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  1. THEBaratusII

    What are you?

    I am a redhead!
  2. THEBaratusII

    I need help

    As somebody who is tough minded and has dealt with depression growing up, It's not worth taking your own life. For me I've dealt with some personal struggles like controlling my anger issues, and on top of that I was dealing with the school system at the time failing me and mistreating me throughout the years. Plus my internet presence didn't do wonders either, and I pretty much made an ass of myself on various communities as a teen and I ended up becoming more anti-social at 2016 and only got out of it slowly between 2019 and 2020. What prevents me from having thoughts of doing illegal drugs or suicide, etc is asking myself this.. I still have friends right? (even a few friends count) What games have you tried or even completed? What hobbies do you love? and so forth. It's all about finding a healthy mindset. For me I have a friend group I chat around almost everyday, a desire to make content for YouTube, the idea of trying new things casually like art and music, and even the want to finally learn to solder (I see the benefits because I am a vintage computing enthusiast) If you are ever in need to talk or befriend somebody, feel free to hit me up.
  3. If your purpose was to store copies of games, then my advice to your brother would be to look after external hard drives (or SSDs) next time. Also I have a 1TB flash drive that seemed fishy (my parents bought me one as a XMAS gift) and I tend to find my way of repurposing them. And that purpose would be to use it for my GoTek Floppy Emulator. I do believe it's better to accept the loss and learn from there. Plus judging from the amazon link, I did find some external hard drives up to 1TB with that price. And with extra dollars, one could've gotten a 2TB Western Digital My Passport. My two cents.
  4. THEBaratusII

    Who's your favorite villain?

    I know most would prefer the Manga to start off with, but I'm not the most familiar with the 2018 adaptation compared to the 1999 adaptation. All I've heard from some regarding the 2018 adaptation is that it's not the best considering while it's most accurate to the Manga (compared to the 1999 adaptation) it is pretty fast-paced storyline-wise and likely missed some parts from the manga as a result. Both adaptations had trouble keeping up with the Manga iirc. Maybe it's sort of worth checking out for curiosity-sake, but I tend to prefer the 1999 version because I like retro anime the most.
  5. THEBaratusII

    Who's your favorite villain?

    So Dakki from Senkaiden Houshin Engi (Soul Hunter)
  6. Not to hate on the source port either. As a game development engine, it's nice to use considering DECORATE, ZScript and other features are a thing. As a way to play Doom itself, I'd rather stick DSDA-Doom for that. And also like Roebloz said, never understood why it's a good idea to enable texture filtering by default, it wasn't made for that anyway.
  7. THEBaratusII

    Who's your favorite villain?

  8. THEBaratusII

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    As somebody who has completed both games a few times, I always felt that Quake was better than Duke. Don't get me wrong, Duke is a good game in it's own right, I liked the interactivity and the one-liners/references but the gunplay just wasn't there for me to be honest. If anything the only BUILD Engine game that I liked the most was Blood. (I also believed Blood and Quake played better than Duke in terms of multiplayer) The only weapons I recall were the most useful in Duke was the Shotgun, RPG, and at times the Shrink Ray, anything else were either used to conserve the ammo for those three weapons or just for a couple situations like boss battles. Quake might be a bit guilty of this too considering that the Rocket Launcher was the most used, but I found more situations where I had to make use of the other weapons than I had with Duke. I am also a sucker for monster infighting and I believe Duke lacks that, except sometimes enemies with explosive weapons (ex: Fat Commander) can blow up other enemies if you are strategic enough. However I will say that I liked the level design for Duke a bit more than Quake just because of the interactivity. However, what makes me lean more into Quake is the modding scene. Back then people made levels using editors like Worldcraft and Quark, but has since evolved into using a more convenient level editor like Trenchbroom and activity for Quake mapping would increase a good bit. Duke (and other BUILD Engine games) however stuck with BUILD.EXE (or Mapster32 for modern hardware) which has more of a learning curve compared to Trenchbroom and even Doom Builder. It took me a long while (on and off) to get used to how it worked, and I believe not everyone wants to spend weeks or even months mastering an editor unless they are really that dedicated enough to do so. There was also Duke Builder but I believe development on that stopped. It's also a similar situation with other editors like UnrealEd and Serious Editor, etc. I feel like a more convenient editor similar to Trenchbroom/Doom Builder is what helps bring in more user content. However proper mapping tutorials for such games would help a lot for those wanting to learn anyway. tl;dr : I like Quake a bit more than Duke because of the gunplay and modding.
  9. THEBaratusII

    Zee or Zed?

    Zee Zed if I'm referring to the 1996 RTS game by The Bitmap Brothers lol.
  10. THEBaratusII

    What are you listening to?

  11. THEBaratusII

    What Is The Best Build Game? [Poll]

    Blood all the way! I had the most fond memories with multiplayer compared to Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D.
  12. Fair enough. Then again I wasn't thinking properly as I might need sleep soon anyway. Also I think there are two games I don't see many mods, and that would be NAM and Hexen
  13. I was originally thinking Rise of the Triad, but that could change since Ludicrous Edition is out. (and includes a better level editor) I do notice Shadow Warrior and Redneck Rampage are the least active compared to Duke Nukem 3D and Blood in regards to the BUILD Engine. Also would Quake 4 count? And also I don't see many making new content for Abuse either. (but that's not a 90s shooter)
  14. THEBaratusII

    Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is releasing today

    It also didn't help that the game wasn't too playable in multiplayer via DOSBox aside from 2-player null-modem emulation to some degree. Meanwhile Blood Multiplayer (via DOSBox IPX tunneling) became a cult following during the early 2010s and there was lack of a proper source port during that time until BloodGDX and later NBlood was released. Thank god for Ludicrous Edition! Aside from the rubberbanding issues (there were plans to improve netcode for the upcoming v1.1 patch) its more enjoyable than playing via DOSBox. Now it's a matter of putting efforts to grow a community and spreading the word of how fun and chaotic RoTT's multiplayer is, and that I am trying to do with my own Discord community, RoTT Central. As for DOSBox, I managed to compile a modified ROTTIPX.EXE file that changes the game tics to the same ones as serial/modem play, so that could ease the latency for those curious. (It's currently on my website for those interested) http://thebaratusii.razorback95.com/files.html If anyone's ever interested in joining RoTT Central, feel free! https://discord.gg/GaNQMFWwes
  15. THEBaratusII

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    James Bond got something in his mouth.
  16. THEBaratusII

    How tall are you ?

    5'11" or 6'0" I think. Will update if I find an opportunity to scale my height.
  17. THEBaratusII

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    I made a overview video covering the ACE Engine v2 demo.
  18. THEBaratusII

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Only the cool people choose not to read manuals.
  19. Anything that uses the software renderer should work, I remember playing Half-Life while Windows was running on safe-mode many years ago for the lolz. Like Kinsie said, it is recommended to install video drivers regardless. Unreal should work as well. Also nice to see you have a RIVA TNT2 card, which one? The regular or the M64 variant?
  20. THEBaratusII

    Post your Favorite GIFS

  21. THEBaratusII

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    Very nice to see a demo is out, I'll have to check it out sometime. Any possibility of adding support for SBARINFO allowing custom HUDs in the ACE Engine?