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  1. Updated the link for the beta in my first post. -Shinespark does more damage now. It's not enough to kill a cyberdemon or a mastermind in one hit, but anything else is fair game. -Made all beams use a modified weapon bob speed and style that matches Samus' footsteps better. -Optimized the hyper beam much more. It uses 2 lasers instead. It also extends to the original 1024mu length (like vanilla dreadnought) but the beams graphically are only drawn for 300mu long. No lag and full functionality. Damage is buffed a bit (from 4/tic to 7/tic)
  2. Updated the first post! A new beta has been released! Check the change log for more info!
  3. For a non-FPS game, you can't go wrong with the infinite rocket launcher in Resident Evil 3. For FPS, The Golden Gun from Goldeneye and the Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark come to mind. The former being one shot kill and can carry up to 100 bullets, and the former being able to carry 1000 rounds, can be deployed remotely ANYWHERE, and it kills a fully shielded player in like 2 seconds.
  4. R4L

    Best way to make new sprites?

    If you don't mind spending $12, ASEprite is amazing.
  5. R4L

    eduke32 mouse problems

    I think that's just how eduke is. The mouse is just not good.
  6. R4L

    Totally underrated (Claustrophobia 1024)

    My only gripe with Claustraphobia is that, while spectacular, the boss fights are outright impossible without God mode. They also wreck my FPS.
  7. R4L

    DUSK pink screen problem

    Get a new computer. You mentioned you had a pretty lackluster system in one of your other threads, and now you're having these issues running in compatibility mode. This just screams that your system isn't equipped enough.
  8. The latest Beautiful Doom works with it.
  9. Definitely a WIP, but it's in.
  10. R4L

    Dumb question about mods

    Because no one has made it yet?? Edit: Shadow Warrior TC: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=46168 Duke3D TC: Why don't you make one?
  11. I was like 8 years old at the time, but I loved Lara Croft and Jill Valentine from RE3.
  12. There already is an option to switch off the 3D models. It's in the Dreadnought Options sub menu in the Options menu.
  13. R4L


    https://zdoom.org/wiki/CVARs Use the wiki please.
  14. R4L

    Change camera by script

    Take a look at the ZDoom wiki, in the Tutorials section: https://zdoom.org/zdkb/elevator.html