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  1. VanaheimRanger

    Most minimal limit-removing port?

    I would just go with Crispy Doom in this instance, myself. Unless you can load custom WADs in the Unity port. Is that a thing?
  2. VanaheimRanger

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Man, every time I see one of your Vilecore updates I'm blown away by how just a few small changes can really enhance an area :)
  3. VanaheimRanger

    Lullaby - Single level for GZDoom

    I haven't played Doom in a bit, and don't plan to until I have a VR headset for it, but this map is sitting in my ZDL load just waiting to be run in VR.
  4. VanaheimRanger

    Help an idiot launch some wads?

    Can you not add Dosbox to your source port list on ZDL?
  5. VanaheimRanger

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    I play on ITYTD in slaughter WADs that don't have difficulties set (and sometimes ones that do). But in "normal" difficulty WADs I use UV or HMP. The real question here should be if anyone unironically uses HNTR...
  6. VanaheimRanger

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    You win! (She also plays Among Us a lot which is why it's right there with her games...but I play it too >.> )
  7. VanaheimRanger

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    I have 2 monitors. Main one I game on is empty. Secondary monitor has lots of icons (mostly games) and the start bar on it. Primary Secondary 5 of these games are my wife's, I'll give you 100 bonus points if you can guess which ones ;)
  8. VanaheimRanger

    where is doom sprites in doom 3

    My brain hurts...why did I read the entire thread? I just couldn't stop.
  9. VanaheimRanger

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    Been playing Space Barbie lately in Destiny 2. Here are some recent results:
  10. VanaheimRanger

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    I'm gonna iterate something about the Christmas sets from my scrooge perspective. I played through both WADs completely. I did not like them (I just don't like Christmas themed stuff) but one thing I did find interesting was how they made the keen bells' death state a looping animation and sound in a limit removing wad. From a technical standpoint I found that to be a really cool addition. From a gameplay perspective, though, hunting down all the bells in each level was...
  11. Bring back "guitardz"!

    1. VanaheimRanger


      Lol, nah, I'm fine with this one.  It also displays my love for Norse mythology.

  12. This term has become very common in Destiny and I hate it. Every Destiny video I watch when someone says "jumping puzzle", I'm like "You mean platforming section?" It doesn't bode well to see the term popping up in other communities as well.
  13. VanaheimRanger

    Cyberpunk 2077 [first-person RPG]

    Can I see the uncensored version...for...research...or y'know...the other thing? lol
  14. VanaheimRanger

    Modern gaming isn't fun

    I'm gonna fully agree with this statement as someone who also started gaming on Atari 2600.