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Baratus II

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Status Updates posted by Baratus II

  1. Been working on a Doomified version of Unreal's Rrajigar Mine level lately.


    W.I.P Snapshot of the level


    1. Anidrex_1009


      Unreal is one of my favorite FPS ever, you got my attention. Keep going! 

  2. Back to Doomworld after a 3-4 month hiatus (Life got in the way.)


  3. If you see my name "BaratusII" on the forums, it was accidently registered when I clicked on sign in with Facebook while trying to login.

  4. image.png.25b3ccd28e2b8b84a8e9733c31e1ec65.png


    Not my post, but has anyone or got scared about that face texture (usually in E2M4)? To me it looked kinda funny and wierd, but hey it's Doom.

  5. This happened while playing Zandronum Online. >_>


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    2. Baratus II

      Baratus II

      [DOOM FBG] - Final DOOM: TNT Evilution - Casual Coop

    3. Misty


      Well, I would go in zandronum forums and ask if I can do anything about this. Sadly you don't have demo to prove that you played fair and such. 



    4. mrthejoshmon


      To be honest, "stop troll nigger" just screams illegitimate ban to me.