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  1. MattGuy1990

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    Well, only one of definers of multyplayer arena shooters a we know them today, as well as one of the most enjoyable gunplays from old school
  2. MattGuy1990

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    Oh, that xD. Don't consider it much of a campaign thoough, more of a single player mode with progression in levels
  3. MattGuy1990

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    I'm gonna say it right here; someone should really ask Epic games for permission, and kistarting an Unreal remake using the UE IV. God, please make that happen! Uhm, what campain? I don't recall one in UT orginal :/
  4. MattGuy1990

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    I'm playing the original Unreal these days. I must say, graphically is still pretty to look at, thanks to the awesome light design they used for every level, and enemy I.A. it's of a kind I never saw in later shooters ver since (not counting the bots from arena multyplayr). It's a game that deserves to be taken more for inspiration as much as Doom, Quake or HL together.
  5. MattGuy1990

    The Best from Doom

    Weapons and game level design. A paragon to this very day ^^
  6. MattGuy1990

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Exactly. To make a game feel retro, old looking graphics and gameplay aren't enough; you need to recapture the same ideaology devs of the past used to make their game. Things like how you design your levels, what kind of combat and exploration you want the player to use, the pacing of it all... you can have these three and still making the game feel retro without old looking graphics. Just look at Doom 2016; it haves one of the most beautiful graphics of latest generation yet the gamme developers tried their damnest to make the game feel as closest to Romero and pals' style as possible, and it shows. Unfortunately a lot of indie games are pretty lazy in lazy design, these days. Just chack out how many of them uses random generation levels and enemy spawning. It's not old school, it's lazy and feels samey after a while. That's why if you wan to make a good game, indie or AAA, it's better to be a team of eople then a single developer (and making sure that such people knows what they are doing in the first place xp).
  7. MattGuy1990

    Knights and Barons' death animations confuses me :/

    Lol, more like "I have no idea how to do that xD. I wanna learn how to mod Doom, but right now I only know how to make a map with Doom Builder. I someone would do tht for me, I would be thankful to him/her ^^. I'm even gonna pay for it, if it's an incemptive...
  8. MattGuy1990

    Knights and Barons' death animations confuses me :/

    Lol, I think I should've explain it better ^^' : I know that there are fan-made alternate deaths animations of Knights and Barons (hell, if you played BD or PB you should've see them already). What I mean is a new animation that substitutes the vanilla one, but without being too different from it; just enough defferent to show both halves of the Knight/Baron dead body. Though an alternative would be having rotantig dead sprites for the two demons, but then people would wonder why the others don't have those as well. This looks promising :)
  9. I mean, I suppose the intent was to show the torso and downer body detaching from eachother, but because the dead sprite doesn't rotate it feels more like the upper part completely vanishes. Plus the way the part detaches isn't made much clear from the animation. I think someone should fix this, as in making a new animation where both body halves are being showned, instead of one hidden away.
  10. MattGuy1990

    Project Death (WIP, deadline Dec 10 2023)

    I like this moody mod ^^. the one thing I would improve is the auto rifle, it needs a little more animation, I would say give it a subtle recoil like the one in Smooth Doom.
  11. MattGuy1990

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    I agree with you here, and I'm gonna explain myself better; Half-Life isn't a Doom clones because, despite of having lots of elements token from it, there's one key aspect that makes the philosophy of the game very different; it's pacing. Unlike any other shooter before, HL asks the player to just stop moving, at various points, either to listen to an NPC talking or because the way forward is blocked and the gamer needs to observe the area in order to find the alternate route (or making it himself). Doom and clones are almsot the exact opposite; they are all about movement. The pacing never stops being fast, both in combat and exploration, and even when the player's stuck all it needs to do is running around in order to find the right door/the key to unlock it/the button that makes the right platform going down. A typical Doom level hardly, if ever, asks the player to stop dead on the track. That's way games like Quake 1 and 2 or even the original Unreal qualifies as Doom clones, since the philosophy in gameplay and pacing it's the same, and it's indeed the key factor that differentiates Doom and clones from all other kinds of FPSs, modern or not.
  12. MattGuy1990

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    For me Ion Maiden is a Doom clone because the phisophy it uses in both gameplay and level design is very like the one used in 90s shooters (and yeah, Hald Life 1 counts as such too, despite having some particularities then made it go above your averag Doom clone of the time). Who cares if levels are all linked instead of being separated, the ideology in the design is still the same. I get though why all this might create confusion in you, as Doom and Quake are similar in gameplay and design, but see it this way: a "Doom Clone" is easy to reconize because it uses the same kind of technology (NOT game engine, mind you) and gameplay phyloophy that Doom/Wolf-3d had, which is what every FPS in the early 90s was doing; when Quake was introduced things were starting to change rapidly, as things like a narrative story told in the game were being introduced only a few years after it. So yeah, maybe using the term Quake clone isn't all that right given the context, but you gotta trust when saying that Doom clones are much easier to reconize and being understood.
  13. MattGuy1990

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    You read my mind, pal x3. I personally still love Doom today because it haves one of the great level design ever featured in a game, something I miss a lot in modern FPSs these days (open-world shooters doesn't count). For me, a "Doom clone" made today must have these requirments: graphics made mostly of sprites and textures in 3Dish walls (use of polygonal object must be limited, if anything use it for some objects in game; if you make a game with Doom gameplay but made mostly of 3D objects, then it's a Quake-clone) and a complex, explorable open-ended design for levels (doesn't need to be abstract like the original Doom, you can use realistic map/building floors design) with some verticality in it since that the lack of it would make it more of a Wolf-clone. Of course, enemy placement also plays an important factor; having hordes of enemies placed in one single area, charging at you in all directions, can and will become tedious after a short while; having fewer enemies placed in a lot of different areas would make them feel more unpredictable, no matter the number. Retro Blazer looks a lot of what I mean for modern Doom clone... if it wasn't for the orizzontaly, very labyrinthic level design, which reminds me more of WOlf. It's not bad per se, but the main problem with Wolf-3d were the levels bein very labyrinthic and looking too monotonous in textures and design, making the levels feel more the same and harder to navigate.
  14. MattGuy1990

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    It's a choice between HMP and UV. Usually I go with the latter when I'm sure I know the structure of a level, after I played it. Still haven't dared to touch Nightmare ^^'.
  15. MattGuy1990

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Enemies having different death animations according to how much damages the weapon makes (like the revenant being being splitted in half by a super shotgun shot, or reduced to bones by a rocket), instead of it being random like in current mods. Also, enemies showing different kind of body damages to showcase how close they are to death.