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  1. has anyone mentioned the monsters from HDOOM yet? I wouldn't mind taking a few of those out for lobster
  2. honestly I wonder what nuts.wad would be like loaded up with complex/lca/cluster.......THIS MUST BE DONE
  3. Nuts.wad? or complex/lca with clusterfuck
  4. eh yeah, good point. Pistol starts suck sometimes
  5. lol. in the first map on normal difficulty in AA a cyberdemon spawns regularly
  6. Using the Doom Launcher, I was getting ready to load up some Ancient Aliens with complex/lca with the Zandronum engine. Everything loads up fine. it goes to the Doom 2 title screen. Problem is there's no title screen. There's the usual background and credits to the guys who helped build the game but the menu just straight up isn't there. I don't even have a cursor. There is no error message or anything, there's just nothing to click on or with. I tried loading doom with PRBOOM and everything worked fine, which made me believe zandronum was screwed up somehow. Anyone know of this bug? Is there a way to fix it?
  7. ah crap, that makes sense. looks like ima have to go download GZdoom!
  8. Need some help o' doom lords. I recently downloaded UACVPRB to mess around with complex/lca and zandronum. Every time I load the map I get an error that crashes the game and opens up a zandronum error prompt. Is there something I might be doing wrong? I love the giant maps and this one seemed pretty damn awesome.
  9. As of now, I'm listening to Belie My Burial - Permanence