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  1. @ Jimmy Here's a track that I wrote today that is hopefully suitable for the intermission screen. Intermission.mid.zip
  2. @Jimmy Hi Jimmy. Here's an updated version of Swamp.mid. I have reduced the annoyance of the C-G loops by: Lowering its volume Having it not appear in some sections Changing the rhythm so it's not a straight 2 note arpeggio I hope this is sufficient. Cheers Sludge 2.mid.zip
  3. Jimmy, If you think it's suitable, I think an existing song of mine (attached) would be suitable for MAP22: Withered Fields. Unless three tracks by me is too much! Mars Monolith.mid.zip
  4. I've got the original WAD. Has the interpic changed since then? If so where do I find it?
  5. Alrighty I’ll do an update of the song, I will probably take out the two synths playing C and G in the verse, and replace them with some ambient chords low in the mix. But I will probably leave the C&G in the chorus? I will reserve the intermission track. Should I do something heavy and up beat similar to doom 1 & 2?
  6. Hi Jimmy, My track is completed and attached: Swamp.mid.zip Can I please be credited as Dial-up for Murder? Doomworld won't let me change my screen name for another six months. Do you still need an menu screen and intermission screen? I'd be happy to give either or both a go if you need. Cheers, Tim
  7. Thanks for the reminder. I'll get it out to you in a couple of days.
  8. Looks like only one slot (16) is left? If so I'll take it. Any deadline?
  9. Do you still need some MIDIs for this pack?
  10. A bunch of MIDIs I wrote: https://dialupformurder.bandcamp.com/album/midi-dreams
  11. Jimes

    ZDS #555 - Oceania CTF

    Are there any regular Oceania sessions?
  12. I'm particularly looking for sound fonts that are old, classic, dated, or nostalgic, but perhaps higher quality than than your typical Sound Blaster/OPL3 and other similar ones.
  13. Jimes

    I've made 22 MIDI files for your WAD

    Thanks for the tip Empyre. I will update the zip to include a txt file. You can credit me as Dial-up for Murder. Cheers.
  14. Hi there, I've made 22 Doom inspired MIDI files that you can freely use in your project. You can have a listen to them at https://dialupformurder.bandcamp.com/album/midi-dreams. If you download the album for free from there the MIDI files are included with the download. Or you can download just the MIDI files attached to this post. If you do use these songs in your project please do drop me a line, I'd love to give it a play. Let me know if there's anyone out there who wants to make me an album cover. (The album is licensed under Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. This means you can freely use the MIDI files or their WAV/MP3 counterparts non-commercially, as long as you provide a credit where where possible.) This is the last time I'll spam Doomworld with this album I promise. dial-up for murder - 22 midis.zip