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    Game is a bit too easy ?

    Let's stay on topic please. We are not discussing Dark Souls here.

    Secrets that get blocked off?

    DOOM 2016 is a big offender of this. You have a very nonchalant style of playing Mr Freeman. He just wants to finish the level before his pizza gets cold !! What are your thoughts on Monster Condo's timed secret in DOOM II ?

    Game is a bit too easy ?

    I remember reading many reviews that pointed out the lack of exploration in most levels especially the later ones. Most people were critical of the later stages being a culmination of locked arena battles. I really do hope ID has acknowledged these concerns going into the next game. Many successful sequels expand and improve upon the original game. Let's hope this is the case for DOOM 2016.

    Game is a bit too easy ?

    He never called modern gamers "little baby men". Most gamers today simply aren't looking for or interested in keycard hunts. Perhaps the sequel will incorporate more exploration in it's level design if the demand is there. Let's not twist the facts around. This is doomworld not CNN.

    Flaws in Doom 3 : BFG Edition.

    My girlfriend loves men who have a "BFG Edition" if you know what I mean ;-).

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    That's such a cop-out answer. You have to pick one favorite dude and not take the easy route. My favorite is FLESH & METAL .

    D3 running bad on new laptop

    Don't worry about it. Edward can be a little pugnacious at times.

    Share a random fact about yourself

    @YukiRaven Thank you :-)

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I just bought this cap today
  10. MK-ULTRA

    D3 running bad on new laptop

    Try updating your Windows 10 by running a Windows update. Worked for me.
  11. MK-ULTRA

    D3 running bad on new laptop

    Yes it would regardless of power mode setting though. DOOM 3 is over 10 years old and would not be affected by such trivial settings.
  12. You choosing to play it as a rail shooter does not make it one. There's a lot of adventure to be had if you go secret hunting Mr Freeman.
  13. MK-ULTRA

    D3 running bad on new laptop

    GPU power mode would not affect DOOM 3's performance in any way shape or form. Utter nonsense. I would go with what @MFG38 said. I once had trouble running Crysis on my Windows 10 laptop and updating Windows 10 fixed the issue. Be sure to update all your drivers of course.
  14. He must work for CNN. Excuse me Mr Gordon Freeman but DOOM 2016 offered a fair share of exploration & secret hunting. Some of them were quite hard to uncover especially the classic level levers. DOOM 2016 is far from a rail adventure.