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  1. No,and I guess I won't upload it then. Sorry HavoX,on my country,Italy,we have a similar word with the same meaning which doubles the 'T' and I got confused.
  2. I said it with the ' ' because I litterally made a Ancient Aliens TC by mashin'up FreeDooM,FinalDoomer+,Ancient Aliens itself,and Brutal Doom Monsters. Am I able to post a download link anywhere here?
  3. Minecraft-style? It'd take up a lot of stuff and you'd be seeing HOMs everywhere
  4. So,I've come across a lot of fun mods,from AEoD to Final Doomer + ,but for all of them I had to use GZDooM instead of Zandronum,which is my favorite port. But now I've found a very cool mod,samsara monster mixer,which I wanna use in pair with samsara Extra Heroes,but it's for gzdoom only. Is there any patch,or someone willing to do one,to include the needed features into Zandronum?
  5. Just do it! It's great,but don't expect it to be as fun as the classic or as brutal as the reboot. Expect it to be...spooky.
  6. Can anyone help me? I've been trying doing this a lot of times now.