than the first movie, and it's already bad that it won't be in theaters if I remember correctly. To be honest though, I did enjoy some of the first DOOM movie even though it felt more like Doom 3 or something.
  10. Baratus II

    What are you listening to?

    Gotta like the module music for Deus Ex. :)
  11. @Trevor0402 made a preview of the high quality sounds for the monsters, For full explaination I might need to let my him know what the project is about. What started was to remaster the sound effects of the Playstation port of DOOM (Doom 64 also used the sounds too) P.S. It seems to be done but need permission in order to release the sounds. Hopefully to remaster what's in the N64 sounds.
  12. Baratus II

    PSXDoom HQ Sound Effects Project by Triaxis (Trevor0402)

    Thanks for the feedback. I spoke to my brother "Trevor0402" about it, he has been busy with other things, and the project isn't his top priority. However he,ll be able to get back on it once he is done with other busy stuff. He might be able to post here sometime AFAIK. EDIT : @Nevander I wonder what sounds were having the constant static or the distortion sounds?
  13. Baratus II

    What are you listening to?

    Some MIDIs from a obscure game.
  14. Baratus II

    Random Video Thread

  15. Baratus II

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Not sure if anyone start a poll about this, but I guess I,ll just go ahead and do so. Here's my first game of DOOM played: I've played the first DOOM (even Ultimate Doom), then later discovered Doom II from the Xbox Original. Would love to see your answers on the poll.
  16. Baratus II

    Random Video Thread

  17. Baratus II

    Most favorite level from Episode 3

    My favorite Doom episode 3 level is basically E3M1/E3M9 and E3M8. E3M1 is a pretty neat starting level for me, and the music (Mouth for War by Pantera) used for E3M1 I like a lot, especially on a Gravis Ultrasound. E3M8 is also a pretty simple and a neat boss arena and memorable IMO, I can still remember where the Plasma Rifle was at 😛 Not to mention that end screen after E3M8, "Daisy"
  18. Baratus II

    How did you come up with your username?

    My username was named after my favorite Hexen class, Baratus "Fighter" and simply put two letter I's as a 2. I've kept that username since then, I also name myself Baratus 95 just because my favorite vintage OS was Windows 95.
  19. Baratus II

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Found this a little odd about that Like button.
  20. If you see my name "BaratusII" on the forums, it was accidently registered when I clicked on sign in with Facebook while trying to login.

  21. Baratus II

    Favorite Doom/Doom Engine Game?

    Ultimate Doom Doom II Strife Heretic And last but not least MARS 3D... Wait wut?