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  1. Don_Faparotti

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    Mick Gordon is absolutely not running out of ideas. His work is top notch, just take a glance at his portfolio of games . I think you're the one that's running out of thread creating ideas.
  2. Don_Faparotti

    "It's too cartoony"

    There were countless lack of color complaints when DOOM 2016 first premiered. Some people even mentioned that they used some sort of piss filter. Now that we have this in my opinion, new much improved looking version, people complain that's it's too colorful ? Give me a break! Some of you complain more than CNN does.
  3. Don_Faparotti

    "It's too cartoony"

    Do you think the head bonking was inspired by the 3 stooges? I find the original mancubus model to be much intimidating than the 2016 incarnation. The original mancubus face looks more menacing/evil in nature. Never a fan of the 2016 look.
  4. You would have earnt yourself a lot more respect if you'd admitted your mistake, instead of just being a coward and leaving doomworld.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gothic


      What did he do?

    3. Misty


      He posted fake photos in "post picture of yourself" thread and got busted.

    4. Gothic


      Oh I thought he threw a tantrum or something.

  5. Don_Faparotti

    Let's Be Revealing

    Favorite Movie Genre: Horror. I especially love the Hostel trilogy. Favorite Food: Vietnamese Pho but I pretty much eat anything that's considered food. Favorite Holiday: Christmas. Only time of the year our family has a chance to get together. Favorite Memory: Can't think of one right now. Worst Memory: Falling down the stairs as a kid and needing stitches. Damn did it hurt. Age: 28 Favorite Outfit: See picture below. Favorite Genre Of Music: Deep house. Tech house is a close second. Most Hated Genre of Music: Commercial manufactured Hollywood Illuminati crap (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc....). Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: See worst memory. Favorite Hobby: Playing soccer & BDSM. Your Definition of Success: Being a member of the Illuminati and controlling the helpless masses.
  6. Don_Faparotti

    What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    Samuel Hayden will most likely resurrect the titans somehow and you'll have to fight one as a final boss. Who knows, maybe even @Linguica can end up being the final boss.
  7. Don_Faparotti

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Who says you can't wear denim on denim?!?! My Monday look
  8. I hope they gave him a nice cold one at least. A well deserved one I might add.
  9. Don_Faparotti

    Has anybody read the "The making of Doom 3" book?

    I've never read any of the DOOM books. It definitely wouldn't be the DOOM 3 one if I ever get around to reading one. Boring game = boring book. I do own a copy of the Knee-Deep in the Dead book which was a pretty good read. The DOOM 3 novels aren't very popular. You'll probably get more feedback on a Barnes & Noble forum.
  10. Don_Faparotti

    Should I get the Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    That's because the PS3 cell processor architecture was a nightmare for developers to optimize. This is the reason why cross-platform games were terrible on the PS3. You should be fine with the Xbox. Regardless, I'd never recommend the BFG Edition to anyone. It's the big F**** garbage edition.
  11. Don_Faparotti

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Every year, I wonder if it will finally be the year of UFO disclosure.
  12. Don_Faparotti

    Post a picture of yourself!

    My I want ice cream face
  13. Don_Faparotti

    DOOM 2016: The Board Game

    I actually do own the DOOM 3 board game and the ROE board game as well. We played a few rounds of the DOOM 3 board game among friends. It was very enjoyable and quite fun once you get a hang of the rules. We never ended up trying ROE. In fact, I still have it sealed and might sell it one day. You`re right though, you do need the right circle of friends who fit into this niche. Some stuck up nerds only swear by certain board games just like some DOOM fans refrain from playing the 2016 game. I did cave in and purchased the 2016 board game. Should be arriving this week. I'll share my thoughts once I get around to playing it. Oh yea, you guys are invited by the way.
  14. Administration Center takes the prize.
  15. Don_Faparotti

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Judging by your username, I would never have guessed. Mayhem is usually associated with noise.