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  1. Trivium - Kirisute Gomen or Sin And The Sentence Megadeth - Hangar 18 or Good Mourning/Black Friday A7X - Unbound Judas Priest - Painkiller or All Guns Blazing Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears or Bark At The Moon Van Halen - Hot For Teacher Alice In Chains - Would All That Remains - Whispers (I Hear You) Anthrax - Armed & Dangerous Necrophagist - Advanced Corpse Tumor or Intestinal Incubation Killswitch Engage - Numbered Days or My Curse Iron Maiden - Heaven Can Wait or Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Machine Head - Wolves Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones or Astro Zombies Parkway Drive - Carrion or Swing Silent Civilian - Rebirth of the Temple Testament - The Haunting
  2. R4L

    Gas Mask how to?

    You already have a thread here, and Empyre answered you: Make a custom Powerup and use a PowerupGiver to give it to the player. In either of those, you can set a Powerup,Color, including None, if you want.
  3. You just give the player the power up: GiveInventory("yourpowerup", 1) Which you can do via a keybind. Check to see if the player has at least 1 of this item, and if so, AND the player presses the key bind, take that item away. Otherwise, give the item. The only way AFAIK to modify damage factors and other player properties is to use a custom powerup. That is what the INVENTORY.PERSISTENTPOWER flag is for.
  4. You kind of already answered your own question. Make a custom powerup with an infinite duration and change the values there.
  5. R4L

    EXP System and how to Slade it

    What I imagine: Create an invisible inventory actor with a max amount of say, 10, and have the player start with none of this item. This will track your experience. Every time a monster is killed, give 1 of the inventory item to the player. Check for when the player reaches the max amount, then take all of the items away, raise the max capacity, and give the player a custom powerup that never runs out and modifies damage output by a certain amount. From there, you could experiment and make tougher monsters give you more experience. You could even make experience into drops the player has to pickup.
  6. R4L

    need help with gzdoom DECORATE

    A_SpawnItemEx will offer more options, but DropItem works fine.
  7. R4L

    need help with gzdoom DECORATE

    You need to spawn the item you want to drop in the projectile's death state I believe.
  8. R4L

    Need help, need sprites

    "Im trying to create a sprite based, mp arena shooter." "Before I start looking for a programmer though" In short, who's really making what here? Dragonfly is right. If you're going to find people to do things for you, you need to come back with a wider magnitude of information.
  9. R4L

    looking to make zombies

    This is the best template you'll get. From there, you can look up to see what all the pointers do, like A_Chase.
  10. This might help. Here's a dialog script I made for Metroid Doom a while back. The dialog script gets placed in the same WAD as your map. This script uses an invisible Evil Eye actor positioned by a computer screen in a certain map to trigger the dialog when the player presses the Use key: namespace = "ZDoom"; include = "SCRIPT00"; conversation { //EvilEye test dialog actor = "EvilEye"; page { name = "EvilEye testing dat mothafuckin dialog"; dialog = "Please enter your destination coordinates:"; choice { text = "Go back to base."; yesmessage = "Destination Home mapped! Inputting coordinates..."; special = 80; arg0 = 1; closedialog = true; } choice { text = "Go to Savara."; yesmessage = "Destination Savara mapped! Inputting coordinates..."; special = 80; arg0 = 2; closedialog = true; } choice { text = "Go to Norion."; yesmessage = "Destination Norion mapped! Inputting coordinates..."; special = 80; arg0 = 3; closedialog = true; } choice { text = "Go to Chozodia."; yesmessage = "Destination Chozodia mapped! Inputting coordinates..."; special = 80; arg0 = 4; closedialog = true; } choice { text = "Go to Daiban."; yesmessage = "Destination Daiban mapped! Inputting coordinates..."; special = 80; arg0 = 5; closedialog = true; } choice { text = "Go to Billium."; yesmessage = "Destination Billium mapped! Inputting coordinates..."; special = 80; arg0 = 6; closedialog = true; } } Page { name = "GFGuard testing dat mothafuckin dialog"; dialog = "This is a test right?"; Choice { text = "Give me Spazer Beam pl0x."; yesmessage = "I already gave you one!"; CloseDialog = true; } } } You can ignore the lines that say 'special'. Those simply call special 80, which lets you run a numbered script in the map. The arg0 field specifies which script to run. In this case, if I choose to go to Norion, it runs script 3 which simply warps to map NORION. You can specify certain dialog options to only show if the player has or doesn't have a certain item too.
  11. That means you have to open a port on your router. Can you log into your router?
  12. You can thank Terminus for this lol. I've only done a few gameplay changes and graphical changes. The rest is him and Ijon.
  13. This is really for anyone making mapsets, but Varia Suit is in, and Charge Beam has to be obtained now. Going to add the option to bypass that of course.
  14. R4L

    DOOM source port on iOS when?

    Great phones!