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  1. Think when on the legacy subdomain it is just a static site that doesn't update.

    MOE 1

    Meh. Good for a first level. Nothing special. Average. I could see it on a 1000 DOOM level CD. Its ok.


    Gave me chills I'll give you that, but thats only because im a wuss and its 2:00 AM. Other than that, just straight crap. Its just 3 dark rooms. Thats all.

    Endless Fall: Conservation of Momentum

    Reminds me of Portal but is ultimately a stupid WAD. P.S. I hit the bottom without cheats, therefore it isn't endless.
  5. Personally I like Complex Doom Invasion. The guns, music and bosses are really cool. Sometimes it feels like a sensory overload and that makes it just a 100 times cooler.
  6. As a 2000s kid who barely got to experience non-flat minimalistic UIs, I think the /idgames UI looks good and doesnt need to be changed. It gives it a little charm, and there is honestly nothing wrong with it.

    My first wad.

    I liked it, liked the concept of your hell house too. A lot of barons, and I didn't expect the cyberdemon at the end (though I should of with the rocket ammo). Tight hallways made it hard to defeat the barons, and that mass of enemies in your hell house entrance/living room had me hiding til the in-fighting was done. I liked it, in fact makes me want to make my own "my house" wad.
  8. I think these are some good ideas. Talking about integrating /idgames into DW, I recognized that /idgames doesn't synchronize reviews from DW. Though, like Doomkid said, this would probably be hell on backend. Honestly, why did this whole switch to DW downloads happen? Was /idgames hard to maintain?
    Some imps are insanely hard bullet sponges (ghost imps!). Not enough space in some rooms to dodge imp attacks. Level design is good but convoluted. Couldn't "turn on the power" in that dark room (button wasn't working). Also the author loves Trent Reznor's dick for some reason.

    Year 21 -The Vanishing Point-

    Short sweet map. No objectives, just killing. Health is places in tight corners, so I usually miss them. Aesthetic is very bland and uninspired. Very easy, but fun.


    Interesting Quake feeling DM map. Secret is just a random wall you activate. Has some features like "one-way windows" and the blockage of weapons with explosive barrels. Would be fun with around more than 3 people.


    Requires noclip to work, and I could only find the blue key. Some interesting design, I really like the aesthetic of the exit hallway. Riddled with secrets, some that seem impossible to find. Got the "You found a secret" message while noclipping out of map too.

    What are you listening to?

    Its not cause I live in Louisiana, its just a good song
  13. Or do I have to use the Downloads beta? I want to use the idgames archive as it has the random WAD feature and its always fun to review those WADs.


    Weird WAD. Maybe just be GZDOOM, but there are a lot of invisible walls. As Doomkid pointed out, the name is interesting. What could it mean? Did a time traveler from 2015 go back to '96 and make a DOOM WAD? Is his proof we can travel through time? The world may never know. I'll try and contact the author and see what he was thinking.