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  1. I don't think anyone gives a flying fuck about Y.E.E.T anymore but i'm just gonna put this here

    this is an updated story of Y.E.E.T


    Date:March 14, 2299 4:22 AM. Location:some UAC base in france
    It was a day like any other, scientists were doing some research, conducting some experiments and other sciency stuff
    But then, A Blue gateway opened. And mysterious aliens emerged.
    They went on a rampage. Destroying equipment, killing scientists, and some other stuff.
    "SACRE BLEU!" one of the scientists shouted...
    Millions of liberals are now supporting these vile creatures (Even going as far as funding them)
    An hour later, A Live action tv show that's supposed to be "Hip with the kids" started.
    One of the guys on the show was Victor assmunch (who is known as Victor coolbro in the show because his real surname is very unfortunate)
    As the show started, A nearby radio was making a shit ton of distorted noises.
    "What the hell's goin on with the radio?" Victor wondered.
    Suddenly, he heard someone with a french accent speaking.
    "Mayday! Mayday! Our base is under attack! There are aliens everywhere! And they're destroying our stuff!!! Is anybody there? WE NEED HELP!" 
    The transmission went silent.
    Victor was then captured by UAC marines, and woke up near a similar looking radio, but in a very different place.
    "Now look here you god damn maggot! you're goin to be hearin the shit goin on, I will not let you leave your post, Do you understand me?!?!?!?!"
    "Uhh, Yes sir? What the fuck am i doing here?"
    The radio made distorted noises again..
    Victor heard Xenomorph-ish hissing, People screaming, Gunshots, Explosions, Roaring, And finally, Silence.
    Victor got out of his chair and looked at the angry sergeant.
    "I'm going to murder those motherfuckers as much as i can before death."
    He grabbed the sergeant by the collar.
    "Now look, i'm going to say this to you sarge, If i somehow manage to survive all this i am going to kick your ass for bringing me here."
    "Get your greasy ass hands off of me!"
    Victor grabbed the sergeant's pistol.
    "Do you want me to shoot you, Sergeant?"
    "No sir."
    Victor grabbed some armor and left his post.
    After he exited the room, he heard animal like growls coming from the other side of the door ahead of him.
    They know you're there victor, There's no turning back now.