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  1. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Bloody Rust

    Well... I'm in bad form this month. Died near the beginning of MAP02. The same reason as @Coincident's. Category I. dwibrust.zip
  2. FEUER FREI! Mother of Fuhrers, DBP21 is awesome! That setting, design, visuals, levels, music, even level names are just decapitating. I liked 22th, but this one I enjoyed A LOT. 21: forgot that I need to dodge projectiles on MAP07 with 94/289 Totenkopfen at 1:17:40. 22: forgot that I need to dodge projectiles on MAP06 with 81/211 kills at 1:34:26. Sum: forgot that I need to dodge projectiles with 11 survived maps at 2:52:06 (175/500 K). Cat. I. dwidbp_1.zip
  3. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Baker's Dozen

    Nailed it to the middle of MAP07 where the pair of Archers nailed me under the Pale Moon lol. ~1h5m, 77 of 133 buddies already were on a vacation to that moment. Full blind except for MAP02 as I randomly saw an UV-Max of it about a month ago, so Cat. 2 I believe. dwibd.zip I miss his works too, but doesn't seem he's planning to come back.
  4. Fava Beans was a bit easier I think -- but it was "unofficial" just for the folks who couldn't outlive May'19 without playing Doom whilst waiting for Sigil lol. Episode I: surwuwed +1 in 1:08:30 Episode II: surwuwed in 7:58 Total: surwuwed +2 in 1:16:28 One of the WADs which offer you some ambushes and lots of secrets but let ye manage both of these with no pain, suffering and overbearing yourself lol. Category "I thought it was a blindfolded competition" (have never played this before). dwinos4d.zip
  5. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Hellscape

    "Wow, seems to be a really nice reimagination and rethinking of the original id maps. Hell on Earth the Way It Should Be Done? I might do a prepared survival for that one" -- so were my thoughts after practicing first three maps. And then came MAP24. NOPE. Nothing can manage to make id levels (except for Thy Flesh) pleasant to me, especially Hell on Earth Ep. 3. I lost my patience and any motivation rather early, but somehow made it to a graceful exit on MAP26 tally screen. 6 completed maps in sum in 1:20:03. dwid2hs3.zip
  6. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe

    Oh Scythe... So much love, so much time spent together. The first time I played and pistol-start UV-Maxed it was Summer'14, 5.5 years ago. Since then, I UV-Maxed it, UV-Speeded it, played it, recorded crappy MAP30 UV-Max TAS run for it (which was beaten later by @Ancalagon non-TAS lol), etc. etc... When I saw "The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe" title and the post from @Alfonzo that he will no longer host this series, I was sure: this deserves the Perfect Shining Prepared Survival. And oh well, I just ran out of time (mainly in preparation for my big "new year" European tour). So I've recorded the first and the only attempt last night. I also wanted to mention (for no reason lol) that not only Scythe happened to me 5.5 years ago. There also was my first big true love (I mean girl lol). These two created their own unique and beautiful memory cell in my mind. So, I was barely fighting with the overwhelming feral nostalgia during the entire run. When I've heard the Starport midi, I thought I would die from a heart attack. I'd name it a rather decent one to show (most of) my love. Several rocket-to-the-face moments: check. A fuckload of luck: check. 3% health near an Arch-Vile: check. The demo ends up at 1:26:24 on the intermission screen between MAP23 and MAP24. I knew that MAP24 would likely kill me, so I ended it on a major note. BTW, I've Arch-jumped the entire MAP23 like a pro-pussy. You can not consider it as completed if you wish lol. Category "Love You to Death". dwiscyth.zip @Alfonzo, thank you so much for all. I'm sure @NaZa will keep our Steel Legion strong.
  7. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    WAD -- Weird Abcessed Dooming Category I, died on MAP04 with 214 of 278 abscesses healed at 1:08:00. Another one, third chilling month in a row. This death was completely unnecessary, I'm only glad I took Arch-Fvcker with me. I may upload a prepared survival later if'll find out some time and passion. dwiabcss.zip
  8. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Monster Hunter Ltd.

    I chilled again. Another Green Label within Cat I. Ltd. I: surwowed in 36:49 with 210/214 K, 3/3 S, 2/2 I. Ltd. II: surwowed in 35:06 with 183/184 K, 4/5 S, 36/36 I. Sum: surwowed in 1:11:55 with 393/398 K, 7/8 S, 38/38 I. "Wot I thunk" (c): cool level design and texture/skyboxes selection; cool music tracks, especially that fat bassline in the first part; cool split of one big map into two levels giving access to different parts of it and offering a different gameplay; such big-but-chilling levels should be shipped with "Speed of Hell's Vendetta" or "None So Vile" editions for extra crispy rapefests to please fetishists like me; that "industrial apocalypse" setting and mappack's name "Monster Hunter Ltd." reminded me of Fear Factory's tracks H-K (Hunter-Killer) and T-1000 (a psychotic remix of H-K), nice; but can ye guys make mapsets for Blood/Duke Nukem 3D/Ion Maiden when you decide to go full realism? Even if you manage to fit all your tricks into Boom engine's possibilities. WADs like mohux or hfd are not Doom at some points. Played with PrBoom+ It's a Christoph Oelckers' branch, initiated, I believe, due to fact that Andrey Budko has almost abandoned PrBoom+ development. I'm quite happy Graf has decided to pay attention to this. dwimohux.zip
  9. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Wow, such chilling. Hunger and thirst couldn't stop me from finishing it. I've even done MAP33 from tvr!midi.wad to get the royal flush (fantastic tracks TBH, liked it a lot more than Plutonia MIDI Pack). You won't believe, but I played Revolution! for the first time, though have heard of it many years ago. So, here's pure Category I entry. dwitvr!.zip Vincent's retribution gone right.
  10. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: 2017 Collection

    Demos to hit both tables, both first map deaths with difference in degree of feebleness. Recorded near the start of the month. I was planning to attack the second table with prepared survival of the entire mapset, but oh you, @an_mutt))00) Just ran out of free time. And patience. Gorgeous mapset, love nearly all about it. I've never ever felt myself so helpless and nooby after ~16 years of Dooming. (cat one for the first) dwian17.zip
  11. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vanguard & Lunatic

    I forgot how to play Doom. ...or it's just a Doom pseudo-RNG isn't enough friendly to [1] me to [2] allow to [3] play Skillsaw maps blindly. Since I've heard that Cat3 had been decoupled from 1 & 2 into separate leathercoat (kiddin'), I've decided to submit demos in both. And oh well, due to mentioned reasons (no), my blind "attempts" just got "fucking fucked beyond belief" ((c) Linux kernel) and I don't want anyone ever to see it. So only prepared league this time. Speaking of time, really lacked of it this month, and that's why demo for Vanguard ends so early. Lunatic: 5 maps (survived) in 36:08 Vanguard: 4 maps (just exited) in 20:29 Total: 9 maps in 56:37 P.S. TBH, Plutonia-style maps are the only that I like amidst all Skillsaw art, sorry. P.P.S. Music track from DN3D's Fahrenheit is a forbidden punch. dwiskill.zip [ I'LL FINISH MY RENDERS I PROMISE ]
  12. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: SIGIL

    DOSBox party! The DWIronman League dies waiting for: SIGIL (Fava Beans): category I, survived+1 in 49:27. The DWIronman League dies to: SIGIL: category I (obviously), died on E3M2 with 3 kills in 2:32. This month (June) I had literally few free hours to record an entry, so unfortunately I didn't even warmed up before the main event. One (ONE YOU DUCKING DUCK!!11) completed map as a result. In other words, But I don't share an opinion that SIGIL is hard: it's simply very dark (especially if you're a pervert like me and love to play with original doom.exe) and you need to be quite precise and careful with movement and balancing over all this ledges. Generally, I've expected much more than Sigil really is. Meh. Running Fava Beans was a nice experience thought. dwifagil.zip [ PLACEHOLDER FOR RENDERS ]
  13. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    All vanilla-compatible demos are short-ticked. H O W Oh my Doge, why had I only tried Category 3 once. Now I can't get myself back to sweet blonde blind runs with beautiful early deaths. Did anyone managed to escape from "prepared" pit? Feel like've lost virginity. The results are: E1 -- survived 8 maps in 1:07:54. Simply hadn't found that "Switch please" to open a secret exit; E2 -- survived 9 maps in 1:03:23; E3 -- survived 9 maps in 1:01:41. 26 maps with 3:12:58, I suppose. Aside from (not) jokes about Cat. 3 as a "Point of No Return", there are 2 major reasons for it (ironically, these are two maps that follow WAD's death exits): E1M8 -- pure suicide RNG at the very end of episode, unless you're @kmc and can avoid bars raising. Just one little Master's hit when you're walking over a thin ledge and you're already posting "E1 -- died at map 8 :C" here; E2M4 -- pure suicide RNG at the stairs to Cybie, in the middle of episode. Ton of melee combat with Imps as a "bonus". I'd rather punch a hundred of Revenants than a pack of this impredictable brown fuckers. And assume (G)ZDoom players have an (unfair?) advantage here. I also have to prepare E2M1 as fuck like chicken because of route selection and massive (s)hitscanfest prior to obtaining any armor. The rest was relatively peaceful (E2 is the sickiest) and half of maps done without any looking at. dwibaseg.zip Vids:
  14. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Stardate 20X6

    @Ribbiks <3 As I'm idiot enough to ignore 1CC, at first I wanted this to be prepared and cool (well-cooked). But then I made a mistake and'd watched True Detective Season 2 til the end and totally lost my reality for the second half of the month. So when I'd rehabilitated for a some, I'd grasped I had only this holidays (30-31) to practice and make a final run entry. It means nothing serious from me this month: Category III, UV-only (UV oder Tod!), died near the start of Mud Bunny because've prepared only first map. dwis20x6.zip Ribbiks is one of my favourite mappers for many reasons, so it was very pleasant for me to play Stardate (despite color palette deviations, lol). Hope we'll see Swim with the Whales here somewhen, I'll throw away my life then and won't return without decent D2ALL for it. I've also come back to upload 4K@60@SC-55 renders to YT, and all my DWIronruns are already here: Vince Vega (Stardate will be in a two days) ...including this:
  15. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Fomalhaut

    Some of you may've read before that Evilution was the first Doom game I ever played and remains the most beloved WAD of mine. I dedicate this month's entry to TeamTNT and @Ty Halderman. Thank you guys for all. Prepared survival UV-Max of Fomalhaut. Category III (all past the red keycard is first try though), 48:57, 935/935 K, 9/9 S, 187/188 I (I double dare you, little bitchy health bonus, for spoiling all my stats). Some of you may've noticed that I've never committed prepared runs before, neither survive any of it (lol). So this submission is rather uncommon to see from Vince, but way more common for me as my "classic" style of playing Doom is single-map UV-Max runs. Unfortunately, original Boom 2.02 couldn't handle MAP10, but windowed PrBoom+ with "classic" 35 FPS and 4x upscaled 320x240 have "simulated" it rather well. The last 4 minutes of demo is a shame: run out of all ammo, run around the [WRONG places of] map to find any, get back to the beginning for chainsaw, grab the rest Baker's dozen o'fuckers, press Space to win. Yep, I'm definitely not Vince Veinen (at least for now). Regarding the level itself, it's incredibly far more TNTish than all the "renaissances" and "revilutions" around in sum, from level design to music track. And that's simply beautiful. I love you, @Mechadon. And Threnody seems to me the best and the only possible straight Evilution sequel. I was disappointed back in 2016 when it was released not as full 32/33 megawad, but with only 20 maps, and had missed the Cacoward statuette, hitting only Runners Up table. That would be the dream. (a kind of symbolism: if you play Fomalhaut with TNT IWAD, automap names it "Redemption") dwithren.zip
  16. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Hellfire: Dreams

    OK, lemebe first this year. Cat one, lost myself and meaning of life in the first third of MAP05 (in Prison, huh). This WAD really wants Build Engine as codebase. Doom is a way more about abstraction than "reality" at my taste (Doom the Way 3D Realms Di... no, Doom the Way Monolid Did, lol). dwihfd.zip
  17. Some bugs I've found in Release Candidate 2: Way too many medicine on E4M1 on Ultra-Violence. Hell Beneath don't have non-secret medikits at all (on UV). No Nine Inch Nails logo on E4M1. No Winterfeldt Jump and BFG-through-wall on E4M2. Only three of 22 secrets on E4M3. I suspect maps' names are not from bible. Nearly half of monthly table consists of entries with death on first map with 66/67 kills. Who else could I expect there, Commander Keen or Romero's head? But there are no sprites of this two superbosses in doom.wad, lol. Whilst I strongly dislike (perfectly hate, lol) original id Software WADs (way too boring gameplay and far-from-eye-candy level design), I'm really in love with Thy Flesh Consumed. Perfect Hatred is one of my favourite maps of all time (Doom the Way It's Speedrunned). Unfortunately, I hadn't seen as much resembles and references as I wanted (and expected) to. Demo ends up on E4M3 with 52/77 of the unluckiest ones -- in just a bunch of seconds after own-rocket-in-a-face-costs-@42PercentHealth (Doom the Way Vince've Died). Category I. dwiudwid.zip (I forgot how to properly name demos for @NaZa) No, even shipped brightmaps.pk3 and lights.pk3 are prohibited. DOSBox or PrBoom+ w/complevel are the best and nearly orgastic ways to Nirvana (Doom the Way It's Played).
  18. Played 24-25 Nov, category one for both, MAP04 and MAP02 (dis)respectively. So was a dry stats, and I feel like I want to release all the Perfect Hatred I has. Regarding Resistance, nothing's wrong with it, at least at the first sight, except one: what are "TNT" letters doing here? Hadn't seen any references or anything common at all. Now don't get me wrong: I do really love Eternal (he's my namesake BTW, huh) and most of his work. Things like Epic series, Frozen Time or (especially) his part of Plutonia 2 are absolute masterpieces. But sometimes... I do not quite understand his logics or motivation. The main problem here is possibly that original TNT: Evilution is the best WAD of all time for me. That is based upon many factors, from childhood nostalgia to OST. Then here comes TNT: Ren... Witch what? Renascence? Remake? Plz someone tell me, whytheduck does TNT need any kind or sort of "remake"? Does any classic (or not-so-classic) WAD need it? The answer is N O P E. What's the purpose of tnt-r? The main goal? What can it give the original tnt could not? The Magnificence of TeamTNT level design? Broken. OST? Broken (see tunes on MAP02)! Even Barons' lair on MAP02 is broken, did you guys just see it? Episode 2 skybox acting a wall texture, ohriley? I was happy to die early from Imp's vertical claw damage because playing that was just like playing AeoD with TerryWAD mappack, no jokes. Or mayb like playing cheap chinese clone, don't know what's worse. The only "Renascence" Evilution ever needed is TNT31.WAD. Da-da-dat's all, folks. I'd better play THT: Threnody than this month's duet. Meh. dwitntvv.zip
  19. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Doom 64 for Doom 2

    I burnt again (pronouce with Caleb's voice). The very end of MAP09. He should have died, but it was me instead. I've watched Altima Mantoid's Doom 64 walktrough a bit undefined time ago, so I'd name it Category II demo. Literally in love with these music tracks. dwid64d2.zip
  20. The A.I. "Vincent Vega" (pronounce with Uma Thurman's voice) gone wrong. Good level(s), null practice, bad exodus. Category 1, died on (from, lol) Interstellar Sickness past 178/321 K and 4/5 S. dwicc420.zip
  21. Well... Was rather busy last two months, but one sunny day... Despite the fact that I've walkthroughed and UV-Maxed one of my favourite WADs several times and made first two levels relatively good, this demo features the most glorious and S.T.U.P.I.D. death I've ever seen and got. Finally we have the first "vanilla" month in 18' series, so I ran with no doubt to DOSBox, COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT ORIGINAL DOOM2.EXE VERTICAL SENTIVITY, prepared for a long battle and... accidentally have fallen into unescapable pit at the very beginning of Aztec, LOL VINCE JUST LOOK AT YOU. Impure liquids ((c) CC3 MAP08) again (and again)! «I never lived in fear I knew I'd die another day» (another map here ^) Achievment unlocked: die on MAP03 with just one touch of mouse. I didn't even know this starting room can kill))0) Really. Catwo, mapthree, zeromon. dwipluto.zip
  22. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Darkening E1 & E2

    Iron Aloha! I've recorded all the demos two weeks ago, but wanted to upload it together with 4K YT renders at once, and that was a mistake. IDKY, but Шindoшs 10(R)(c)(tm) aka "my little hysteric schoolgirl" does not like my hi-end rig, so it BSODs (aka "blue sad smiley") randomly with absolutely no reason (since January update. Great job, Mon(k)eySoft(tm)(R)(c)). I also have Arch Linux installed separately and often try some other OSes just for fun, but Win10 is "the only one" who misbehaves. Bad, bad girlie. So, after two weeks of trying just to render fqkn vids with no success even progress, it'll be better to post demo lumps at last and give this bitch a rest. darken: MAP07, 43/73 K, 3/3 S, total time 46:18. Died from purifying Manc fire in a one step to Berserk pack, IM NOT JOKING. Kinda like classic style WADs like this. darken2: MAP06, 38/110 K, 0/6 S, total time 51:03. Died from hungry Lost Soul bite. Can't name Darkening 2 a straight sequel, it's some radically different, with those pretty little horses infinite tech hallways and all that. Cat one traditionally. dwidark.zip
  23. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Rush

    S A M E, word-in-word (except I won't do HMP). Dafuq. Live fast, die young, meet an Archi (lol, was that @Archi himself?), burn fast (again and again; do I really love to incinerate Doomguy? Seems like YES PLEASE), become 11PercentHealth (and eat Berserk earlier for no reason), die young. 73 of 206 hellboys didn't see my "triumph". But that was cool. I mean Rush is cool. Rather wanna UV-Max the entire. Not first-try-blind-single-segment, meh. I kinda may do two DWIronmans in a row if will have enough passion tomorrow, will see. Usual 4K render later. dwirush.zip
  24. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    When Vince Vega is late on the DWIronparty: The month was just crazy; finally I've found a minute between Void Linux and stancing my car and then... (VV) — Yeahbuddy, I've reached that secret blue emoji. Who wants some, who's next? (TP) — Maboy, I missed you so much! (VV) — Blow your trumpets, Gabriel. (TP for toxic pool) Vince versus Absinthe, round two (and total score is 0:2, lol). prboom-plus.exe: call me when you're sober. How make a doomguy dumbguy die? Give him a soulsphere. Meh, Double Imp is so chllin', I could really surve the entire if only put that latex dress on. Actually the only Ultimate DOOM WADs I've ever played were maxed out doom.wad itself and 2002: ADO (luvit). Impact is not really my sort of dooming, but pretty meaty kill counters spotted BTW (412 goodfellas on E1M3). As well as secret placement — now I'm gonna watch all the DSDA max demos for this one, because I had ten blue-keyed doors and not a single blue key at all (you're damn good at secret finding, Vince, keep it on (N O P E)). DSDA/DW version, evergreen category one, E1M4 and 133 hellokitties of 211. Fukk that all, where's my new tyres... dwidbimp.zip DoomTube:
  25. Vince Vega

    The DWIronman League dies to: 50 Monsters

    "Oh, what's that, pump action SG versus Arch-Vile in four walls? We-e-e-ell, witness me, I am awaited in Valhalla!" Right after that ignominious death I'd remembered I had a rocket launcher. Meh... Arch-Vile crimson kisses in few centimeters to cover is definitely my favourite style of doomguy extermination (see Warlock's Heart session for details). MAP05 with 30 clay pigeons of 50. Cat one -- I was playing for the green marine again. There's also a lump for MAP35 -- survived and maxed after the main party. No MAP33 as there's nothing to show at all -- 30 seconds to mars Cybie saying "No, man, you really shouldn't go further, get some tea and have a rest" and pwning me at point-blank. Aw-w (DWIron)gods, look at this level design and soundtrack (SC-55, I worship you)! And dat Resurgence-y blue color palette touch... I'll clearly UV-Max entire 50monstr in near future, really in love with it. dwi50mon.zip There will be usual 4K vids a bit later.