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  1. If you want your idea to come true, you gotta work for it to make it come true. I don't make Doom maps that often and yes I was recently trying out Trenchbroom for Quake maps, I am happy that I am working out on my skills for mapping so far. So instead of paying people $5 dollars just to do a map for your idea to come true. Download GZDoom Builder or Ultimate Doom Builder and check these tutorials like this playlist I linked. then perhaps you can start making a couple of PWADs for Doom before eventually starting your own Community wad project (Which doesn't cost anything!) :
  2. Now that I looked around half-keyboards, this gave me an idea, I can probably get a half-keyboard dedicated for Doom and other FPS games and use my IBM PS/2 keyboard for general use. I remember @xvertigox recommending either brown or black switches. So I might set my target at this. As for the poll, I see mechanical keyboard is taking the lead there.
  3. Baratus II

    Random Image Thread

  4. @unerxai Here's one of my keyboards I've used for years. However just recently found out that it went defective like it would lock up and it took multiple presses to register a key etc. (This is a membrane keyboard though.) For now I am using a IBM KB-0255 membrane keyboard till I can get a replacement keyboard.
  5. Ah nice, I can see my topic in this photo :-) I looked at that keyboard you've linked, pretty good to know it has MX-Brown switches. I heard that those switches are good for both typing and gaming.
  6. I've been in a debate about getting a mechanical keyboard, so I've decided to post this topic. What is your preferred type of keyboard for playing Doom (or other FPS games)? is it mechanical or membrane? If possible what are your recommendations for a mechanical keyboard? (I've barely used mechanical keyboards and am willing to try one.) Don't forget to tell what model of the keyboard you are using. ;)
  7. Baratus II

    Doomworld Discord

    If you are looking for more Doom related Discord servers, I do recommend Chocolate Doomslayers if you are into Vanilla or Chocolate Doom (or perhaps into Vanilla-focused gameplay of Doom). https://discord.gg/cX727mA
  8. Baratus II

    What device do you use for aiming & turning?

    I used to be a keyboard player when I was little, nowadays I use keyboard and mouse preferably. I also play on gamepad sometimes.
  9. Baratus II

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am still using a 17" Gateway EV700 CRT as my main computer monitor, which has a resolution of 1600x1200 (Custom Resolution).
  10. Baratus II

    Why do so many of you guys have Anime PFP's?

    My profile picture is basically a custom figure *not mine* of the Fighter class from Hexen. I do plan on making another profile picture this time though.
  11. Baratus II

    SIGIL ,TNT and Plutonia now on DOOM console ports.

    This is good news that the update is now released, I might buy the PC version of Doom II at the Bethesda store at some point. I do wonder if anyone tried NUTS.WAD (just for giggles) on the PC port though?
  12. Baratus II

    WhackEd 4

    I am using WhackEd4 v1.2.3 and I keep getting this fatal error, looks like some call to a deprecated item. I also saw that @antares031 got the error as well. It crashes on me when I try to change a value like starting bullet ammo, starting health, etc. Note : I was using the DOOM.WAD and also using DOOM 1.9 engine as well.
  13. Baratus II

    Share Your Sprites!

    The original model here : https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/jolly-the-shotgun-low-poly-3d-coat-texture-test-7cbc0a5c8e35414a8388b5a1b3a5d5c9
  14. Baratus II

    What did you get for christmas in 2019?

    Five Jewel Case PC Games Four Big Box PC Games Two new headsets, one new headphones Two speakers, one soundbar Various Funko Pop Figures Doom Eternal Figure (Doomslayer) An Amazon Echo Dot Pack of CD-R (50 CDs) And that's pretty much it I think.