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  1. Share a random fact about yourself

    That's what growing is for. You can always work to improve, you can always grow and better yourself.
  2. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm trying to find a wad thats kinda cinematic. There's a lot of open space, almost like the grand canyon. it all leads to this giant fortress and there's a bunch of enemies and stuff. that's all I know about it, I saw it on a Project Brutality test video. I want to play it though
  3. doom mods can be fun

    Any slaughtermap that has 2000+ enemies + brutal doom = a hell(no pun intended) of a lot of fun.
  4. doom mods can be fun

    Mods can be freakin awesome, just load up Nuts with Ketchup and Russian overkill.

    Damn. First thing that comes to mind is a story based Doom wad with its own story and everything. Maybe even a full game on its own. The weapons here look post-ww2, almost from a alternate-universe Vietnam era. An even more off the wall idea would be a post apocalyptic zombie world, that could be used to help make a doom wad.
  6. Anyone create music?

    I occasionally make hip-hop and rap beats. always wanted to be in a band but nothing with MIDI. if you wanted to use a beat for whatever reason I could hook you up with some hot fire
  7. No, but at least I can spell 'learned' properly.
  8. has anyone mentioned the monsters from HDOOM yet? I wouldn't mind taking a few of those out for lobster
  9. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    honestly I wonder what nuts.wad would be like loaded up with complex/lca/cluster.......THIS MUST BE DONE
  10. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Nuts.wad? or complex/lca with clusterfuck
  11. Wads and mods recommendations?

    eh yeah, good point. Pistol starts suck sometimes
  12. Wads and mods recommendations?

    lol. in the first map on normal difficulty in AA a cyberdemon spawns regularly
  13. Using the Doom Launcher, I was getting ready to load up some Ancient Aliens with complex/lca with the Zandronum engine. Everything loads up fine. it goes to the Doom 2 title screen. Problem is there's no title screen. There's the usual background and credits to the guys who helped build the game but the menu just straight up isn't there. I don't even have a cursor. There is no error message or anything, there's just nothing to click on or with. I tried loading doom with PRBOOM and everything worked fine, which made me believe zandronum was screwed up somehow. Anyone know of this bug? Is there a way to fix it?
  14. Strange bug with UACVPRB map

    Need some help o' doom lords. I recently downloaded UACVPRB to mess around with complex/lca and zandronum. Every time I load the map I get an error that crashes the game and opens up a zandronum error prompt. Is there something I might be doing wrong? I love the giant maps and this one seemed pretty damn awesome.
  15. Strange bug with UACVPRB map

    ah crap, that makes sense. looks like ima have to go download GZdoom!
  16. What are you listening to?

    As of now, I'm listening to Belie My Burial - Permanence