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  1. I enjoy playing Thursday Night Survival. When I exit a map I think to myself “yes”. When I get insta-gibbed by a destructor at spawn, I think to myself "no".
  2. uyjhm

    'Background' Music

    You might be interested in power electronics. Most of that type of music falls far more into the noise side of the spectrum, but there are many artists who do not completely eschew the rhythmic qualities of traditional music, though there are admittedly very few examples (ime) of artists juxtaposing traditional melodies against the noise and rhythmic elements that you desire. The artist the comes to mind for me that most closely matches what you are looking for is Prurient. Their discography ranges from outright noise to borderline dance music with noise elements, but I have included some examples from albums which struck me as best fitting your criteria. Other artists you may wish to check out (arranged from least to most noise) are Olymphia, Pruce Mary, Pharmakon or 20.sv, though none of them strike me as fitting you needs quite as well as Prurient does. As for finding or creating midis of this sort of music, your guess would be as good as mine, but hopefully I have provided you with something that will help you accomplish your goal. Greenpoint Bermuda Drain Christ Among the Broken Glass None of these examples incorporate a great deal of noise, so if you're looking for even more of that element you can check out the remainder of those albums, because it can vary greatly from track to track.