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  1. Sorry this is a double post, but i need help, this will be my only double post, anyway, to the topic.............. On XWE it is my first time using it, and it seems to be a pretty useful program, i can open up image files for starters, and zoom in as well as getting out the pallette but how do i edit stuff?
  2. Yeah, i may make a few maps first, afterall, practice makes perfect :) The game wont have the exact gameplay style of MGS... My impression was like the parts in Metal Gear Solid 2 when you go into first person mode and have to blast a load of enemies
  3. Hey, thanks a lot for your help so far guys, i am gonna work until i can get a good first map for a beta test to show you, eventually, but if anyone else could suggest more programs that would help, thanks :)
  4. Doomer_X

    new doom wads!

    I would be more than happy to: thenortherncrater@hotmail.com
  5. Hi guys, i am new to making WADS, but i dont want to be known as a "n00b". I have just retired (if thats the word lol) from making fangames after about 3 years, but i want to move onto something new knowing i can make anything with the right tools...... I want to make a Metal Gear Solid WAD that uses Boom and features new sprites, levels, and enemys+weapons. This may be a difficult task, but i am going to try really hard to do this. When you first saw the writing "Metal Gear Solid" you probably thought "Metal Gear Solid....WTF? Thats a stealth game..not a blast the hell out of everything game...." I am making it like this because i think MGS would suit the mood, but i need to know what tools would go best for... *new enemys, weapons, well....everything *new level layout *compatible with BOOM *Maybe new behaviours (i dont want to go as far as source codes, thats too hard) If you could tell me the perfect tools (preferably freeware) that would be really nice, and soon i should be good at designing WADS, like the way i learnt to make other programs....anyway, thanks and please tell me the most helpful tools :)
  6. Doomer_X

    How do i make custom Doom games.

    *sigh*..........i tried DCK and the message "This DPMI32 module cannot be run on Win32" appeared... :(
  7. Doomer_X

    How do i make custom Doom games.

    I have to say that most of the programs are crap, i think it was Wintex where i tried to edit the DooM title screen and it took ages. After that an error message appeared saying it cant save. Lousy @%&$ program..........................
  8. Doomer_X

    How do i make custom Doom games.

    Thanks, cya l8a
  9. Doomer_X

    How do i make custom Doom games.

    Thanks, i have used Wadauthor, but how can i make enemies my own custom enemys, and players custom, and weapons, and everything basically ;)
  10. Doomer_X

    How do i make custom Doom games.

    Sorry i am double posting, but which map maker is best? I want one that can make games as good as Doom II Goldeneye...thanks
  11. Doomer_X

    How do i make custom Doom games.

    Thanks a lot m8, i hope the tools are easy to use ;)
  12. Hi, u will probably think im a noob but u all used to be. Well, i am just a noob at this. Can u tell me how to make a custom Doom game please, and what programming language it uses, thanks