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  1. Rivers

    Doom 3 music

    There was music in Quake I?
  2. Rivers

    Serious Sam vs Doom

    Yeah thats one thing us SS net players have to deal with the crappy net code. But I still think its fun and worth playing. But if I was on 56k I wouldn't even think about trying to play.
  3. Rivers

    Serious Sam vs Doom

    Yeah thats one thing us SS net players have to deal with the crappy net code. But I still think its fun and worth playing.
  4. Rivers

    Serious Sam vs Doom

    I love SS and Doom and I play SS on the net all the time. I don't think the one player SS is better then Doom cause Doom will always hold that special something with me. But the net play on Sam is just down right fun.
  5. Rivers

    Bobby Prince is a Filthy Thief

    Yes they do sound similar but eh, what you gonna do now?
  6. Havent had much timer to tinker with it but the semester is almost over so i should have some time till I get a job. Stupid college......
  7. Rivers

    Worst PC Doom to console port?

    I haven't played all of them but I say the wrost one was the 32x version. I liked the SNES doom at least it had all the monsters and levels.
  8. Rivers

    Anyone like DooM 64

    That fact that it didn't have a mastermind kinda sucked too but it was still a good game.
  9. Rivers


    I think Amazon also posted the release date for June.
  10. Rivers

    DOOM 2 for GBA

    I haven't get either of them cause I haven't seen them at the store ever down here.
  11. Rivers

    Favorite Doom 64 Enemy redesign?

    I thought the 64 enemies were better then all the PC's with the exception of the shut gun guy and the mancubus. You can't tell who's the zombie or the shut gun guy and I hate that cause I always give attention to the enemy the posses the biggest threat when playing. The mancubus is so large that it's actually easier to dodge his fireballs in the 64 version. I thought all the rest looked top notch although I could have gone for the spider mastermind....
  12. Thanks a lot everyone I've taken a stab at deepsea in the past but couldn't do anything with it cause I'm an idiot. I'm trying wadauther and WEDU16 but so far haven't been able to do anything with them. I can't even get past the first options in wadauther. Probably cause I don't have anything. Oh well I'm reading handbooks and guides to help myself. I'm definatly a n00b at this but I really wanna take a stab at it. Thanks for being patient everyone.
  13. Hello I've been coming to this site for quite some time but have not bothered to post in the fourms till now. I love Doom its one of my all time favorite games and I wanted to take stab at level editing myself. I downloaded DCK from the site but it says it does not run on Win32. I know its DOS based but I don't know what to do to get it started. I'm using Windows XP so i think it would work right? If someone doesn't mind I'd like some help here seeing as how I really wanna try level editing first hand. Thanks for listening.