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  1. Making some areas to traverse for Samus on her way to the first objective.
  2. R4L

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    I also appreciate the lost soul changes. Making them more aggressive but weaker makes them much better to fight IMO. They were one of my least favorite enemies before
  3. R4L

    Should I bother playing Doom TNT?

    Oh boy... Evilution. I like the first 7 maps, then it puts you in Metal. I fucking hate Metal. It is so bland and tiresome. After that, it's never quite good and the quality of maps dwindles down. Habitat can suck it, Mount Pain can die... I'd still say play it so you can form your own opinion, but I'll never agree that TNT is better than Plutonia.
  4. R4L

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    I love Doom 64. Retribution is my favorite way to play it. Truly creepy and difficult. In The Void is one of my favorite maps of all time. So simple but done so well. The tech base maps are pretty nicely detailed, and the Hell levels are even better, with Breakdown really selling how unnerving this game could be. All the weapons sound beefy too. Doom 2 may have had more enemy types but Doom 2 IMO has some really poor maps compared to D64.
  5. R4L

    Monster Scripts

    That script works so that no matter how many enemies you have, it always loops to check if any are alive. In this case, it checks any monsters with a TID of 11. If it counts 0 enemies (meaning they are dead and do not have a TID) it breaks the while loop and goes on to do whatever you specify after. While (ThingCount(T_NONE, 11) > 0) This says as long as enemies with a TID of 11 are alive, do the following: Delay(35); Which is to wait. This is a loop, so it's going to constantly check to see if enemies with a TID of 11 are alive. When they are all dead, it spawns the Red Skull Key: Thing_Spawn ( 10, T_REDSKULLKEY, 0, 0); If you want a door to open, you'd need to use a Door function like Door_Open and put that at after this Thing_Spawn line. As for doing the whole process again, you could simply just call the script again at the end: ACS_Execute(200, 0); I believe that will work, but untested of course.
  6. M1911 in RE7 is a beast with enhanced ammo although not the most beefy sounding. Pretty much any pistol from the RE games are great. Honorable mentions: -Pistol from HL2. Shoots fast and is actually useful the entire game. -PP7 from Goldeneye. Sounds great and shoots better. -Eagle from RE3. Semi auto and has the chance to critical shot. It sounds beefy as well. -G19 with modulator from RE3R. Insanely good with perfect dodges. -Silenced USP in CSGO or the Five-Seven. -System Shock 2 pistol. Armor piercing rounds are no joke. -Wildweasel has some of the best pistols in ww-diaz. No, really.
  7. Something like that... our own campaign using my maintained fork of Metroid Dreadnought. Working on replacing my old ripped models with original made ones.
  8. New arm cannon models made by my pal ThatOneRandomDude.
  9. R4L

    Best/worst video game flamethrower?

    Resident Evil 7 has a nice looking flamethrower but its pretty shit honestly. Resident Evil 2 Remake however redeems it a lot. Pretty to look at while also being pretty decent damage wise.
  10. R4L

    Error In Decorate Code

    That's not what I asked. You said this. Is this still an issue? If so, do you have an actual sprite named MPFVA0?
  11. R4L

    Error In Decorate Code

    Do you actually have a sprite named MPFVA0? Check this wiki article: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Creating_new_sprite_graphics
  12. R4L

    Diablo 3

    You'll need patch version 1.14d to play on a modern Windows 10 system. You can download it from Blizzard's website.
  13. R4L

    Diablo 3

    I've been playing Diablo II since it was released. From Classic to Expansion ladder/non-ladder, from when a WW Barb with dual fury swords was the shit to now everyone and their mothers have enigma runeword armor and a super weapon like an eth breath of the dying, with spirit shield and call to arms flail on switch. I've seen the dupe glitches, I've been scammed in trading (because of my own stupidity of course) and to this day I haven't seen some of the higher runes drop, not even in players 8 games. I've played hacked characters on Open Battle.net, I've ran rushing services on d2jsp and before d2jsp was really used, I've ran countless Ubers with ease and countless Ubers with great difficulty, never ran Uber Diablo tho, that takes way too much planning and coordination (I hear there's a dedicated IRC lobby just for this purpose) and SoJs are rare as it is. Now they have queues for making games, as a way to stop bots and Baal/Chaos runs I suppose, and there's maybe 30 people in a chat channel when I log in now, but I still love Diablo II, and I can't see myself liking Diablo III for various reasons: - No runewords. Half the fun I have in Diablo II is making runeword equipment. I highly enjoy being able to make a Lore helm, Stealth armor and Rhyme shield in the early game so it isn't such a slog. Having a barb or a necro with Enigma armor makes for a faster paced game and makes finding more loot even better, especially when I can buff myself with Call to Arms. Plus, you can't do Ubers without them (well, not very easily at least... Idk what I'd do without Treachery armor). Even without runewords (and therefore no infinity polearms!) you could just use alternatives like the Hone Sundan (cheers if you find an eth one) and throw two Shael runes and an Amn rune inside and run an Act 2 offensive merc with it and have an easy time in Hell. It's also great to throw an Um rune inside a helm to get that magic find percentage. - Art direction leaves a lot to be desired. D2 is dark and gothic and even today it still looks fantastic IMO. Diablo III looks too cartoony to me. - No control over stats? No re-rolling characters? You know what's great in Diablo II? If I have a cold/fire MF sorc and I want to make a pure Light sorc, I can just re-roll stats and skills and get the proper equipment. No need to make a new sorc and level her up and get to Hell difficulty. Do I think D2 is perfect? Hell no: - Skill tree is fun and all, but if you're playing ladder, you're going to run into the issue of where you pick a pre-made build or else you're going to have a hell of a time getting equipment. For example, D2 is fucking littered with Paladins. With the right equipment, you can have a hammerdin doing 30k damage easily, with 15k life and an endless supply of mana, max chance to block and defense/resistances so high that even if you DO hit him you're most likely dead shortly after. Now try making a bowazon. Windforce bow is easily one of the hardest, in my experience at least, to find from drops, and even then when you have other classes like hammerdins or trapsins that do almost double the damage output with no real consequences, why bother? - Drop rates are fucking ridiculous: High runes are some of the best currency in game. From this link: I've seen high runes drop in Chaos Sanctuary. What usually happens though, is either someone else has much better reflexes, or more than likely, they have a pickup bot running. If you're doing Chaos runs with a bot to level up, you can pretty much say goodbye to finding any high runes, and since almost no one does Chaos runs without a bot anymore... you get the drift. - Bots. Bots are great for leveling characters and I've followed many Baal/Chaos runs. Bots fucking suck for everything else though. They used to flood chats with advertising, they're the reason that D2 has create game queues now (took me 10 minutes to create a game last night, just to run Andy, Countess, Meph...), and you can hardly find people to walk through the actual Acts because they'd rather pay someone their Hell forge quest to g-rush them to A5 Hell and sit in baal runs for an hour and reach lvl 90. Don't get me wrong, I've done this before and its great if you need to get a char up fast, but after a while it's really stale. It forces you to play an entirely different game. For example, a friend botted and I would post on d2jsp for him to offer leveling services. Someone would inquire, and I'd accept. I'd get their account info, log in and choose their char they want leveled. I'd get rushed to Act 5 Hell from my friend, then sit on that char doing Chaos runs the entire night until I hit a certain level (I think it was 85). I'd reply back to the person, they'd pay me in forum gold, and I'd split it with my friend. We even had a spreadsheet of people who wanted leveling services. It was wild, and not any fun at all.
  14. Don't forget that it was originally unlicensed like all of Wisdom Tree's games! Weird how this of all games shows up on GoG.