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  1. Just a heads up for you: This was exactly what I thought until I actually played Dusk. But damn, Dusk man - it's something else. It takes a few levels to get warm to it but then holy cacodemon if it doesn't become a satisfying ride. Putting Dusk within the "new retro FPS" genre feels almost insulting even though it's technically correct. It's also not entirely without innovation if that's your concern. The campaign feels fresh because levels have a direction and purpose, Episode 2 in particular, and it's not afraid to fuck with the player.
  2. Long time lurker but had to register for this one - because this is a bit silly. Dusk is genuine. Whatever flaws it might have (like disappointing monster animations compared to Quake) doesn't change that fact. I think people tend to forget that as they get experienced with fps's they also go into new releases with a preconceived bias - personally I had to get through well over half of the first episode before I realized how genuine Dusk actually is. Listening to people complain that Dusk isn't like 90s fps is exactly like listening to how people complained 'Quake isn't like Doom' back in the day. There is a significant 'authenticity' to Dusk that simply isn't there in other "retro" games like the Strife/ROTT2013/etc. Dusk's design is miles better than any of those games. I'm very interested in hearing if anyone here actually played through both released episodes of Dusk and still think it isn't genuine - because that would frankly surprise me. A few pointers on issues raised in this thread: - Level design is very varied in this one. It starts out almost reminiscent of Lucasarts Outlaws in the way you have a open map with various houses and buildings to clear. By the second episode you're well into Quake land with complex surreal geometry and a emphasis on verticality. Some levels are very maze like and claustrophobic while others are very open and arena like - some either a mix of both or something in between. - It does not rely on any gimmicks. The climbing mechanic mentioned above is a re-spawning powerup found in certain levels. Hence it is no different than jumppads or teleporters in that they are a movement feature of the level itself rather than a feature of the gameplay loop.