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  1. Very fun maps so far! M3: Proof that squares are not an enemy of good maps. In this level, it often takes the form of conveniently demon-friendly placement of pillars and crates that cut off the marine’s escape routes while also providing cover for the monster population. It all comes together in the last fight: the freest space is the a rev horde, while flunkies and an arch-opportunist sneak in from the pillars. Pretty neat test of finding strategic moments of aggression so as not to get surrounded. Modest beauty. Perhaps it isn’t all that groundbreaking in its use of squares, but what’s there is carefully and tastefully layered in heights and textures selection, particularly the outdoor area, taking advantage of the square-friendly Tetanus pack to create these finely cut cubes that seem to extend in every direction and shade, with green used to “frame” the orange materials. My favorite shot is when you face the courtyard that contains the green armor and plasma rifle. Very assured level, all in all. M4: Sort of a grab bag of mid-size brawls that grows in intensity from a nice not-so-hot but pumping start. The last fight is one of the best pieces of choreography so far, sort of a slightly rougher version of the Tetanus’ love for rocket brawls that is effective in its simplicity, sort of a textbook example of the contradictory chaos caused by smashes viles and revs in a tight space, with a twist of raining plasma. Great use of barrels and revenant hordes throughout (in one case, both at once). Fairly spartan looking (by the standards of a handsome looking mapset). A solid collection of shapes with the minimum amount of variation both structurally and texture-wise from the brown metal plates keeps the level fairly readable and non repetitive, but perhaps lacks flourishes to be truly considered visually noteworthy. I do love the vine beam near the blue key.
  2. Catpho

    Graffiti / Wall Writing

    The graffiti in Comatose isn't graphically complicated per se, but it is offset by its interesting use as a narrative/world-buidling element rather than just pure decoration. Elaborating it isn't as fun as experiencing it, so best to check the map yourself. Some more conventional "fun" graffiti can be found in spades in Echelon, which were mostly solicited by Soundblock in this thread (where more examples can be found). (All images taken by kmxexii, retrieved from his blog)
  3. Oh boy, never played a Sqounker mapset fully before, aside from dipping into Pagodia to play Aurelius's map during an author-specific binge :P This texture pack for some reason is pulling me in hard, so here goes! Here are some quick thoughts for M1 and M2, along with playthrough vids. My thoughts are written in bullet points in a rather minimally-filtered form, though not like my longer, higher effort writings are less messy anyway :) but writing like this is fast and fun. Hope they are of use. M1: Adored all the tier hopping possibilities here. You can be a badass jump all over the place without actually jumping. Trap Heavy, but not in the per square meter way. Focuses on eliminating small hordes of high pressure targets while slow flunkies wander around, with light snipers. Underplayed/permissive enough for it to work. I screwed around a lot in my playthrough. Map feels impressively unified despite the segmentation, perhaps due to consistent aesthetic strategy and combat design. RL and Plasma in a M1 ftw, which combines well with the general forgiving but sharp skirmishes. Impressive height based visuals. My favorite moments visually are when I get a view of the greenery while standing on walkways. Aesthetic kinda like a combo of BTSX E1 base with BTSX E2 nature, with the cheery tone of Paradise. A love letter to a lot of design trends in the ‘10s, with a sort of pared down, Scythe-like efficiency to it. Vid: M2: Easy on the eyes, but feels a bit less dynamic than the first map, especially coming from the playful height variation in the first level, along with some simpler, rougher geometry and texture work. The level feels more segmented somehow. There isn’t a natural flow between the outside “incidental” section and the big dark cave centerpiece brawl. It felt rather uneventful for the most part. The ambushes in the incidental segment are quick to let up and don’t compound on each other. The big brawl in the dark cave is great, but rather too brisk and simple to make a true lasting impression. Vid:
  4. Catpho

    If I ever get healthy...a convention question

    I'm part of the "lives very far away from any place where appropriate conventions exists" gang, but at least it's great to hear how international your fanbase is (myself included). Hope you get well.
  5. I've been wanting to be able to remember more interesting details about maps via taking notes, but I'm unsure what's the best way. I typically find taking notes during first playthroughs to be disruptive to my enjoyment, especially with big ambitious single maps where it's a bit more difficult to decide when to "stop", but replays are a bit of a luxury, so I might bite the bullet if that's how things are meant to go. This applies generally i.e. non playtesting purposes. Feel free to share any details of your note-taking process.
  6. SilverMiner: Heh, not exactly what I had in mind when I started the thread. Thanks for sharing I suppose :P Kyka & rd: I would imagine the process being something like that, but it's difficult to know what you are doing best in isolation, so thanks for the replies, especially the advice on the whole trusting the memory and imagination. I'm always amazed by some of the better writers on this site's attention to detail, so I was curious to see how they can write so extensively so quickly.
  7. I had some in mind. Luckily, there's years of community wisdom to write my post for me: Whitemare 2, coming from a community who always favored mood and atmosphere, contains a number of exciting mastermind fights. Check MAP07, MAP08, MAP15, MAP32, and MAP18 for examples. If you want some quick analysis of each use, check Demon of the Well's assorted write ups (MAP07, MAP08, MAP15, MAP32, MAP18) Nootrac4571's Spiderfight has an interesting setup. Not Jabba review. BTSX E1 MAP07 is themed around using the Mastermind well. It's been a while since my last play, but I remember that the Spiders were used more in an ambient, incidental sense. Tarnsman has a Spider map in this set. The one level I haven't played, but it's Tarnsman.
  8. Catpho

    Temporal Tantrum (v1.2 now released! - 28 maps for MBF21)

    I remember playing all those disparate betas. Congrats on the full release.
  9. Catpho

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I think it's worth mentioning that the opening post's screenshots were a doozy, taken specifically with fancier source port settings than it "needs". The map itself is so pretty it's already tough to pick a bad angle, but I think Brigandine was the first time my troglodyte brain had to look up what "ambient occlusion" is.
  10. Not to knock on the effort put into this thread, and I haven't checked every list, but couldn't you just find this exact information on Doom wiki, thus saving the trouble of typing out each wad link?
  11. Catpho

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    @Mr.Factory You are probably looking for DBK01: Dungeon Synths:
  12. Catpho

    kmetal 2018

    Hey, welcome back... back :D Pretty fine combo if you ask me!
  13. Catpho


    Fantastic use of dramatic sound effects, darkness, muted gray/brown scheme with a dash of electrical blue, and stony architecture to transform a utilitarian-sounding location into a site of apocalypse and potential (madness). Energy cackles through the powerplant, but it does not illuminate: derelict machines hum their luminescence, while electricity slithers through the walls or apparrates in sudden flashes. It is difficult to see where the Thunderpeak mountain, swallowed by the night, begins and ends, as concrete is molded in spectacular displays of slopes that seem organic as they are orderly. The overall effect is to render the Thunderpeak power plant a tribute to the virtue and folly of human progress. It is grand but unwieldy, impressive but maddening. With such a superb sense of place, I wish that it was in service to something more than dreary room clearing that dominates the proceedings, only seeing a badly needed spike in intensity with the battle with the Terminator (perhaps due to his terrific sprite work and the novelty of not circle-strafing a boss. Still a fairly simple fight though). As it stands, it is not hard to see why it is considered such an iconic release, and it is still decently playable. I don’t see this release challenging my belief that Vader’s best work ever was in BTSX, however. (I gave 3 stars but it is more like a 3.5)
  14. Hi. I wanted to use an old version of GLBoom+ ( for historical/personal reasons, but I'm encountering an error I haven't seen before. For some reason, on default settings, even without fiddling with any of the gl options, all the textures are replaced with whites like this: This only seems to happen in the gl renderer.
  15. Saw the opening trap of map02 and thought it would be good way to wake myself up in the morning. Ended up energized beating the whole thing. Good fun and great work from Miracle Water (who i presume is making their public debut?) on all aspects. The deh changes and monster ecounter philosophy feel at once well thought out and inevitable for the genre, yet also like slaughter reaching untold heights of memery. No complaints so far.
  16. Catpho

    The 2022 Cacowards

    Dynamo (a busy bee himself) did a great job summarizing Xymph's many accomplishments, but no one who has witnessed his monstrous dedication first hand can go without paying respects directly. Cheers Xymph! Happy birthday Doom. Congrats to the restless creativity of this community for the 29th year in a row.
  17. @brick Heh, AD was a mapper first. His music would only start appearing from 2018 onwards, since Eviternity. If you like his music, try his dedicated thread (link below) or his bandcamp.
  18. Catpho

    Common wad mistakes

    Can you elaborate this part, especially the advice in the second parenthesis? I'm no creative, so stuff like this is a bit hard to imagine. It sounds counter-intuitive that thinking hard about every moment would be an inefficient process in making something "good". What does "perfectionism" actually mean, then?
  19. Catpho

    Doom 2 "in name only" - Russian variation

    Snooped around iddqd.ru and found that there's a finished map18 for this project, by joe-ilya and BeeWen. As development seems to have been in a standstill since 2018, I guess it wouldn't hurt to share the publicly available link. Edit: For the sake of convenience, here's everything released since the 9-map "demo" found in the OP: MAP10 by SSV_Victorian (finished in 2016) - Link MAP11 by BeeWen (finished in 2016) - Link MAP12 by Dragon Hunter (finished in 2016) - Link MAPs 13 & 14 by BeeWen (released in 2017 & 2016 respectively, modified versions found in Relyctum) - Link MAP18 by joe-ilya and BeeWen (finished in 2018) - Link above
  20. Catpho

    What are you playing now?

    It's the track "Plasma" from Duke3D. It's used in AV map10.
  21. Catpho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Down the Drain

    Go have fun @akolai!
  22. Catpho

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Down the Drain

    No voting from me. One part because I need a break from the DWMC, another part is that this month makes me feel that the daily DWMC pace isn't really my thing. For a megawad that I love and is designed with a clear megawad philosophy (as opposed to being a blunt-force compilation), I want to savor the feeling as long as possible. As a way to honor my commitment to my vote, though, expect a big-ish synthesis post when the month is over (that is not just the status update thing I posted :P). Glad to have played with everyone though, and for the mountain of writing produced, even if I disagree with much of the criticisms haha P.S. As a final status update, 21 - 24 are awesome, especially 23 & 24. Benjo don't ever stopppppp P.S.2 I'm considering in future DWMCs to vote, but write a mid-length to long post every once in a while. Maybe consider that bullet point notes style @rehelekretep or GoS use for my impulse posts
  23. Catpho

    Disintegration Muffin (Boom map)

    Really cute to poke and watch it output fun. I just ran around and found as many RLs as I can, got a jumpscare, and BK exited (I checked in with the demolition crew) because I'm a bit tired right now, but this is a really wholesome environment. Of all the levels that use yakfak's midis (which I think aren't enough), I think this one taps into the element I liked the most from yak, which is an intricate, meticulous construction that yields as much as you want to wring from it. Doesn't matter if the gameplay is abrasive and harsh (which is the case for zzzv), or inviting and empowering, as with this pastry.