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  1. M8.

    Looking for some OG wads

    Good day, You are searching for a number of levels by Christen David Klie and Sverre Kvernmo. I have all of what you seek--device_1, e_inside, the_dmz, the_fury, the_hive, and deadlock. Please PM me with an e-mail address to forward them to. All the best, M8.
  2. M8.

    The /newstuff Chronicles #263

    Ian Cunnings has too long been an unrecognized editor for DOOM2. His earlier material, ICDOOM2 and ICDM1, dates back to 1995/96. Very talented fellow who has been making something of a comeback these past few years, much to my--as a long-time fan--satisfaction. Bottomline? All of his material is worth playing.
  3. M8.

    The /newstuff Chronicles #245

    For an alternate review of The Final Gathering, follow this link to an Oldstuff Chronicles feature written by Matt Dixon back in May of 2001: http://www.doom2.net/~mykdoom/oldstuff/1139.htm Additionally, and for anyone who thinks that nothing noteworthy came out of '94, check out the Oldstuff Chronicles archive for an alternate opinion: http://www.doom2.net/~mykdoom/oldstuff/
  4. M8.

    D! Zone

    Good to know that at least one person out there understands irony. Cheers, Grazza. M.
  5. M8.

    D! Zone

    The guy who used to do /oldstuff Chronicles, for one; based upon those alone, you'd think those old CDs are a veritable treasure trove of hard-to-find goodies. But no, that Dixon guy was a total prick and nobody liked /oldstuff Chronicles anyway, so... who the fuck, indeed? Sheesh. Applying a litmus test for irony, M. PS. Derek, stop laughing.
  6. M8.

    BFG Location

    Location of BFGs in DOOM3, as compiled by M8. PRE-HELL: Delta Labs Sector 2A: Abrams' Office (931) Delta Labs Sector 2B: Martian Buddy Locker (0508) HELL: Ledge Portal (immediately prior to boss) POST-HELL: Central Server Banks: End (obtained from boss) Site 3: Weapon Rack (~mid-level) Primary Excavation Site: Crate (beginning)
  7. M8.

    Deathmatch Map - Mancer01

    Great to see a classic deathmatch author returning to the DOOM franchise. By the looks and layout of his level, he's returned replete with his skills. Cole can be credited for a lot of great DOOM2 gameplay; while his Smoke series left a lot to be desired, they were but babysteps leading to his now-classic Mancer series, a number of noteworthy contributions to Team TNT's deathmatch megawads, and personal favorite Damage01. Hell, mustn't neglect his two (still unreleased, insofar as I know) maps for the renowned Requiem project which, for his first foray into single-player DOOM2 mapping, are quite good. Welcome back, Cole. Alliteratively yours, M.
  8. Good day, myk. Should you be interested -- natch, should anyone be interested -- I've other various /oldstuff articles that are missing from the above tucked away on my hard drive. They are, in order of publication on Doomworld, Linguica, Dec 16 2000: Lim's "Doomsday of the UAC" Linguica, Dec 30 2000: Hodek's "Galaxia" Linguica, Jan 06 2001: Maes' "Excalibur" Linguica, Jan 13 2001: Reed's "Hoover Dam" Linguica, Jan 20 2001: Birkel's "Fava Beans" Linguica, Feb 10 2001: Chen & Martins' "Invasion" series Dixon, M, Mar 24 2001: Barsella's "Mountain of Fire" (and "Dead Base") Dixon, M, Apr 07 2001: McColm's "Castle of Blood" Dixon, M, Apr 28 2001: Sock's "Room 101" Dixon, M, May 05 2001: Norman's "Gather2" (and "Gather") Message me privately if such a thing tickles your fancy. Cheers on a job well done, M.
  9. Note that the NIN Hotline does not quote their source. Until official word is given from either id or the Reznor camp itself, I would advise everyone to take this news as an unconfirmed rumour. I, personally, hope that the 'news' turns out to be incorrect.
  10. M8.

    The /newstuff Chronicles #126

    Good day, Grazza. Indeed, my list was by no means definitive -- it was drafted in but a few short seconds and mostly from memory -- and a great many quality maps, including the paradigm shift that is Hell Revealed, were not listed. Had I had more time to compose my initial post, I would have drawn attention to the fact that the Top 10 designers for DOOM, as voted for by players around the world for 5 Years of DOOM, feature many of the authors responsible for some of the best of the best maps released in 1997. As for Hyena having a 'dig' at his Doomworld /newstuff contemporary deathz0r: the casual reader has better things to do than wade through the textfiles of maps, maps that have received a poor review no less, in an effort to decipher an inside joke disguised as an ignorant blanket statement. My initial post to this thread was to show people that good things, nay, groundbreaking and amazing things were in fact accomplished in 1997 despite claims, in jest or no, to the contrary. Oldstuff, M.
  11. M8.

    The /newstuff Chronicles #126

    ...? 1997 was one of the best years, ever, for user-made levels in the history of DOOM2. Consider the following epics... Brit11 by Danny Lancashire & Stuart McKendrick (YETi) Eternal DOOM III by Team Eternal & Team TNT GothicDM by the Gothic Crew Mordeth by Gaston Lahaut Requiem by the Requiem Crew STRAIN by the Alpha Dog Alliance XenosX9 by Xenos ...not to mention the plethora of phenomenal single-map releases, amongst which are the King series of deathmatch maps by 'Jason', Malcolm Sailor's various Chord releases, Richard Jaspars' Styx and Paranoid maps, or Andy Badorek's sprawling Zap28, to name but a few. Oldstuff, M.
  12. M8.

    vertical light gradients on walls

    If Nick NiGHTMARE needs, wants, or craves an educational hand in this matter, he has but to ask and I shall answer. As it now stands, I am unclear as to what the problem Nick is encountering based upon your post, Guru. Nick? Reply to some of my private messages, or send one anew, you old sod. Your ol' mate wants to have a word with you. Best, M.
  13. M8.

    vertical light gradients on walls

    Hello, ReX. The only example WAD for this particular effect that I am willing to share is currently in Guru's possession. All other 'levels' that I have displaying this effect reach far beyond the criteria of being an 'example' and into the realm of 'usable architecture' -- and again, I stress that they are for DOOM2.EXE. I am hoping that, as Guru was able to upload a ZDoom WAD displaying this effect, he will upload the WAD that I sent to him. Regarding your query as to other example WADs by me, I have no other WADs in my /temp folder that are specifically set aside as examples. I will, however, continue to monitor the Editing forum and create examples as needed. Best, M.
  14. M8.

    vertical light gradients on walls

    I'm not too sure what engine Guru did this example WAD in -- ZDoom? Whatever it is, DOOM2.EXE does not recognize it -- but I can assure any interested parties that this effect does work flawlessly under DOOM2.EXE, per the demo level that I sent to him. Guru, might you upload the demo WAD that I sent you for the rest of the world to see? ReX, I am pleased to know that you enjoy the effect. I've pieced together several 'demos' over the years using this effect, and there's no limit to what an imaginative person can do with it. In one such demo, I've constructed a gallows, complete with bodies hanging from it, lit from beneath by flaming barrels. The gallows itself is constructed with a 32x16 texture and, if I do say so myself, looks incredible -- and even runs under DOOM2.EXE.
  15. M8.

    Lost Episodes of Doom

    I humbly decline your request. I've no knowledge of who's been traipsing down your anal staircase, and partaking in the act of sodomy with you would bring me no pleasure and, more likely than no, bring you pain. In regards to your baseless accusation, my previous post was not an advertisement. Rather, it was a pointer for any parties interested in purchasing the Lost Levels of DOOM set, replete with both book and maps. Finally, in regards to your query, I did not get paid to write my previous post. The only reward gained was the satisfaction of being able to share something that I very much value. Oldstuff, M.