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  1. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The floating Runes are pretty amazing. Also, i'll be starting Sunlust this week...pray for me... I got my GZDoom set up with some nice software mode settings. Looks nice and crunchy!
  2. Okay I used a lot of the tips posted here and this is my current result. Pretty satisfied. And PRBoom+ to compare: I also tired Eternity, which I liked initially, however, setting up my Xbox controller to work with it was giving me a headache (It wasn't recognizing it as an xinput device) here is how it looked: And for good measure, GZDoom with OpenGL and all the fancy features (with Software sector lighting mode):
  3. In the past couple of months I've been pretty much stuck using a controller to play Doom due to a bad mouse, which means I can't play on PRBoom+ only GZDoom. I like the way Doom looks on PRBoom, so last night I created a separate installation of GZD for software mode to play vanilla and boom compatible WADs on. The base settings look alright, I tweaked a few things, most notably changing the sky rendering to linear to keep it from stretching on the edges of the screen, and disabling dynamic lights and decals. It looks pretty nice, but anyone here have any tips to make it look even more like PRBoom+? EDIT: I should also mention that since I've been forced to use a controller, I have grown to enjoy it, so even when I get a better mouse I'll most likely keep using this setup.
  4. Nice, I will try it as well and see if I like it.
  5. Yeah I looked at the truecolor renderer, it still looks too modern.
  6. Yes the software renderer, not the sector lighting mode. And those are exactly the kind of things I was looking for, going to put them all to use, thanks :)
  7. Ah yes, I actually did this in GZD long ago, I can't stand the blurry look of the default GZDoom graphics. Gotta have those crunchy pixels, lol.
  8. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Ah cool, I knew the name was in the editor somewhere.
  9. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Lol, it's what it's called in the texture files I believe.
  10. I honestly thought this was that other post in my notifications, lol.
  11. guitardz

    got hit by a car.

    Hey, wishing you the best, hope you are well and able to play Doom again soon enough.
  12. guitardz

    Balance between Graphics and Gameplay

    I agree with this for the most part, but if a game looks like complete ass it's hard to save it even with excellent gameplay. That said, I think Doom looks great.
  13. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    It looks like it might be a scrolling texture there.
  14. I have big plans for YouTube Dooming in 2019.  2 megawads a month (at a minimum) to be uploaded, daily videos.  I've already started recording Valiant VE and Ancient Aliens for January (both using Final Doomer Plus weapons)


    Check out my WAD listing here in this nifty Google sheet (subject to change) and throw requests if you like: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yPQ_21m4sVgbfoVTYv30i3OoNcLockhuRhN_rbgdDaA/htmlview


    Also check out my YouTube channel if you're interested:



  15. guitardz

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Despite my name, I'm a terrible guitarist. Or is the name apt? Who's to say...
  16. guitardz

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I use weapon mods (Final Doomer Plus FTW). I say FTW and AF...even though I'm 35... I save frequently. I try not to save during big fights, but rather between encounters...sometimes I fail at that. I use a controller...and I enjoy it. Because I use a controller I can't SR40 and will jump when it looks like an SR40 gap. I think cats rule and dogs drool.
  17. My comfort zone will be stretched quite a bit when I play Sunlust next month... I'm both excited and afraid. Also, saving between encounters should be acceptable to everyone.
  18. I'm a casual scrub, so I will save and learn nothing...I enjoy this.
  19. I was just editing my post when you commented, lol
  20. I bought Doom II on Xbox 360 for No Rest for the Living back in 2010...I think id was already under Bethesda then. So...I guess yeah...I have and I would. EDIT: Let me establish that expansion was made by Nerve Software, not community mappers. If this were done by community mappers, I would expect them to be paid the same as the compay's regular design staff for the duration of the project since they would technically be contracted employees. And I would also expect the level of quality to be greater than their average release, and for some community mappers here that's asking a lot.
  21. guitardz

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    That's fine, it's one option I always have ticked on anyway, lol. Unless something is clearly made for it to be off.
  22. guitardz

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Thanks. I am pretty much stuck playing everything on GZDoom until I get a new mouse because I need the controller support, and I ain't using Xpadder to do it on PRBoom, it feels weird af.
  23. guitardz

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    If I play on GZDoom should I set it to MBF compatibility or leave it default?
  24. guitardz

    Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

    I didn't have any Doom related resolutions last year. But I have a couple this year. 1) Records and upload at least 2 full megawads a month for my YouTube. I've already started a list starting with Eviternity and Valve (with Final Doomer Plus) in January. 2) Get maps finished for Bloodloss.