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  1. THEBaratusII

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    Happy 30th Birthday to Wolfenstein 3D! (The granddaddy of the FPS genre)
  2. THEBaratusII

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    I found a error or two in this map. Tested via Woof 9.0.0 So I fell into the nukage area and wanted to get out of the area but the lift doesn't seem to work for some reason, so I'm softlocked. I also was losing health on a area that isn't nukage as seen in the screenshot above. Other than that, it seems to be a good map, and may revisit it later.
  3. THEBaratusII

    Recommend me some Linux games.

    I do recommend Teeworlds and Xonotic if multiplayer games interest you. I remember inviting my friends on Discord to join in servers for Teeworlds and sometimes Xonotic and we had a blast playing it.
  4. THEBaratusII

    Rub It in other peoples faces

    I managed to destroy my friend's spirits in Blood Multiplayer Duels. FIGHT ME! >:)
  5. THEBaratusII

    Share your titlepics!

    This was the TITLEPIC of one of the compilation WADs I used to work on, titled "Chocolate and Vanilla Deathmatch" (A reference to Vanilla Doom and Chocolate Doom multiplayer) back in 2019. I decided to discontinue development of it due to lack of motivation. Honestly I could try recycling these maps for another TWANGO WAD maybe?
  6. THEBaratusII

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Twisted Metal 2 on Pentium 90MHz (320x200)
  7. THEBaratusII

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    I wonder if Terminal Velocity, Fury3 and Hellbender fit in the obscure category? I don't see many review videos aside from a few channels. I also tried out the multiplayer for Terminal Velocity via DOSBox not too long ago, seems fun.
  8. For Doomworld members who have played Descent, what is your favorite level for the first game. You can also optionally include your favorite Descent II level if you want but I haven't started playing through Descent II as I'm currently warming up a playthrough of Descent on livestream sometime, so I won't include my favorite Descent II level yet. I'll go first, my favorite goes to Level 6 (Mercury Solar Lab) because it has taught me to be sneaky against the Class 1 Drillers either by hugging a wall and shooting one of the sides of my lasers at the drillers, or to launch homing missiles before they see you. The Class 1 Drillers and Red Hulks are still a pain in the ass to deal with though. My second favorite is also Level 12 (Callisto Tower Colony) because of the MIDI track used and how the start of the level is more open. I like how I can snipe the Red Hulks before I deal with the spawn rooms and the Drillers guarding it. But anyway, what would your favorite level be?
  9. THEBaratusII

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    doom speedrun at 3am
  10. THEBaratusII

    How do i become more likable?

    You be you, and do what makes you happy. I've been in a somewhat similar road over the years, where at first I had an ego during my teens and acted like an ass to people and as of 2016, I became introverted after realizing what I've become. I had that worry that If I accidently made the wrong move, people would get angry at me. As time went on, I ended up recovering from "introvert hell" as of 2020 with the help of people from DOSBox Deathmatch Club and Razorback Discord and have my own friend group at my personal Discord server nowadays. I mean sure, I barely make levels for Doom and I do test people's WADs from time to time. But I only do it for fun rather than getting known. like I said You be you, and do what makes you happy. Also another advice is to be respectful to people as well, unless people are treating you bad then you'd be better cutting them off.
  11. THEBaratusII

    Favorite shooter after 2000?

    Halo Combat Evolved Serious Sam Franchise Quake 4 Unreal Tournament Franchise The Throwback Shooters in recent times Overload And outside of FPS, I play obscure indie games barely anyone talks about off of MSN Gaming Zone, Reflexive Arcade, etc.
  12. THEBaratusII

    Obscure shooters thread

  13. Your good, at least I attended for at least 30 minutes before I had to head off to bed a little early. Felt tired that day, so I wasn't able to stick around from start to finish.