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  1. Thanks for the comments. Yeah ___ __ _ was written by my mate Liam and yes there's another (the original) version of it out there somewhere. I'll let him know!
  2. dial-up

    What is your favourite episode 3 level?

    Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I love Dis. A very simple level, but it's classic and effective, it's an awesome introduction to the Spider Mastermind, and the song is great.
  3. dial-up

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    The chaingun for me. The sound effects just aren't as meaty as all the other guns. And the pistol doesn't count as an option. Obviously no one likes that.
  4. Yeah with a few tracks I went hard with just writing the kind of music that I like, eschewing typical expectations of Doom music. Thanks for the positive review!
  5. It's appreciated, I'm grateful for any amount. Mainly I'm glad you downloaded and liked it! The girl on the cover is Sophia Hapgood from Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. But now you mention it she does look like Elaine Marley from Monkey Island.
  6. I have finally finished my second Doom-inspired MIDI album. It's available here: https://dialupformurder.bandcamp.com/album/midi-nightmares It's free to download, or you can pay what you like should you want to. If you download the album, the MIDI files are included with the download.
  7. A couple of alt-electronica tracks I wrote: https://hazardville.bandcamp.com/track/glitter https://hazardville.bandcamp.com/track/chill-bill
  8. dial-up

    MIDI Originals [08/20/19]

    For what it's worth I've made loads of album art uploads to bandcamp and soundcloud - they've never monitored my images or scanned for copyright. Just use a sweet meme and get it out there!
  9. dial-up

    MIDI Originals [08/20/19]

    Man some really awesome tunes here. @Psyrus Yes pop these on soundcloud or bandcamp!
  10. Right, thanks. I'm still learning.
  11. Are you able to post this library as a soundfont rather than a wad?
  12. I use QMIDI to play MIDI files on Mac. It has a mixer which you can use to adjust reverb, as well as volume, pan, and other stuff. With that said, my understanding is that if a MIDI file doesn't have a reverb control change (CC 91) setting the value to zero on each channel, I think many MIDI players will set reverb to a default value of 100.
  13. @Bucket I use Logic Pro for all audio work including MIDI files and I highly recommend it.
  14. Absolutely amazing and epic. Unusual chord progressions, those harmonies in thirds, and the guitar swelling (how did you do that by the way? I didn't see any volume control change messages occurring). All in 7/8 to boot. At a stretch, the only thing I could recommend is changing the velocity of the ride cymbal rhythm to accent the downbeats (by quietening the syncopated beats) to make the drums sound slightly more humanised. mp3 download when?