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  1. chlef

    In the Deep

    Not the prettiest maps, but very nice to play. Old school goodness.
  2. chlef


    Yeah, this is what Doom is supposed to be. Basic and enjoyable, no gimmicks or stupid sound/graphic mods. Just pure Doom. This is a keeper.
  3. chlef


    As an intro to Doom for kids and those that have never played it, these are actually pretty good.
  4. chlef


    Short, sweet, crap free, good.
  5. chlef


    If this wad ended with map5 it would be a deserved 5 out of 5 classic. Unfortunately, it can't resist itself and slides further and further from then on into unplayable slaughter (even on HMP) and ruins any chance of further enjoyment. Which is a crying shame.
  6. chlef

    Castle Phobos v3.1

    Yeah, nah. Unvandalised pure Doom and this might have scraped in with 3 stars. But no... insult has been added with awful graphics mods and gratingly annoying custom sounds. Why do people do this? I played with probably more than a 100 gameplay mods and could count on one hand those that were good enough to justify their existence. The rest are like nails on a blackboard as far as enjoyable play value goes. This gets an overly generous 2* (and only because there were no crashes or lockups).
  7. chlef


    Excellent old school entry. The complaints here are trivial - the only important thing is that it is enjoyable to play.
  8. chlef

    Escape from Planet Deum

    Great. Another map that spells out "DOOM". They all blur into one. Maybe this one is better than the others, maybe worse, dunno - I don't care. Slogged it through the "D" which was almost ok, teleported to first "O" and was greeted by two pointless crusher traps. At that point I just rolled my eyes and quit. Please, no more of these.
  9. chlef

    Fleur De Mort

    You're talking about another map. This one has no shape, is ugly, clunky, confusing at times and needs a fair bit of backtracking. That said, it is adequate enough for a reasonable play through. Save it for when you've run out of other maps. It will do on a pinch.
  10. chlef


    Much better than the bad reviews make out. It's just basic Doom with no frills and there are plenty of worse ways to kill some mindless time.
  11. chlef


    Ugly, flawed, but better than most maps here and completely enjoyable to play through. Has a plasma rifle which I forgot I picked up and on UV never had any reason to use if I did.
  12. chlef


    Another map that sticks to the basics, does them fairly well and as a result is a pleasure to play. Not enough of these.
  13. chlef


    Short, sweet and crap free Dooming. Great stuff, wish there were more like this that just kept to the basics we love.
    Yeah, no. I am not that bored that I will play this through. Have more fun stuff - like tetris. Monotonous, grey and not very good at all.
  14. chlef

    The Lost Worlds

    Starts off well enough then nosedives into unplayable rubbish in the later levels. Maybe you should have just left it at m5 eh?