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  1. Hey all. I wrote on the Discord server that I was going to make a tutorial dealing with 3D models, and I've finished the first part. Part one covers importing/exporting models correctly out of Blender and into SLADE, and using the SurfaceSkin property. I might make a video detailing this as well. I understand that this could be quite a bit to read and therefore some what difficult to follow, but I feel I have explained everything well enough. If you feel that I haven't, I would appreciate any kind of feedback! Part I Part II
  2. It most certainly is, albeit with some ReShade filters on. Also, I'm working on a horror mod in my spare time off from Metroid Dreadnought that you might find interesting. Custom weapons from Resident Evil 3...
  3. I have too many to post.
  4. Fellow Doomers! So I used to make guitar cover videos... I wanted to get back to it recently, but wanted to know if it's even worth it now. I've only uploaded them as a means to see my own progress as I've learned over time, but maybe some of y'all will find them entertaining. I might make more for the hell of it. A link to my YouTube playlist. Also, I make my own music now too. I've been using Reaper for about 7 years now, but only until about last year did I get serious and start learning how to mix/master my own stuff. Here's a song I've made recently. Any critique on that would be fantastic, whether its about quality of the mix/master, songwriting, or whatever really. Just want to get it out there and get some feedback. Feel free to share your original works as well! I'd love to hear if anyone else makes music, regardless of the genre.
  5. Well, there are no command lines per se, but it does depend what format you are using. If you are using the .pk3 format, just create a folder called sprites, and import your sprites into that. Make sure they follow these naming rules. Then you will need to use Decorate script to create a new actor that will use these sprites. The ZDoom Wiki will help tremendously! Good luck.
  6. Glad to see it's working. Try to keep the poly count low! Definitely helps with file sizes and helps with lag too. 👍
  7. It sounds like you aren't structuring your files correctly. Try to load your .pk3 with the models into GZDoomBuilder and see if it spits out any errors. Most likely, it will say it can't find an image file for your model. If it does not list a path, then you need to re-name your materials in whatever editor you're using to the paths your using in your .pk3. If it shows a path, make sure you have your image files where it says. You can have as many textures as you want this way, BUT you have to make sure whatever materials your 3D model uses are named correctly. It's much easier this way than using SurfaceSkin...
  8. Of course you can. I named mine FSH1A0 because the model in question is a flashlight. FSH1 because it's the best way I could think of to name it similar enough to know what it is. The default Doom shotgun for example is SHTG, because obviously "Shotgun" does not fit into the 4 letter scheme for sprites... I'm happy to help, but so many questions of yours can be answered by reading the ZDoom Wiki. Please read it.
  9. Oooooohhhh! Tender!
  10. Working on some OC for Metroid Dreadnought:
  11. Only 3 still. Batandy is working on the sequel.
  12. Hmm... might need to ask @Graf Zahl!
  13. Oh I wasn't aware it was released! Awesome!
  14. Check if your graphics drivers updated recently, and if so, roll them back to the previously installed version to see if that fixes it. If not, you could always try doing a DDU uninstall and then downloading the latest drivers for a clean install and see if that works. At least then, you can rule that out.
  15. I've always been a huge fan of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Doom. When I discovered ZDoom and some of the awesome mods people made I always wondered how it was possible, and for a good year or two now I've been actively and not-so actively working on a number of things. Unloved is probably my favorite of all time. Anything horror-oriented in that sort of macabre, Silent Hill-ish style really suits my fancy, and I figured with the few things I've learned along the way that it was time to start working on something: I don't know what I'm going to call it yet, or what I have planned next, but I know I want to have an unsettling atmosphere, and tell some kind of story too. Nothing too prominent, just enough to give some curiosity I guess. Here's a preview of the weapons I'm adding into it: Never mind my dumb comments lol. These were mostly concocted at the wee hours of the night on low fumes. Got a lot of work to do still, but with what I've learned so far I believe I can do it.