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  1. FraxGamer314

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    Guncaster always makes me chill out after a though day.
  2. Thanks,you were really clear!
  3. I expressed myself badly,I'm not using Build portals,I meant a E4M8 ending portal 😛
  4. FraxGamer314

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    I am italian and Plutonia is fully made by italian peeps,how could I not like it? 😛
  5. So I'm using GZDooM Builder and I want that upon death of a certain monster TWO things happen,big huge earthquake and portal opening...but I only know how to do one of them.
  6. FraxGamer314

    Your favourite TYPE of level?

    I like it dead and simple.
  7. FraxGamer314

    Working on my new battlevest/kutte...

    How to use a shotgun properly - guide for newbie terrorists.
  8. FraxGamer314

    Is The Sound Necessary?

    Disable music,but not sfx : It gives you an important advantage over your enemies.
  9. FraxGamer314

    More wild speculation about the future of Doom modding

    Game developers realize making games for DooM engine is very convenient A blast of DooM-based games are released 3D game development stops
  10. FraxGamer314

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    It IS ok to use Linux. Problems start when people take it to a "religion" level and despise everything not open-source.
  11. FraxGamer314

    First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Third generation
  12. FraxGamer314

    Which difficulty do you play at [2018 Edition]

    Well...depends. On stock maps,I play on HMP (what I voted),on weapon mod steroids,UV,when on hard megawads that are hard because of type of opposition,HNTR,on megawads with lot of monsters,welp,IDWTD.
  13. Arch-Vile looks Marathon-ish.
  14. So I like Q3-like Bot rushes and I'd like to make one,and I guess it works like embedding addbot and fraglimit in a certain map. Could you guys explain it? I am using SLADE and GZDooM Builder.
  15. FraxGamer314

    ProjectBrutality or BrutalDoom?

    Brutal Doom 64. Nuff said