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  1. nope, isn't working for me for some reason :( script 2 OPEN { Delay(70); Teleport(0, 4, 0); }
  2. 7 is the tid of Player 1 start, should I be tagging something else?
  3. I've been trying to get a script to teleport the player to a map spot after a certain amount of time. I've tried Teleport, TeleportOther, TeleportInSector, TeleportNoFog, and now finally Thing_Move and nothing is working. Here's my script script 2 OPEN { Delay(70); Thing_Move(7, 4, 0); // 7 is the tid of the Player, 4 is a map spot that I want the player be teleported to. } Any suggestions? Edit: (I can't reply for some reason so I'll just post this in an edit) It still doesn't work after fixing the order of the arguments. Anyway I appreciate the help, I'll just have to mess around with tags and stuff because something else must be wrong with the map. Edit: I voted up all your answers because they all contributed to the final solution. Thanks for all the help, It would've taken me forever to figure it out on my own. For anyone with the same problem, this is what I ended up doing... #define PLAYER_TID_START 300 script 2 ENTER { Thing_ChangeTID(0,PLAYER_TID_START+PlayerNumber()); Delay(70); ACS_Execute (3, 1); //3 means "Script 3", 2 means "Map02". If you are making Map09 - make (3, 9). } script 3(void) { Teleport(4, 4, 0); // The first argument is the tid of the teleport destination, the second argument is the tag of the destination sector, and the 0 is so that nofog is false. }