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Status Updates posted by Catpho

  1. Hey Myst, sometimes i see you play "Not Mapping". What's that all about? 

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    2. Catpho


      Heh, guess i'm in the "not mapping" crowd too. Your program is actually very popular!

    3. Misty


      I knew it! :p
      People should use more "not mapping" to make things easier :)

    4. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      It's very addictive.

  2. Haven't seen you for a while. Hi! I'm one of dem lurkers who finally registered. Knew you during your active days.

    1. HorrorMovieGuy


      Hi! I had decided to take a break from forums in general, but I'm back now. Well, welcome to the forums, I guess :)

  3. Woah, does this account has anything to do with @Mikami41? Hope there is no bad news D:

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    2. MikamiRIP


      Hey, i'm surprised that my earlier account got enough attention for noticing my assistence, but no, this is my backup account, because my earlier account couldn't get back because i used my main gmail for creating it and now my main gmail was banned because when i finally moved out of my country and connected my main gmail, they though that it was an intruder and was inmediately banned :( i'm trying to get it back, but i have low faith of getting back, so i created this one.


    3. Catpho


      I'm glad it wasn't something too terrible :) Also tough luck :P

    4. Catpho


      Double post 

  4. Hi. I've got a problem with taking clean screenshots in QZDoom:


    Can you offer some help? Thx!

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    2. bzzrak


      "bind x screenshot" will make the x key take screenshots

    3. Gustavo6046


      @bzzrak Is that empty spoiler insinuating there's no secret? If so, genius, man. Genius.

    4. bzzrak


      I was on mobile and accidentally added a spoiler which I couldn't remove @Linguica do something NOW pretty please?

  5. Hey Dobu! I was wondering how can you make gifs like this?


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    2. Catpho


      Wait, Zdoom has a way to hide weapons? What's the command line for it? So out of touch.

    3. dobu gabu maru
    4. DMPhobos


      And there i was making decorate scripts that hide the weapons just to take screenshots... 

  6. The Mandy Ava is rad. Where did you got it from? 

    1. Agent6


      Google Images :v .


      Looked for a .gif originally but I could never nail the resolution so that the text it contained could be seen clearly and completely. I originally wanted this pic:



  7. A list of your previous maps or your head (so i can steal your brain).

    1. NoisyVelvet


      that's a good question! i dunno.  from searching "noisyvelvet" on doomwiki, I found several.

      there's also some other ones that might be rattling around in places; off the top of my head: Plutinya, DW Roulette 2, Monument Mars, Circle of Caina.  There's some speedmapping sessions too.  There also might be a few rogue links to non-archived maps of varying quality scattered around which i have little recollection of.


      Also, I'd lend you my head but I don't even know where it is at the moment, so we're both out of luck for now.

    2. Catpho


      "Jungle Juice" was a beast btw

  8. Posting in Sochi. Uh, will talk more later cuz battery

    1. DMPhobos


      Visiting the world cup i assume?

  9. Hi, this thread you posted in 2012 contains some nice historical material from Plutonia 2's development. But all the image links there are dead. Can you provide them again? (You can use Imgur)

    1. joepallai


      Sure thing.    I've been thinking of zipping them all up and making them available that way as well.   Thanks for the interest.   Joe

    2. joepallai


      Catpho, thanks for the heads up and recommendation of Imgur--that was so much easier than I expected; the pages are all set now.  Joe

  10. Happy birthday! Have a Doom star fortress:


    (if ZDoom forums is right)

    1. InsanityBringer


      Forgive the dumb question, but what map is this? It doesn't quite look familiar to me.


      and yeah, the ZDF is accurate. thank you.

    2. Catpho


      It's from Nuts 3

  11. Hey look reg date is back 


    1. bzzrak


      Nice 👌🏿

  12. Hi there. Is this @Erik? Thought you might know because you did made posts related to his current status.


    1. Lüt


      It's him.


      Any particular reason?

    2. Catpho


      Just wanted to know what's he up to (might add to his wiki page). Interesting where Doomers eventually go in their lives :P

      Also Scythe X production looks gr8

  13. I just read through the now closed Hardcore_gamer thread, and i'm left more confused than ever. The article he linked suggested there is a major problem for free speech on the internet, through very terrible law proposals form the EU. But yet everyone seems pretty chill and confident. Can anyone tell me what's going on?

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    2. Memfis


      Maybe it's better to bitch before a law takes effect?

    3. Memfis


      You know, like with these net neutrality popups on Doomworld...

    4. Linguica


      Doomworld is hosted in America and paid for by an American, so yes, I care about American net neutrality rules.

    1. antares031


      I actually saw this level long ago from DyingCamel's livestream. Interesting custom textures. :D

  14. What is an "invisibility sphere" like? That means you secretly like it? Like as a stalker? A half like? You like it but you dont want to be shot by a hitscanner (plutonia like?)? 

    1. mrthejoshmon


      I see what you did there...


      Wait, no I don't.

    2. StormCatcher.77


      I hope new "likes" are all equal...

    3. Delete


      I gave this post an invulnerable like. It should withstand demonic attacks!

  15. Update Frosty Cream Glade to ur website >:) 

    Darn, your design is so energetic it makes me feel envious :( How do you do that???? (Im guessing way too may cupcakes)

    Im also wondering how this will translate to horror :P

  16. Are there any members who registered less than a year that are more frequent posters than us :P

    1. riderr3
    2. Agent6


      I dunno. Probably not :v .


      Heh, it really shows I was among the top posters where I came from, and here, in just a couple of months I've already made over 1300 posts, but only a small number of them are actually (more or less) helpful, such as my reviews.

  17. Hi there! I bumped your stock texture thread with more suggestions. I hope you enjoy them! 

    1. Xfing


      Thanks m8!



    kmxexii did a revolution midi pack review!

    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      I saw it already :D very glad he picked up on the Deep Purple influence for MAP14!

    2. Catpho


      Im not really well versed on how music reviewing works (barely listen to any these days :P), so this review is helpful to me too! Hope he does more!

  19. Your ducks are tame


  20. I have just showed a friend doom toady.

    I was really nervous as he was into stuff like modern fps and Geometry Dash (to the point of practicing to be good at it whenever he could, and drafted his own level designs on paper! Admittedly it does look somewhat cool :P) so i never expected him to like doom. It went pretty well, he commented on how its fun, didnt complain about much and even wishes to play more! Highlights were he couldnt find the first door in E1M1 (needed my assistance XD), and how he didnt recognized what the rocket launcher was and used it point blank against a zombieman.

    I guess i underestimated the doom pull. Oh he is so DOOMED now!

    I also showed him this forum, and he says he might be here one day!

  21. Ive just finished DTWID, and i must say: your map rocks! Its very stylish A perfect imitation of Petersen. So now that im impressed: is there going to be a BTSX e3 map from you? Would love to see you toy around with those resources. No, im not asking for a release date (but if you dont mind....), but rather just asking to see if you are mapping for it.




    Also UDTWID is held hostage long enough yer freaks.

    (Called out 2 anticipated projects, such a person i am)

    1. Alfonzo


      Thanks! I dispute the authenticity of Foundry and don't look kindly on it these days (it was my second map ever made barring three ancient attempts from 2003 that are lost, needless to say) but it appears to have gone down well with at least a few people so that's something.


      There will be no BTSX map unless I somehow manage to escape the four-year development hell pit which I and a number of other luckless enthusiasts have fallen into.


      UDTWiD has developed stockholme syndrome. We're currently enjoying a spot of tea and are getting along like a house on fire.

  22. Anyone watching the World doom league final?

    1. Catpho


      (BST) wins! Congrats to RoSKing, Infer, Leigon, TMD!



  23. irIx3MF.png

    Tried drawing curves like ribbiks and dobu did, ended up realizing that i still got a lot to do :P

    Also, is there a way to "map faster"? Like to draw certain things and do certain actions faster, because at the rate that im doing ill probably take days just to finish the start room :P

    If anyone can link tutorials (or make one), i will be grateful!

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      For any sort of "natural" environment, drawing curves freehand is, imo, the way to go. But one does not simply draw curves like ribbiks without practicing. :p


      Keep in mind you can always combine the "curve linedef tool" with "freehand" by adding finishing touches later, provided using that tool makes sense to begin with.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I you want, I made something real quick that you could use for practice. Just draw shapes parallel to the ones in the wad. They're not the smoothest curves you'll ever see, but perhaps it helps you getting the general idea of it.wire.jpg.5f466ead20ea0c3abf49adc5842f1555.jpgsomefreehandcurves.zip

    4. Catpho


      Thanks! You have done too much :D