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  1. Akenore


    dude, AiC is awesome. bless you sir
  2. Akenore

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    From OG Doom, the Shotgun Guy. Close runner up is probably the Zombie Guy. From mods, I really like the Nemesis enemies from Clusterfuck. Hard as fudge to kill. OH and the smg guy from Project Brutality!!
  3. Akenore


    you really think they would do this?
  4. Akenore

    Share a random fact about yourself

    i really like the super unhealthy cup ramen. Like way too much.
  5. Akenore


    quite literally!
  6. Akenore


    Will this be a standard wad, or is it more along the lines of Doomslayer Chronicles?
  7. I tried to make a Quake 3 map once. That didn't go well. I also tried making a doom 2 map. I'm not a mapper
  8. Akenore


    I'll be interested as long as this project still exists. The visuals look amazing, there aren't too many wads like this around
  9. Akenore


    Of course. I didn't mean to sound impatient, just curious. Fantastic work so far.
  10. Akenore


    How soon do you think the wad will be finished? I can't wait to play this with Project Brutality
  11. Akenore

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I enjoy cracking my neck
  12. Does anyone know of any wads that just change the sprites and sounds of the weapons? Monster changes would be cool too. Are there any wads like this?
  13. Yes, that's exactly what I mean. I would like to try your mod but the website told me downloading was disabled. :(
  14. Akenore

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm 5. Mentally But I'm actually 16.
  15. Akenore

    What is the closest you've been to death?

    I've almost gotten hit by a train, I've almost gotten hit by cars multiple times. I've been in a pretty bad wreck.
  16. Akenore

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    if this is illegal please remove this. I'm looking for mapsets that are ambient and atmostpheric, with high quality textures and layouts. If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated :D
  17. Akenore

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I prefer playing Complex Clusterfuck over OG Doom. I love the variety in weapons and enemies. It never gets tiring.
  18. Doom is full of action and gore. Lots of guns and shooting, and wall humping, ect ect. There are demons and zombies and skeletons. For something to be the POLAR opposite, There has to be 0% action, no blood, and definitely no demons. Something like this reminds me of the old school Putt Putt games that came out what seem to be a century ago. There is definitely no action, lots of kid friendly references. Like the polar opposite of DOOM in my opinion.
  19. Akenore

    your favourite game, with a twist

    - What's your favourite game that has no lead protagonist? This is a hard one. I'd have to say CSGO, maybe Path Of Exile or Quake 3 Arena. - What's your favourite game that has only a limited amount of bloodshed, or no violence at all? I usually play really violent games. Although the story has a lot of violence in it the gameplay doesnt, so F-Zero GX. (If that doesn't count then Idk, I don't really play any games that are violence-free.) - What's your favourite game with no human characters in it? My original answer was going to be LOZ: Minish Cap by a technicality, but no. The Katamari series is hilarious, that's my pick. - What's your favourite game with a currency stat? Starcraft 2. - What's your favourite game that contains a cool as hell vehicle that you don't get to control? It would be pretty cool to control the Forward Unto Dawn or the UNSC Infinity and fight with the Covenant Armada, so the Halo Series. - What's your favourite game that you don't feel compelled to max or collect all the points items? Path Of Exile. its a fun game but much to complicated. As a new player if you don't use a youtube guide and go in blind you will not have a good time. - What's your favourite game that you can play without a computer, phone or console? Magic The Gathering. Dominaria standard is the shittt
  20. Akenore

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    OMG, I forgot about DJ Atomika from Burnout Paradise. He was easily my favorite announcer in any game ever. Man those are some good memories....
  21. Akenore

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    I have a few. The announcers for Quake 3 Arena and the Halo Series. And don't forget StarCraft - "You must construct additional pylons" *shudders*