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  1. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Really enjoying a GZDoom mod relating to Unreal recently, it's called Doomreal. Also works in Heretic.
  2. I recently packed up a Neural AI Upscale PK3 for Strife, All the textures and sprites are 2x it's original size.


    At first, I used Waifu2x to denoise as pre-process, tossed it onto ESRGAN using various models like (cartoonpainted, mymanga109, falcoon, Fatality, etc + interpolated combinations with alpha of 0.5 or 0.8)


    I tried another method to see if it's more improved than the old method I used.


    How well do it look?


    1. Baratus II

      Baratus II

      The other method is almost the same as the first but I use Median blend for better results.

  3. Baratus II

    Recommend me some good Youtube channels to watch

    Lazy Game Reviews : https://www.youtube.com/user/phreakindee Reviews classic PCs games and hardware (even Oddware and Thrift videos to add up) Decino : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ8V9aiz50m6NVn0ix5v8RQ Shows interesting stuff about Doom (liked his Nightmare Monster Tier List video) Civvie 11 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC21uZkfXpT8rPY-gPgMiCwA His Pro Doom videos and his Bio Menace video is a must watch for me.
  4. Is it possible to convert or edit a graphic lump in Snea format? I heard this format was used in some Doom alphas, and Apogee installers for Duke3D Shareware & Rise of the Triad via (CDINST.WAD)
  5. Baratus II

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I know it's not Doom-related but rather Doom Engine related. Currently making a town-like map for Strife. :D
  6. Baratus II

    Worst Doom Level

    I consider 'Entryway' from Doom II to be boring (unless you play Deathmatch on the map) Although Hangar from Knee Deep in the Dead is better in singleplayer IMO It even have fine deathmatches for it, although most people play more on Doom II when it came to multiplayer and mods.
  7. Baratus II

    Quad (aka: baby's first Doom map)

    Completed the map in UV-Max.
  8. Baratus II

    sound card

    If anyone likes, I recently packed up a WAD file containing the GENMIDI lump from The WIDE AREA version of Heretic. http://forateis.gitlab.io/files/DOOM/HERETFM.zip
  9. Baratus II


    Will PINGAS Blood or PINGAS Shadow Warrior be next? :D
  10. Baratus II

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    I used to call it a Plasma gun, but nowadays I call it a Plasma rifle.
  11. Baratus II

    Best Vanilla Deathmatch Maps

    Pretty much DWANGO5 MAP01. :D
  12. Baratus II

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Quakeworld Team Fortress - CustomTF For The People
  13. Baratus II

    Random Video Thread

  14. Baratus II

    Random Video Thread

  15. Baratus II

    Share Your Sprites!

    The attempt of making a Razorjack weapon Preview - 640x480
  16. Baratus II

    Random Image Thread

  17. Baratus II

    Vanilla IPX Multiplayer

    Not meaning to bump a month old thread but... In my opinion about the old-school multiplayer, Playing MS-DOS (DOSBox) & Chocolate Doom multiplayer felt like if I was playing Doom II Deathmatch somewhere in 1996 except with high speed internet and modern technology :P To be honest, Finding a DOS/Chocolate Doom network game could rather be like, instead of hoping into a random server with people like some do in ZDaemon/Zandronum, etc, You just basically ask someone if they are up for a game. (I think it was like that for DWANGO or other methods at the time.) As for finding people to ask, I've only found a couple of people from the group and played DOOM II (sometimes Ultimate DOOM) with them, and it was worth the ask after having a lot of fun with old-school Doom II DM. Also... @Sign_of_Evil When you join in the Chocolate Doomslayers discord (I'm in the group too as, ForateiSIX), You can also get the Chocolate Doomslayers role to get notified when people are looking for people to play Chocolate Doom with.