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  1. Drake ekarD

    Doom 3 nightmare playthrough

    I decided to do a playthrough with the Perfected Doom mod and a couple of my own modifications. I did enjoy it to some degree, there are a few errors here and there, and some things were changed. I do intend on doing a play through of the Expansion as well when I get the time to do so. The graphic overhaul I liked, the weapons secondary fire and special fire was a nice touch. The pathing could use some work in some levels for the AI. Avoid getting hit by barrels, they do insta-kill if thrown by an imp, and if you happen to kill the imp just as the barrel hits you, it causes an overflow that crashes the game. I do recommend giveing this a go if you like Doom 3. It is worth a playthrough, and has a few added levels, I will add those later, but not on nightmare. Another note is this Nightmare mode was different, health didn't deplete and you don't start off with the soulcube. Not sure if that was intended or not.
  2. Drake ekarD

    Doom 3 perfected doom mod

    @Pyrolex The flashlight has it's own button on the keyboard. I mapped mine to F key and it works just fine. I have noticed a few graphical errors here and there, but where this was a homebrew mod, it isn't perfect. I had a grenade hovering over my character at one point, not sure how I did that, but it happened. Just didn't get a screenshot of it. Check out the NEXTGEN options at the bottom of the Perfected Doom 3 title, there are options there to turn off shadows, motion blur, things like that, also some other options I played with but couldn't get to work so just left em alone. Sorry for late responce, but now the servers seem to be letting me reply again.
  3. Drake ekarD

    Doom 3 modding for no reloading

    Ok, I decided that I would provide a tutorial on how to do this. This is done with the original Doom 3 pk4 files. I use WinRAR and Notepad++ for editing and packing and unpacking. I only modded the shotgun in this video to save time, however this method works with the other guns I have shown before. I used the base doom 3 files because they are a lot more simple then the Perfected Doom 3 Mod I edited, however it works in much the same manor. Hope this helps others and it does help make Doom 3 a little more like the classic doom and the newer doom.
  4. Drake ekarD

    Hello all

    I made a mistake, who doesn't these days, and posted in the wrong forum last night lol. I didn't realize that Doom 3 and Classic doom were seperated out. Anyways, for those following I posted in classic doom a video of me playing around with a mod. Now what I did was go through the script files in the pk4 file of the weapons and make a few changes here and there. I will provide the changed files, the file contails two folders, inside those folders are the custom scripts. For this to work in perfected doom, open the perfected doom data pk4 file, drop the files in the correct folders, the .scripts in scripts, and the .def in the def folder. You can edit the player.def file to edit how much health and armor you are allowed, and the amount of ammo you can carry. As for the no reloading, well, if you downloaded the mod itself, I would compare the two files to see where the changes are, there were a few, but overly major. Pdoom.zip
  5. Drake ekarD

    Doom 3 perfected doom mod

    My bad, am new at this particular site. As far as releasing goes, its because the file is 30 megabyte and I am only aloud 5. I will post in the Doom 3 section from now on. I appologize for my misdeeds. I will post the files here, now that I am awake. Inside the zip file are two folders, scripts and defs. All that is needed is to open up the perfected doom data pk4 file, place the edited files in the folders they go in, and it is done. For those who want to see how its done, well its easier just to pull the same files out of the data pk4 file and see what was edited on the weapons. The health armor and ammo are in the player.def file. Again, I appologize and will stop posting doom 3 things in the classic doom forum. Pdoom.zip Thanks for moving this post, I wont do that again lol.
  6. Drake ekarD

    Doom 3 perfected doom mod

    Hello all, I am creating this post for anyone who still plays the non BFG version of Doom 3. I dug up my old dics, installed the game, then I gave it a mod called Perfected Doom 3. The link is down below for those interested in it. After playing around with it, something didn't sit right with me. I hated reloading. Now All FPS nowdays have some form of reloading, at least the ones I have played. Doom, Doom 2, and the newest incarnation Doom don't have reloading. Doom 3 and its RoE expansion did. Playing in the days it came out, never thought of it really, just went on through and beat the game. It was fun, challenging at points, and a great experience, years ago. Today it is a little lack luster, graphics a bit dated, but still a fun game. I then found the modding scene and this mod in particular caught my interest. Even with its graphic overhaul, and its new combat system, it still requires reloading. Yes, reloading doesn't seem like much. Its a simple mechanic that is easy to do. However doom never required reloading, so I began digging through the files, and found a few things that pointed me in the right path. After burning a couple hours combing through code, I made a few changes here and there and found that it is indeed possible to disable reloading. What I did essentially was tell the game to instead of going to a clip counter, go to available counter instead, told most of the guns that they had no clip size and got it working. If anyone wants to try this out email me, I can tell you what files to edit. I would copy the full pk file but it is 30 megs, however I can email you a copy of the pk file no problem, it is simple from there to just make a backup file of the original file just in case, and drop in my edited file. A few requirements are needed. A copy of Vanillia Doom 3 patched. Mod at http://www.moddb.com/mods/perfected-doom-3-version-500 installed I don't believe the BFG version of Doom 3 will work, sorry I am providing a video link of what my changes did and I did go through all of the weapons and showed off the mod itself a bit as well. The pistol I left alone, I did modify the shotgun, the machine gun, the chain gun, the plasma rifle, the rocket launcher and the BFG. I didn't do any of the fancy work, all I did was change a few numbers around and edit a few lines of code. Now instead these weapons pull from the ammo available as the original doom did, instead of requiring clips. The super shotgun I left because why not. That gun was the only one that always required reloading ROFL. All credit except for my minor changes go to the original Author of this mod. I don't feel what I did changed it all that much, but it does provide a more doomy feel and for me that is all I wanted and I find it fun.