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  1. So i thought "Why not?", and post my "mapping" log here
    Im currently in the ideas stage, but i think i go these nailed down:
    -The theme: Sunken castle in snow, with caverns everywhere, flooded too
    -Progression: 3 key thing , each with its own sights, heavily circle of death inspired, with you can see parts of the level as you go, build bridges and everything. I would take a pic, but its so rough right now i dont really feel its worth it. Secrets will be substantial if i have time. 
    -Gameplay: aiming for a romero like experience, but i havent thought of too much "memorable" fights, mostly just some chaotic progression and some cg/arch/manc turret along the way with some help from caco
    -Visual: Circles, curves, bits and pieces of castle architecture (sunken in snow too!), cavern detail are at home here. Lighting will go a long way, at least in my head.
    So yea, thought of some stuff, will try to keep monster count at around 160 (uv). Desperately needs suggestions ;)

    Textures im using:


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Gameplay suggestions if you're mapping in boom or "higher":


      Decent setpieces, perhaps multi-staged

      Slippery floor to go along with monsters which benefit from the player's loss of "control"



      These "iced" marble textures look extremely "bright", which may be nice for snowed in exteriors that are well-lit, but if you want "massive demonic ice blocks", you should try getting some textures that have a slight nudge towards the blue range of the palette, because that may work much better with darker interiors, or caves, for that matter.


      Sky texture lacks snow, would suggest looking for one that compliments the texture theme better. Surely might be a matter of taste, tho. I'm just saying those mountains there don't look snowy.


      Castles work well visually when you get some nice arcs on the ceiling, for example. Looking at some other castle style maps may go a long way. I hear Deus Vult II has some good stuff. ;-)


      Even if not necessarily logical, the contrast of ice and fire usually creates stunning vistas when executed properly. Giving your map some contrast to give areas "character" might be worth looking into.


      Just some random ideas.

    2. riderr3


      Which texture pack contains snow-like textures? I will borrow some of them for MAP32 of my project ;)

    3. Memfis