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  1. R4L

    Gzdoom OpenGl lag , need help

    Are you running Windows? If so, go into Device Manager, and go to Display Adapters. Right-click on your nVidia card, and go to Properties. Under the Driver tab, click Roll Back Driver. This will bring your graphics drivers back to the last version you had installed. If that does not work, you can download the latest driver on nVidia's website, and when you run the installer for the drivers, make sure you check the option to do a clean installation.
  2. R4L

    A question about 3D enemies and hitboxes

    Yeah, you're still limited to one bounding box, as scifista was alluding to. Someone was working on model collision, and had a demo of it working IIRC. Here's a link to it: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=122&t=59069&p=1035288&hilit=model+collision#p1035288
  3. My pistol is made to be versatile, so it isn't entirely useless after getting the shotgun. It fires as fast as you can click, holds 15 bullets per magazine, and is moderately powerful. It reloads pretty quick, but that's due to my own laziness with reload frames. It's accurate, but has enough recoil to throw off your aim here and there. I can't ever go back to using Doom's default pistol or similar variants now.
  4. R4L

    Good Horror games

    SH4 is probably the most disturbing IMO. It makes me so uneasy. Like, 1-3 do the same, but not in the same way as 4... Plus, the intro video:
  5. The point of this thread is to discuss underwhelming weapons. SH underwhelms in both the feel and sound of the weapons. Go fire the shotgun in any of the first RE games and then compare it to SH's shotgun. Even the Beretta feels better in RE, and that's just a pistol. If the hunting rifle is the most powerful weapon you can acquire in SH, then it should FEEL and SOUND that way IMO.
  6. Quake. All of the weapons sound wimpy. The Silent Hill games have some really underwhelming weapons. At least in Resident Evil you get grenade launchers and colt pythons that are loud, powerful and sound cool. Even the pistol and shotgun sounds and feel are better than in SH. At least SH is better horror-wise. 😉
  7. Shotguns from Quake suck too. Completely underwhelming compared to Doom's shotguns.
  8. R4L

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    I love RE to death, but the endings are so bad. Also, Breakdown on Xbox has two endings; one leaves on a cliffhanger intended for a sequel (which doesn't exist sadly) and the other is just like, okay... you go to another timeline and fight and I'll just chill here.
  9. R4L

    My 3D models stopped working for some reason

    Tab is the default key to enable/disable advanced rendering features, which means 3D models/floors, and slopes.
  10. Not sure why I would purchase, besides the improved multiplayer. I have PTDE on my PC and with DSFix and a texture pack it's basically the same exact thing. I've bought it on PS3, PC, and really the only thing I'd purchase it on again would probably be the Switch, because then I could take it on the go. I mostly agree here, with the exception of DkSII having better world design than DkSIII. I feel like DkSII was every idea From threw out from DkS put into one game. The Soul Memory system was a huge mistake. There should be no reason a NG+ can be invaded by a NG++++ and vice versa. Levels are really bland, and the bosses are even worse. DkSII also changed something I didn't really appreciate; enemies turning on a dime during attacks. It's really frustrating when you time a dodge perfectly only for the enemy to just instantly face your direction at the very last second and just smash you with a huge attack. The knights in Heide's are a good example of this, and a good learning tool that Adaptability is a required stat for the i-frames (like wtf seriously?) Also, LOL at people complaining about backtracking in DkS. Play King's Field and see how you feel then ;)
  11. R4L

    What is like to live in your country or city?

    Central NY state in the US is where I live. You can easily look up all the problems NY has. High taxes, extreme weather (was literally 20 degrees and snowing/raining one day in April then 75 and sunny the next) and the roads aren't taken care of. Not a lot of jobs, a lot of homeless. It's great.
  12. R4L

    Things that ruined my entire day....You?

    On top of having the stomach bug, I'm fighting the unfortunate urge to overthink a bunch of things going on in life. Overthinking sucks.
  13. R4L

    Television Commercials You Hate to Love

    These stupid commercials were on G4TV all the time and I love them lol.
  14. R4L

    Half-Life 2 styled pistol?

    No problem my dude!