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  1. Baratus II

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    For those who have played the Xbox ports of Doom II :
  2. Baratus II

    Most favorite level from Episode 4

    E4M8, and E4M2.
  3. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Me playing some Requiem, I did like the intro music for that megawad :)
  4. The current one I'm using right now is ZenMode, what is your often used node builders and tell why you use it often.
  5. Baratus II

    [Indie] Selling Games made in the doom engine?

    I know I don't have much experience with selling indie games but, I would agree with @Linguica's post here, If you want to sell your own Doom engine game, it must be licensed under GPL, and includes your own assets.
  6. After seeing this topic : I decided to start mapping a Strife version of Q3DM1 (The Arena Gate). Here are two screenshots but still making some a few more details before releasing it.
  7. Baratus II

    Strife - The Arena Gate (based from Quake III Arena)

    There has been some improvements since I posted this, Release time! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mTrPdwG7Q0AtYj7FrxWcjoVMCiSQssvt Also I plan on uploading this to idgames archive, But I,ll need to make sure everything is fixed and ready for final release. I've included a custom MIDI and included a better Mini-RL sound for those who didn't like the RL sound from the IWAD. Tested on : DOS v1.31, Chocalate Strife (latest) Based on : Q3DM1
  8. Baratus II

    Unreal meets Doom

    As a die-hard Doom fan, and a big fan of Unreal, This is a interesting mashup, and gotta say well done with the work. I do want to bring this up, I actually remember Unreal had a different look back around 1996, according to screenshots like these :
  9. Baratus II

    Doom Discord Server chat

    Don't forget to join my Vanilla Doomers discord server too. https://discord.gg/6PKP68t I also joined your server.
  10. Would be pretty interesting to see, I also liked it's deathmatch mode as I remember playing with some people via Veteran Edition.
  11. Baratus II

    What node builders do you use often?

    Yeah, going to give ZokumBSP a try for my next maps, just recently downloaded it and puting it together for GZDoom Builder.
  12. image.png.25b3ccd28e2b8b84a8e9733c31e1ec65.png


    Not my post, but has anyone or got scared about that face texture (usually in E2M4)? To me it looked kinda funny and wierd, but hey it's Doom.

  13. Baratus II

    The best Doomworld Animated Avatars

    I do like @savagegrant's animated avatar And I like @42PercentHealth's animated avatar because the looks reminds me of older cartoons like Looney Tunes and such.
  14. Baratus II

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    Marathon - I've played with Aleph One back in 2011, It felt like a dead memory since I haven't seen much people playing the online multiplayer anymore last time I checked. Strife - I've beaten the single player since I bought the Veteran Edition, But I didn't focus so much on it.
  15. Baratus II

    Jim Flynn

    I am making a little tribute to Jim Flynn, by playing one of his Master Levels wads (MANOR.WAD) It'll appear on YouTube soon. R.I.P Jim Flynn You will be missed :(
  16. Baratus II

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Mind the wierd thumbnail :P
  17. Baratus II

    How did you react when you first gazed upon the SSG?

    When I first discovered and played around with Doom II, and saw the SSG, it seemed interesting. It's like an better upgrade of the regular Shotgun, felt easier to clear out more enemies and fight out tougher ones a some situations. I think I remember hearing from my father that people were mostly using the Rocket Launchers in Deathmatches before Doom II came out, after that people switched to using Super Shotguns.
  18. Baratus II

    What is your favourite secret Level?

    Doom E1M9 is also my favorite secret level, it's the first secret level I discovered while playing Doom in my younger days. :)
  19. Baratus II

    What nicknames do you have for monsters?

    For the Monsters Former Human - Zombie Former Sargent - Shotgunner Heavy Weapons Dude - Chaingunner Demon - Pinky Cacodemon - either "Tomato" or just Cacodemon Arch-Vile - either "Priest" or just Arch Vile Baron Of Hell - Baron Pain Elemental - Lost Soul Spammer Mancubus - Fatso For the Weapons Super Shotgun - SSG Plasma Rifle - Plasmagun BFG9000 - Big Fucking Gun 9000
  20. This happened while playing Zandronum Online. >_>


    1. Baratus II

      Baratus II

      [DOOM FBG] - Final DOOM: TNT Evilution - Casual Coop

    2. Misty


      Well, I would go in zandronum forums and ask if I can do anything about this. Sadly you don't have demo to prove that you played fair and such. 



    3. mrthejoshmon


      To be honest, "stop troll nigger" just screams illegitimate ban to me.

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  21. Baratus II

    Sega Saturn DOOM TC!

    Welcome to the Doomworld forums Trevor0402. Yeah I tested his Sega Saturn conversion, although would be cool to see more assets besides the HUD though.
  22. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Sega Saturn Doom HUD put together by my brother, I think I could make a vanilla style HUD like that.
  23. I have a Discord, so I thought about joining some Doom-related Discord groups/servers. Here's my discord username "BJ.BaratusII#4247" if you like to add me.