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  1. NBv4

    installing zdoom in linux

    Nevermind. I went back to the hermes website and the file they have for download is indeed a tar.gz I must have accidently renamed it incorrectly when I transferred it on the floppy.
  2. NBv4

    installing zdoom in linux

    I don't think its a tar file. the file name is hermes.gz shouldn't it end with .tar.gz if its a compressed tarball?
  3. There is this program called hermes that I have to install also. How do I install it? All it is is a .gz file. What am I supposed to do with it? I am very new in Linux and would like some help. thanks.
  4. NBv4

    Your Signatures

    Mine is just some spam link everyone here has proballt already seen posted sometime before, I'm sure. Just for the record, I don't have it there because I want you all to buy those things (I think its all a scam anyways) I just want to get a free pair of neodymium footbraces so I can take them apart and play with the magnet part. Has anyone here ever played with neodymium magnets? They're pretty awesome. My physics teacher used them in an experiment once. They are like 50 times stronger than ordinary magnets. They're expensive though. At this science store at the mall, they sell them for like 5 bucks apiece. Why spend MONEY on something, when you can get it for free? Plus, spamming the link code around various Yahoo message boards can brighten up any dull and boring day.
  5. NBv4

    The gravity of the situation...

    You people remind me of those nerds arguing with Homer about Itchy & Scratchy at the comic store from that one episode of The Simpsons.
  6. NBv4

    The ultimate doom machine

    Well, I remember trying ZDoom a while ago and it ran rather choppy. This computer is very weak. Its a 75MHz Pentium with like 24MB RAM and a very generic video card. It might have been a driver problem. I'm not sure what is meant by "95B".
  7. NBv4

    Tgif 3

    The first four or so of the blond jokes are the funniest.
  8. NBv4

    The ultimate doom machine

    Wow, you guys sure do like to digress... Anyways, I am not a "purist" or anything. I have decided to keep windows 95 but only to be able to run MS Office for my school crap and because of windows' easy file keeping stsyem. The original doom.exe runs very smoothly under DOS, whereas it runs like total pigshit in Windows 95. I would just modify the bootgui line in msdos.cfg (or whatever its called) then just run doom.exe from there, but after my previous Unreal Tournament addiction, I can't live without my precious mouselook. I guess all I really need now is a newer port that works under DOS, or a newer port that DOESN'T RUN LIKE ASS under Windows.
  9. I have an old pentium computer sitting up in my room. I want to turn it into a dedicated doom machine. I am going to uninstall windows to clear up hard drive space and eliminate overhead. All I need a way to have a good DOS compatible sourceport start when I boot up the computer to make it fully automatic. I'm guessing I would need to add a line or something to autoexec.bat but I don't really know much about that kind of stuff. Could someone help me get it all set up? Oh, and which sourceport would be best? All I really neeed is mouselook support.
  10. NBv4

    First nation of the 21st century

  11. NBv4

    missing walls

    Why is it that when I run certain wads, there are always walls that never show up. It is very annoying. Is it because I'm running it wrong, or is it because of my source port (legacy). Is there any way to fix it? Here are some screenshots: http://sa.kungfuchrist.com/nbv4/screen1.jpg http://sa.kungfuchrist.com/nbv4/screen2.jpg
  12. Where can I download such megawads as Requiem, Mordeth, Memento Mori, and others? The ftp.cdrom.com links that I keep coming upon are all broken.
  13. NBv4

    more speedmapping

    Wow.....sounds like, um, fun.
  14. NBv4

    more speedmapping

    Could someone please explain to a scared and confused newbie what speedmapping is?
  15. NBv4


    My favorite level for any game of all time is that prison level from the Nintendo64 version of Quake 2. BEST.LEVEL.EVAR