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  1. Barry Burton

    Post your tree decorations here!

    I edited Eviternity's trees to have orange versions and sway in the wind, kinda: https://i.imgur.com/lGYR4eb.mp4
  2. Barry Burton

    How to add reloading to weapons?

    You may find WildWeasel's tutorials very helpful: http://gunlabs.blogspot.com/2011/01/tutorials.html
  3. I wrote a tutorial for adding 3D models to Doom that you may find useful: http://r4ldoom.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-how-to-guide-to-3d-models-in-doom.html?m=1
  4. Barry Burton

    Swim Speed Hacks - is there a better way?

    Solution 2 would be the best way. I did something similar for my Gravity Suit in my mod: As you can see, movement becomes the same as on land after getting the powerup.
  5. Barry Burton

    which games did you regret buying

    When I was a kid, I wanted The World is Not Enough on N64. After all, Goldeneye was awesome. I remember going up to the counter at EB Games with my mother after begging and pleading to get her to buy it and the guy there tried so hard to get us to buy Perfect Dark instead. I went with TWINE. While I enjoyed the game, I didn't enjoy it as much as Goldeneye, and then I played Perfect Dark at a friend's house and realized that the EB Games guy was right. Recently though, it would have to be Ninja Gaiden Master Collection on PC. It's a downright disgraceful port.
  6. Barry Burton

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Old Morph Ball sprite New Morph Ball sprite!
  7. Barry Burton

    Best software to create Doom/Duke3d type sprites?

    Another helpful tool: This will create 8 or 16 angles of render images of a model that you can use for sprites, probably the closest you can get to Doom's style without making clay figures or doing some serious pixel pushing. The caveat however is you need to use Blender :) EDIT: NVM, Gez beat me to it!
  8. Barry Burton

    All time favorite strategy games post

    Warcraft 2 and Starcraft. I played War2BNE so much. Online had some really great modes like Free Castles, Tower Wars and Mageball, some quirky ones like BGH and Waterknights. Free Castles especially was great as it was so fast paced (you didn't have to wait for units/buildings to be made as it was instant and costs nothing). Starcraft I didn't play too much online because I was used to War2BNE and Free Castles and SC felt slow in comparison. Plus, the skill level of some players just simply eclipsed me.
  9. These are all possible. The question is, are you trying to do this in Vanilla or using a source port of choice?
  10. Barry Burton

    Atmospheric Games

    How is Link to the Past on there but not Super Metroid, Demon's Crest or Super Ghouls n' Ghosts? EDIT: I've had too much to drink... carry on...
  11. Barry Burton

    Favorite Rapper?

    I love hip hop, but way too many rappers to name favorites: Biggie, Pac, Em, J. Cole, Kendrick, Tribe Called Quest (Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders slap so hard), MF DOOM and Madvillain, Logic, Lil' Flip (Undaground Legend is crazy good), Nas, Common, The Fugees, Kanye (1st 3 albums are *chef's kiss*), Outkast, Mos Def and Talib Kwali (Blackstar is so damn good), Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z... I used to really like Odd Future, namely Tyler, Earl, Hodgy and Domo. Thanks to my older brother for playing a Fugees tape non-stop and watching Above The Rim all the time. I probably wouldn't have gotten into hip hop as much without him. He used to make some rap songs, I tried my hand at it as well a few years ago. EDIT: Here's my soundcloud where I posted some beats I made and a song I did:
  12. Barry Burton

    Custom Weapon Coding Assistance

    1 & 2: You can increase the fire rate of a weapon by reducing the frame lengths. Here's my semi-auto pistol with two different fire modes (fast one hand fire here, I also have a slower two hand fire state the player can switch to): Fire: TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("BM9SteadyUp", 1, "SteadyFire") BRTT A 0 A_JumpIfNoAmmo("DryFire") BRTT B 1 A_PlaySound("BERRSHOT",1,1) BRTT C 1 A_Quake(1,2,0,2) BRTT E 0 Bright A_GunFlash BRTT E 0 A_SetPitch(pitch+(random(1,2))) BRTT E 0 A_SetPitch(pitch-(random(1,3))) BRTT E 1 A_FireCustomMissile("BerettaSmokeSpawn",0,0,6,8) BRTT F 1 A_FireBullets(3,4,-1,random(6,8),"BulletPuff",1) BRTT G 0 A_SpawnDebris("9mmdebris") BRTT GHIJKLGO 1 A_WeaponReady Goto Ready Notice my A_WeaponReady at the end of the Fire state. Frames G through O of my pistol animation all have A_WeaponReady, which means the player can click during any of these frames and fire the pistol again. If I wanted the duration to be longer in between firing, I would remove the amount of frames that have A_WeaponReady and increase the durations of the rest of the frames. In your example, you could simply change the Fire state: Fire: PIST BCDEF 3 A_FireBullets(4, 4, 4, 4, "BulletPuff", 1) PIST F 0 A_WeaponReady Goto Ready 3: You can define weapon sounds using SNDINFO: https://zdoom.org/wiki/SNDINFO
  13. Barry Burton

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    https://imgur.com/a/iluLmd1 Working more on a temple for Hexhi Wilds, the starting hub for Metroid Dreadnought: Demon Hunter.
  14. A quick and dirty way maybe would be to make it FRIENDLY or DORMANT with SetActorFlag, then remove the flag after.