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  1. Novaseer

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    We don't want to destroy our planet with fossil fuels, and renewable/green energy sources aren't efficient enough with our current technology. It's the best option we have.
  2. Novaseer

    Map11: Circle of Death, or 'O' of Destruction?

    Map 11. I'm boring.
  3. I saw a comic the other day that argued that "shit shit shit shit shit shit shit" is a valid sentence.
  4. Novaseer

    Name your current favorite band/artist

    Vektor. Listen to this and this.
  5. Novaseer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I love this. Clever use of untextured walls if that's what I'm seeing.
  6. Are all the mapper spots taken up? If not, sign me up. I needed an excuse to get back into mapping.
  7. Novaseer

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    Also Naughty Dog affiliation.
  8. Novaseer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Wouldn't it look super weird when the tree faces you?
  9. Novaseer

    Still sad we had to kill ... (DLC spoiler)

    I personally think the smaller life spheres are for lesser Primevals for lesser dimensions - and like the Dark Lord's sphere they may have been taken by the Father for dissent, then hidden away in the Ingmore's Sanctum.
  10. Novaseer

    Joining the team (For level-designers)

    Wouldn't just kicking people out be a better substitute? Than, you know, cold-blooded murder?
  11. 1: Doom Eternal 2: Doom 2016 3: XCOM 2 (with War of the Chosen) 4: Satisfactory 5: Classic Doom as a whole (although Doom 2 is my favourite of the classics) 6: CS:GO (not to play, although it is fun - but I really enjoy it as an esport) 7: Unreal Tournament 1999 8: TF2 (before 2016) 9: Overwatch (before 2018) 10: Wolfenstein: TNO (much less playtime on it compared to the others but it was really fun while it lasted)
  12. Novaseer

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    is that a reference to what I think it's a reference to
  13. Novaseer

    Doom Eternal - News

    Hey, it's on the official Discord as well!
  14. Novaseer

    How do you plan or design wads?

    I make an area, playtest the area, then change the area if I don't like how it plays.