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  1. VanaheimRanger

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Yay! New Bri stuff!
  2. I pretty much only play Doom and Quake in VR so... Doom: GZDoomVR Quake: Quakespasm-OpenVR If anyone is aware of a version of Raze-VR that is made for PC let me know.
  3. VanaheimRanger

    have you ever cried while playing doom?

    This thread makes me cry...
  4. I just love that all the screenshots are while taking damage.
  5. His company makes mental illness themed plush animals and raises money for mental illness awareness organizations. It's actually pretty cool and I wish him the best with it. Editing to add link to his storefront if anyone is interested: https://mysterious.americanmcgee.com/
  6. VanaheimRanger

    Do You Own a Device Capable of Playing Audio CDs?

    Man, I still have a working Playstation 1, best CD player ever made!
  7. VanaheimRanger

    Post a picture of your cat(s)!

    I mean that is clearly a cat box, what else would go in it?
  8. As an MBF21 project I'd say probably not. People will be wanting to play it on dsda-doom and Eternity where jumping isn't a regular thing. Also, jumping would totally break the flow of my map, lol.
  9. Alright, I am pretty much done pending bug reports (I ain't fixing mismatched crate textures, I've had enough of that, lol...but seriously, don't report those.) Also, @loveless did some testing, idk if you are gonna credit our personal testers, but there ya go. Title: Boxed-In Format: MBF21 UMAPINFO included: No Build time: 10 hours or so over 3 days Editors used: UDB Tested with: dsda-doom Music used: jimmy - Escalate boxedin.zip
  10. These crates are getting out of hand...