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Status Updates posted by Catpho

  1. Catpho

    Gez has a custom title :D

  2. Hi Nih! Posting because i suddenly wanted to play your maps. Do you have anymore somewhere other than those already documented? Also, out of curiosity, which ones you have made do you consider your favorite/would recommend to other people :)


    Edit: I added them all into one .zip archive.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Ah... Right... I have an entry on the doomwiki... I know I should have made myself even less popular than I already have... :P


      Well, I guess there are the documented ones, in particular the mayhem map I made with rd is one I'm rather fond of (also it's not very hard, IMO), and the udino contributions of which there 2 at this point (E3M6 being somewhat mean, but I like it)... There's also the "minidido project" that has some of my work in it (2 complete areas and some bits and pieces)...


      Stuff that's not listed would be these:


      (my first ever semi-serious map --boom)

      (2 shot practice map --boom)


      NIHspd01.zip  (very short speedmap because I wanted to blow some stuff up, see how fast you can beat it --boom)

      NIHspd02.zip  (slightly mean speedmap, requires CC4-tex --boom)


      NIHspd04.zip (deliberately ugly and grindy macroslaughter speedmap --boom)


      NIHspd05b.zip (sub 3hr speedmap --boom)

      NIHspd06.zip (another sub 3hr speedmap --boom)


      Where in the world would nihspd03 be..? We'll never know... P

    2. Killer5


      Catpho looking for more wads to archive :P.


      Will check these out soon.

    3. Catpho


      Hey, more wads to archive means more maps to play ;D

      Edit: Also thanks Heels, you nice cruel mistress!

  3. Hi SquirrelModz! The current Doomworld Downloads page is having problems at the moment, so it's best that you download at the Legacy Idgames page until further notice (it's on the top bar of the site, below the Downloads (Beta) button). Here's the link to Man on the moon btw.

    1. riderr3


      It continues for a whole eternity...

  4. I see Vilecore 1.2 is only a few maps away :o

    1. Doom_Dude


      Yes, it shouldn't be too long until it's done. Later this year I'm hoping. :)

  5. I was browsing your youtube


    1. Obsidian


      I approve of this immensely.


      Also holy carp, six years ago.

  6. Hi Walter! I wonder what happened to this project? It looked pretty promising.


    1. Walter confetti

      Walter confetti

      You should ask to @lupinx-Kassman, but for now is pretty abandoned, unluckily... The last time we did something it was like... 5+ years ago?

  7. These are some cool screenshots Xyzzy, but i don't recognize them besides the top left one from DBP12. Can you tell me what they are :o Also this suddenly makes me want to play your levels. What would you recommend?

    1. Xyzzy01


      Hey, thanks for showing interest, Catpho! Those other three maps are NOVA 3 MAP09 (top-right), The Antaresian Spacepond (bottom-left) and the bottom-right map is part of my WIP solo episode c:


      As for recommendations of my work, I'd say pretty much anything I made from 2019 onwards; that's when I felt myself starting to get good at mapping and find my own style or "voice". You might also find little gems in my second Confinement 256 megawad (the -cl11 one in 2018) as well as Stratospheric Domain, my only Hexen map. Hope you have fun! 💙

    2. Xyzzy01


      Oh wait, maybe don't play my speedmaps, Xyzzy vs. Zzyzx Road and Sassafras, they are not as good imo. I realize I'm probably a wildly inconsistent mapper 😅

  8. Just dropping by to say that i really appreciate all the awesome content you retweet on twitter. Very inspiring! You are like a Doom pinterest or something :P

    1. Catpho


      By "Doom", i meant the Quake/Unreal/etc. stuff too :)

    2. Tango


      hah, I am glad to hear it. sometimes I get close to hitting the retweet button on something that's not an FPS screenshot but stop myself :D it is quite nice to be able to scroll endlessly through my tweets and just see cool ass screenshots nonstop

  9. Hey Yakfak! I was wondering if you had a place where you keep all your midis? I know of the bandcamp albums but it seems to be outdated because i see some cool tracks in Mutabor & the Ribbiks/GoS Halloween wads that are (seemingly) not featured anywhere else.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Catpho


      Ah, that's a little disheartening to hear. For what it's worth, i like them and i would appreciate a catalogue of them :)

    3. Alper002


      Reminds me that I have a collection zip of zan-zan midis, which I originally started on because I found out there were quite a few dead download links to the older ones...

      110% sure it's not exhaustive, but it's more than just the bandcamp albums.

      A ZZZV Collection.zip

      I would definitely enjoy a proper catalogue of them as well, there's a few map ideas running around in my head thanks to some midis and I think that speaks to how much I like them :)

      (For example, That door punch gif was from a map which was initially inspired by FROWNWPA, and will use that midi if/when I get around to working on it again :P)

    4. AD_79


      You make some cool stuff. Please properly archive and host them somewhere!

  10. Hi, i see that you've just played the Serenity trilogy. As you are probably already aware of, they've went on to release a cool map here and there. The primary author of the trilogy, Holger Nathrath, made some neat levels for the Eternity TC that were pretty cool but never got any exposure due to never being formally released. Just thinking you'd be interested :) (It's in the 2006 section in the Doom Wiki page, and it only requires a limit-removing port)

    Kudos if you already knew btw. Your reviews help me find a lot of 90s stuff!

    1. Argenteo


      I did not know about it, looking at the files, there's no readme but there are 6 maps, sounds, sprites and textures. Looking for playing it. :) 
      The Serenity trilogy was the first pwad episode I played on Doom95 on the 2005. I didn't know how to strafe, barely could run, afraid of every corner and those cute midis give me the creeps.
      Thanks. Later on the night I'm gonna try it.

  11. Certainly, that eye of yours has been staring for far too long.

  12. Hey, your maps are nice! You don't seem to advertise too much anywhere though?

    1. Carlos_Lastra


      Thanks! I'm glad you like my maps!


      No, I don't advertise myself anywhere, and I haven't make a map in months.  

    2. Catpho


      Thanks for replying :) Hope you are staying safe, and maybe one day we'll get more from you!

  13. Hi, sorry for the bump but the download link is down. Pretty please?


    1. AD_79


      Link updated. Surprised anyone even still wanted to play it! I was actually thinking about that map recently and how I wanted to continue the set, but considering the amount of time I have to do so (read: essentially none), I doubt it'll happen.

  14. Happy lunar new year! Best of wishes to y'all :)

  15. Hey Myst, sometimes i see you play "Not Mapping". What's that all about? 

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    2. Catpho


      Heh, guess i'm in the "not mapping" crowd too. Your program is actually very popular!

    3. Misty


      I knew it! :p
      People should use more "not mapping" to make things easier :)

    4. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      It's very addictive.

  16. Haven't seen you for a while. Hi! I'm one of dem lurkers who finally registered. Knew you during your active days.

    1. HorrorMovieRei


      Hi! I had decided to take a break from forums in general, but I'm back now. Well, welcome to the forums, I guess :)

  17. Woah, does this account has anything to do with @Mikami41? Hope there is no bad news D:

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    2. MikamiRIP


      Hey, i'm surprised that my earlier account got enough attention for noticing my assistence, but no, this is my backup account, because my earlier account couldn't get back because i used my main gmail for creating it and now my main gmail was banned because when i finally moved out of my country and connected my main gmail, they though that it was an intruder and was inmediately banned :( i'm trying to get it back, but i have low faith of getting back, so i created this one.


    3. Catpho


      I'm glad it wasn't something too terrible :) Also tough luck :P

    4. Catpho


      Double post 

  18. Hi. I've got a problem with taking clean screenshots in QZDoom:


    Can you offer some help? Thx!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BigDickBzzrak


      "bind x screenshot" will make the x key take screenshots

    3. wallabra


      @bzzrak Is that empty spoiler insinuating there's no secret? If so, genius, man. Genius.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I was on mobile and accidentally added a spoiler which I couldn't remove @Linguica do something NOW pretty please?

  19. Hey Dobu! I was wondering how can you make gifs like this?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Catpho


      Wait, Zdoom has a way to hide weapons? What's the command line for it? So out of touch.

    3. dobu gabu maru
    4. DMPhobos


      And there i was making decorate scripts that hide the weapons just to take screenshots... 

  20. The Mandy Ava is rad. Where did you got it from? 

    1. seed


      Google Images :v .


      Looked for a .gif originally but I could never nail the resolution so that the text it contained could be seen clearly and completely. I originally wanted this pic:



  21. A list of your previous maps or your head (so i can steal your brain).

    1. NoisyVelvet


      that's a good question! i dunno.  from searching "noisyvelvet" on doomwiki, I found several.

      there's also some other ones that might be rattling around in places; off the top of my head: Plutinya, DW Roulette 2, Monument Mars, Circle of Caina.  There's some speedmapping sessions too.  There also might be a few rogue links to non-archived maps of varying quality scattered around which i have little recollection of.


      Also, I'd lend you my head but I don't even know where it is at the moment, so we're both out of luck for now.

    2. Catpho


      "Jungle Juice" was a beast btw

  22. Posting in Sochi. Uh, will talk more later cuz battery

    1. DMPhobos


      Visiting the world cup i assume?

  23. Hi, this thread you posted in 2012 contains some nice historical material from Plutonia 2's development. But all the image links there are dead. Can you provide them again? (You can use Imgur)

    1. joepallai


      Sure thing.    I've been thinking of zipping them all up and making them available that way as well.   Thanks for the interest.   Joe

    2. joepallai


      Catpho, thanks for the heads up and recommendation of Imgur--that was so much easier than I expected; the pages are all set now.  Joe

  24. Happy birthday! Have a Doom star fortress:


    (if ZDoom forums is right)

    1. SaladBadger


      Forgive the dumb question, but what map is this? It doesn't quite look familiar to me.


      and yeah, the ZDF is accurate. thank you.

    2. Catpho