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Wadmodder Shalton

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Status Updates posted by Wadmodder Shalton

  1. 3D Maze - Mauzymice's Cat edition :3


  2. Just updated the old WAD list for the former TeamTNT members and their WAD catalog, where I've filled in the remaining authors and their WADs for you to play, thanks to this archived list from the old TeamTNT website.

  3. Paperclip with googly eyes and expressive eyebrows.


    LOL XD Microsoft Office assistant, only it's Christmas.

  4. Mauzymice's Cat character. :3


    Your PFP reminds me of that.

    1. Biz!


      That's because its what it came from, gonna replace it soon tho lol

  5. Recently finished moving from Utah to Arizona awhile ago. Right now my family are still getting set up for our stuff to arrive at the new house.


    For now, I'm staying at my Dad's grandparents house until the new house is ready.

  6. I've been sick for a couple of days now, which is why I am inactive here for a while now. I have both an ear infection and a sore throat, that I'm still trying to recover from. Hopefully I can get well soon enough to be more active here.

    1. Skye_DS


      get well soon man, have you in my thoughts

    2. DΞLTΛ


      Best of luck to you man, hope you get better soon!

  7. uwu Padoru Wolf PFP :3

    1. Wadmodder Shalton

      Wadmodder Shalton

      I wonder who made that Padoru Wolf PFP for you.

  8. Ff0SldWaYAAzGxG?format=jpg&name=large

    Cute Squid Pups on a ship.


    image sourced from Sanu on Twitter.

    1. Bowsertime28


      its a shame that sanu is one of the few artists who make squid dog stuff...

  9. Recently started working on updating my posts from my compilation PWAD breakdown and Shareware/Shovelware CD PWAD Documenting threads to include links to Internet Archive's ISO contents explorer or other sources, as Wad Archive recently closed down a while back.


    It will take a while to get these PWAD links working again on both threads, but I'll try my best to fill them in again with links to Internet Archive's ISO contents explorer

  10. In case you return I bless you this, Tiger Shark plush with a Cookie.


    1. Rhapsody


      Few details left to finish



  11. Changed Squid Dog post:


    Image sourced from CentsTheDrawer on twitter.

    1. Bowsertime28


      thank you


      highly appreciated

  12. fish-furry.gifsquiddog-changed.gif

    Changed Squid Dog Animations

  13. Do a Weird Doom Wads video on Shrine of the Warriors. A map made by the same author as The Final Gathering.


  14. shrine201g.png

    Weird Cyberdemon cutouts.

  15. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EmTDutyVkAA-mO9?format=jpg&name=small

    Changed Squid Dog post. Art sourced from 6_ni_ on Twitter.

    1. Bowsertime28


      yes i know that drawing i have somewhere in my 10k+ images saved on drive

  16. Hope you come back someday.