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  1. how can i make textures of my scanned sketches mimicking original scanning metods anyone had worked in that area?
  2. Doomguy one word BFG
  3. this is the greyblood mod i'm working in one with psychedelic colors and one like this but with more colors this is outdated but as you can see i added more colors
  4. hi guys this is my second mod for freedom 2 all is grey but the blood is red is a simple mod but a is really hard to beat Doom 2 with this mod installed this palette mod is inspired in DeXiaZ idea of more colors the Download is here enjoy, Greyblood by Xorceles.zip
  5. nice idea i gonna try that :)
  6. Favorite Movie Genre: Horror Favorite Food: Pizza,Mashed Potatoes with eggs,taco bell boxed tacos,Roast pig,Chicken and mayonnaise in bread, Favorite Holiday: Halloween cuz in my childhood i used to watch many horror movies in locals channels Favorite Memories: Playing Mario (Nes),Playing Conquer's Bad Fur Days(n64) Playing Ocarina of time(n64), Worst Memory: my house burning to ashes,recover from serious painful burn (i tried to make a video for yt setting in fire my hand covered with a shirt soaked with paint oil (not related to my house fire))being bullied in school,lose my front 4 teeth (now i look like the megadeth Character xD) and my last less favorite have nervous breakdown. Age: 28 Favorite Outfit: hoods,nike tennis and lugz Shoes and normal urban style Favorite Genre Of Music:metal,80's new wave,j-rock,j-pop,rock, Most Hated Genre of Music: latin music:bachata i fuc**** hate it Most Hated day:my Birthday i hate that someone sing me happy birthday and xmas cuz the !@#$ fireworks and the cherrybombs Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Burn my left hand,shattered lead from a pellet in my left hand and the nervous breakdown Favorite Hobby: Drawing,Cracking Soft(playing with ollydbg no cracking for piracy)pixel art drawing,create ps2 games mod,collecting old softs and rare tools Your Definition of Success: have house a wife a son and have a game development company IMO, the world is a piece of heaven and a piece of hell in one place -Xorceles
  7. Fixed :) sorry when i changed the old screenshot for better ones i accidentally deleted the attachment xD
  8. Lol
  9. i just feel inspired and i wrote this hope like you guys (English is not my first language so maybe something was written wrong what I know is that my english is gotten strong xD) SPACE MARINE:i lost my gun in darkness i lost my comrades what is this i cannot tell SPACE MARINE:it really feels like i am in hell SPACE MARINE:in this Hellish night i must pray blood on the wall guts on the way AGONIZING TROOPER:God is not here but devils is on his way SPACE MARINE:i close my eyes and i start to pray when a blood chilling cry open my eyes SPACE MARINE:screaming in flames there is a guy SPACE MARINE:and something is coming like him and i gonna fry SPACE MARINE:GOD SAVE ME I'M GONNA DIE! SPACE MARINE:an inner voice tell me inside grab that gun you gotta live SPACE MARINE:the fears fade i must be insane SPACE MARINE:but is my life i must be brave i grab the gun SPACE MARINE:I GONNA HAVE FUN! BRACE YOURSELF DEVIL I GOT A GUN! SPACE MARINE:in the dark i tell to myself i'm going home SPACE MARINE:a brown thing is coming and is burning all SPACE MARINE:WHEN I FINISH WITH YOU YOU WILL FALL! SPACE MARINE:after fights and fights i am alive SPACE MARINE:at the end of corridor i see a light there is not light is a door SPACE MARINE:as i open it a foul smell spread from the floor SPACE MARINE:i enter and i got the feeling that the end is soon from a portal comes the living Doom -Xorceles
  10. ok then slade3 anyone know about a game based on freedoom's freedom already sold in steam/gog ?
  11. yes i'm using deutex to decompile the wad and edit the resources anyone knows a nice wad editing tool less buggy since xwe is buggy i am afraid of using it and thanks for thee replys
  12. i mean a total conversion the name of the title and all resources and the wad name too
  13. sadly not all i am with the original voice actor just don't kill dk the cg movie would be ok not that crap (imo)
  14. yes that is what i mean john cena looks nice like dk but his fuc**** voice sucks as dk they need the original voice
  15. for god sake why not the original voice actor that is the saddest news i seen in this month!!!