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  1. THEBaratusII

    New Quake

    I'm hoping for either a Quake reboot or a Quake II remaster from Nightdive at QuakeCon 2022 (or maybe both could be announced.) Also that Xbox/Bethesda Showcase we got this year was disappointing IMO
  2. THEBaratusII

    What motivates you to play Doom to this day?

    The endless community content, the friends I made in the Doom community, and the multiplayer. (Mostly playing at @OpenRift's DOSBox Deathmatch Club)
  3. THEBaratusII

    Various Doom logos?

    Bootleg Doom (I found this listed on eBay years ago)
  4. Been having fun uploading addons to CGA. :)
  5. THEBaratusII

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Doom guy ded.
  6. THEBaratusII

    Quake Anniversary vs Epsilon

    I always stick to Quakespasm/Ironwail source port for singleplayer only because it's more authentic gameplay-wise. Don't get me wrong I like the KEX engine remaster but one of the problems that's kept me from playing it in singleplayer (unless I'm hunting for achievements) is the Nightmare difficulty. The multiplayer is kinda good though. As for Epsilon, it's decent IMO, but then again I don't play that as often either. Probably because I'm a purist (as in preferring the classic look and feel of Quake) As for multiplayer on the other hand, go with either the KEX remaster or QuakeWorld because unless your friends are in the same network, NetQuake (Regular Quake multiplayer) is just plain horrible. Especially with 1 second input lag as the client.
  7. Damn.. I always enjoyed the times where I listen to MIDI soundtracks of Kraisoft Entertainment games while playing various games like Warcraft as a kid. MIDIs was almost the only music I like till I discovered various metal genres. May he rest in peace, and you will be missed. :(
  8. THEBaratusII

    Share Your Sprites!

    Worked on Player Sprites (So Dakki from Senkaiden Houshin Engi) for a modification I plan on working on. I also tweeted about this earlier.
  9. THEBaratusII

    Happy 30th Birthday Wolf3D!

    Happy 30th Birthday to Wolfenstein 3D! (The granddaddy of the FPS genre)
  10. THEBaratusII

    Observatory - A Beta-influenced DOOM 1 Map

    I found a error or two in this map. Tested via Woof 9.0.0 So I fell into the nukage area and wanted to get out of the area but the lift doesn't seem to work for some reason, so I'm softlocked. I also was losing health on a area that isn't nukage as seen in the screenshot above. Other than that, it seems to be a good map, and may revisit it later.
  11. THEBaratusII

    Recommend me some Linux games.

    I do recommend Teeworlds and Xonotic if multiplayer games interest you. I remember inviting my friends on Discord to join in servers for Teeworlds and sometimes Xonotic and we had a blast playing it.
  12. THEBaratusII

    Rub It in other peoples faces

    I managed to destroy my friend's spirits in Blood Multiplayer Duels. FIGHT ME! >:)
  13. THEBaratusII

    Share your titlepics!

    This was the TITLEPIC of one of the compilation WADs I used to work on, titled "Chocolate and Vanilla Deathmatch" (A reference to Vanilla Doom and Chocolate Doom multiplayer) back in 2019. I decided to discontinue development of it due to lack of motivation. Honestly I could try recycling these maps for another TWANGO WAD maybe?
  14. THEBaratusII

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Twisted Metal 2 on Pentium 90MHz (320x200)